How to Apply Copper Leaf to a Wood Vase

The subject of this video is embellishing items made on the wood lathe with copper leaf As you can see I have a base The space was turned on the wood lathe It was finished Sanded to 320 then it was sealed with [adI] waxed shellac That cured overnight Then I put on a nice even coat of a really good hard varnish in this case I used Valens Rock hard table varnish let that cure a couple of days the next step the next step is to put the size on and I use a Mona Lisa size It’s a water-based [sized] brushes clean up with the soap and water Doesn’t take a lot stir it up. I use a small inexpensive soft [hairbrush] like this this one right here is my brush and I just brush it on nice and even and get a really nice coat of the size on [my] piece. That’s all been done so this Base has got the tack on it. It’s it’s been set in about 45 minutes It’s nice and tacky if you touch it with your knuckle you can feel the tack The copper leaf that I’m using I get from art chemical dot-Com. Can you see that? And it comes in books tissue Paper between the sheets You can see the copper Leaf [I] Also, take about five or six sheets of it, and I cut it [with] my scissors to these smaller pieces right here Because some of the smaller pieces will be used to fill in and they’re easier to use So the first thing we’re going to do is we’re going to apply a full sheet to the vase and don’t worry about getting [Ripples] in it or folds or Getting it on exactly straight. You don’t have to worry about that because [it’ll] lay on and fold right in and take care of itself. I just laid that right on there Just like [that] Don’t worry if it folds or gets folded on itself. That’s not a big deal because when you get ready to Burnish [it] with the wax paper. It’ll all come off that will all built right in and Then what I’m going to do is I’m going to just even it out with my brush Okay It’s time. I’m going to pick up the sheet and just lay it on with my hands Now you don’t want to touch this Tack with your hands or your fingers because your oils on your hands will get on the tack and it won’t adhere to your leaf So you want to not touch it as much as you can with your fingers or your hands You don’t want to come in [contact] with the leaf. I mean with the tack Don’t worry about overlapping it Remember, it’s only going to stick where the tack is If you overlap it on to another piece [of] copper it won’t stick there so it’s all going to even out in the end [and] See what I’m talking about right [here]. See that that folded over it’s not going to stick [that] will come off and [you] just work your way around cover up all the tack Take another sheet Lay it on work all the way around the base You want to make sure you don’t have a breeze blowing our windows open? the slightest little puff of Air will drive you mad Now I’m going to take one of these smaller sheets and lay it on right there Notice I got a little bald spot right there. No problem. Just pick up a piece lay it on there tap it in the tack will take care of it as I said if it’s not see it won’t it won’t stick to the copper it only sticks to the to the tack pull that off Just put that right [on] there Get this piece Pull it loose Put it right there Got a couple of bald spots right there. I’ll use this And it’ll stick to those tiny spots Everywhere there’s tack This leaf will stick to it And if you burnish it on proper, it’ll it here and you’ll never ever know There was a bald spot there It’s work around your base Get everything covered Notice I’m just pulling these pieces off that are not stuck That are already Got copper on them. They just come right off. I just work around Add them on very simple [not] [into] it I need a piece right here Lay that right on there Working my way [around] the base Being careful not to touch the tact with my fingers Don’t worry about taking small pieces sticking on They’ll stick Every piece doesn’t have to be a huge piece of foil relief. [I] mean Tiny Pieces will fit – They’ll stick right on So just take the pieces that are Loose around here stick them right on See I’m doing that Let’s pull this piece off right here, then stick stick it right on there the next step is to Burnish the Leaf in with Wax paper Just plain old kitchen wax paper what I do is I tear off the sheet Take a lot And what I’m going to do is I’m just going to rub it lightly just like this And burnish it in what I’m trying to do here is I’m trying to make sure that every single millimeter Micro spot is making contact with the size and [the] wood so when I go over this the first time I’m just going to use a light pressure and as I get More and more long. I add more pressure [I] Want to make sure that this? Is getting right down into the pores of the wood and if you do a good job? and if the wood that you’re using Has a nice pronounced Figure to it you can see the figure right through the copper Be careful with your fingernails because it will scratch [your] copper and because your wood is black underneath. You’ll see it right through it And having more and more pressure You want to keep the wax paper flat you don’t want to get any sharp Edges on? the wax paper because that will dig into your leaf and Ruin it. So you want to make sure at all times your wax paper is nice and flat. It’s not creased over Okay after you think you’ve sufficiently made good contact and burnished it what you’re going to do is come back with your brush and now you’re going to remove the tailings and The tailings are pieces that have not made contact With the size like if you look right here you can see There’s some sections that [had] not made contact and you just brush it lightly with your brush mostly the tip of your brush And you get those tiny little fine tailings off You work over the whole piece this way and if you do it, right? Those places will disappear there’ll be no creases there will be no seams This copper leafing will be completely seamless Please subscribe to my channel. Help me get to 1000 subscribers. Thank you.

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