How to Bead Weave an Openwork Style Tila Bead Bracelet

How to Bead Weave an Openwork Style Tila Bead Bracelet

Go to for all of your beading supply needs! 0:00:07.330,0:00:11.170
Hi this is Megan from and today I’m going to show you how 0:00:11.170,0:00:13.609
to bead weave a tila bead bracelet 0:00:13.609,0:00:18.439
with kind of a lacy looking stitch that combines ladder stitch and right angle
weave 0:00:18.439,0:00:20.900
and the materials that you’ll need 0:00:20.900,0:00:21.949
are 0:00:21.949,0:00:26.000
two tubes of miyuki tila beads 0:00:26.000,0:00:30.659
and one tube miyuki delica size 11/0 0:00:30.659,0:00:32.820
seed beads 0:00:32.820,0:00:36.210
and some wildfire bead weaving thread 0:00:36.210,0:00:40.110
in .006 inch size and 0:00:40.110,0:00:42.650
I’m using white because it matches 0:00:42.650,0:00:43.890
my beads 0:00:43.890,0:00:47.430
it also comes in a couple other colors to match your beads 0:00:47.430,0:00:50.070
and we’re also going to need 0:00:50.070,0:00:52.680
a strand reducer 0:00:52.680,0:00:55.100
two strand reducers 0:00:55.100,0:00:57.800
a clasp, I’m using the toggle clasp 0:00:57.800,0:00:59.520
and a couple of jump rings 0:00:59.520,0:01:01.560
to attach your findings 0:01:01.560,0:01:06.510
and the tools that we’re going to use are size twelve beading needle 0:01:06.510,0:01:09.050
a pair of scissors 0:01:09.050,0:01:09.840
and 0:01:09.840,0:01:11.910
you can also use a thread zap 0:01:11.910,0:01:14.390
to cut your thread close your work 0:01:14.390,0:01:16.710
It’s one of my favorite tools 0:01:16.710,0:01:20.830
so we’re going to be again 0:01:20.830,0:01:23.040
by cutting 0:01:23.040,0:01:25.880
a length of wildfire 0:01:25.880,0:01:26.520
and 0:01:26.520,0:01:27.990
you’re gonna need to use 0:01:27.990,0:01:30.900
more than one thread as you work 0:01:30.900,0:01:35.050
you’ll run out you’ll need to tie of and start a new thread 0:01:35.050,0:01:38.910
so go ahead and just to use a length that is as long as you feel comfortable 0:01:38.910,0:01:44.220
working with. I usually don’t like to
use more than about six feet at a time 0:01:44.220,0:01:48.520
and then since you are using a very small eyed beading needle you might 0:01:48.520,0:01:50.229
need to run 0:01:50.229,0:01:53.869
here wildfire between your thumb nail and the pad of your index finger a few 0:01:53.869,0:01:55.170
times 0:01:55.170,0:02:02.030
so that it will fit through the easier 0:02:02.030,0:02:04.780
so go ahead and pull your thread 0:02:04.780,0:02:06.280
through the needle 0:02:06.280,0:02:09.589
you want to leave a tail on one side 0:02:09.589,0:02:11.319
longer than the other 0:02:11.319,0:02:13.929
to start 0:02:13.929,0:02:15.489
the weaving for the bracelet 0:02:15.489,0:02:16.969
you need to string 0:02:16.969,0:02:19.680
one tila bead 0:02:19.680,0:02:22.299
and then a seed bead 0:02:22.299,0:02:25.269
and then alternate back and forth 0:02:25.269,0:02:32.269
between tila beads and seed beads 0:02:32.979,0:02:33.839
until you have 0:02:33.839,0:02:34.979
five 0:02:34.979,0:02:36.389
tilas 0:02:36.389,0:02:42.979
with the seed bead between each of them 0:02:42.979,0:02:45.989
go ahead and pull back 0:02:45.989,0:02:48.519
down making sure that you leave 0:02:48.519,0:02:53.709
about a six inch tail at the end of your thread 0:02:53.709,0:02:56.609
then you’re going to pick up 0:02:56.609,0:03:03.159
three more seed beads 0:03:03.159,0:03:04.619
and you’re gonna pull 0:03:04.619,0:03:07.149
your needle back through 0:03:07.149,0:03:14.149
the other hole of the last tila bead 0:03:17.349,0:03:18.999
and you pull it tight 0:03:18.999,0:03:21.069
leave a loop 0:03:21.069,0:03:22.669
at the end 0:03:22.669,0:03:24.309
of the tila bead 0:03:24.309,0:03:26.769
then you’re going to 0:03:26.769,0:03:30.999
go back through the other holes of all your tila beads 0:03:30.999,0:03:34.249
putting one seed bead between each tila bead 0:03:34.249,0:03:36.839
pick up the seed bead 0:03:36.839,0:03:37.939
go through 0:03:37.939,0:03:41.419
the second row of the next tila 0:03:41.419,0:03:44.199
another seed bead 0:03:44.199,0:03:51.199
go through the next tila 0:03:53.599,0:03:56.639
if it gets tangled up just make sure that you 0:03:56.639,0:03:59.349
get it untwisted before you 0:03:59.349,0:04:06.349
pull tight 0:04:14.789,0:04:17.060
and once you get back through 0:04:17.060,0:04:19.880
all five tilas 0:04:19.880,0:04:26.880
then pick up three more seed beads 0:04:36.860,0:04:43.860
manning go back through that whole row 0:04:47.129,0:04:49.560
and pull it tight 0:04:49.560,0:04:51.840
and if you lost the tail end 0:04:51.840,0:04:54.219
you can just 0:04:54.219,0:05:01.219
pull it back 0:05:04.110,0:05:06.789
so that should be what your first row 0:05:06.789,0:05:09.310
looks like 0:05:09.310,0:05:15.340
and that is basically like a ladder stitch 0:05:15.340,0:05:18.229
then we’re going to do the 0:05:18.229,0:05:20.199
right angle weave 0:05:20.199,0:05:24.330
portion of the stitch and you’re going to come through the next 0:05:24.330,0:05:26.849
two seed beads 0:05:26.849,0:05:33.270
at the end of that loop 0:05:33.270,0:05:34.680
and then pick up 0:05:34.680,0:05:37.939
three more seed beads 0:05:37.939,0:05:42.009
and go back through the last seed bead next next to the tila 0:05:42.009,0:05:44.520
through the tila 0:05:44.520,0:05:51.520
and through the following seed bead 0:05:53.400,0:05:56.680
pull that tight 0:05:56.680,0:06:00.059
make a little square four beads 0:06:00.059,0:06:02.050
your going to repeat that for all of 0:06:02.050,0:06:06.319
to seed beads between the tila beads on that side 0:06:06.319,0:06:11.009
grab three more beads 0:06:11.009,0:06:14.879
and go back through the 0:06:14.879,0:06:17.240
seed bead 0:06:17.240,0:06:24.240
through the tila and up to the next seed bead 0:06:30.440,0:06:37.440
continue along until you get to the end 0:06:50.339,0:06:52.389
and at the end I want to come 0:06:52.389,0:06:54.719
through the last tila out through 0:06:54.719,0:07:01.719
the seed bead right next to it as well 0:07:02.650,0:07:07.409
and you want to go ahead and add 0:07:07.409,0:07:08.919
the right angle 0:07:08.919,0:07:10.029
portion 0:07:10.029,0:07:11.599
to the last 0:07:11.599,0:07:18.599
seed bead here as well 0:07:18.699,0:07:25.699
if you can get it through there 0:07:28.849,0:07:31.079
then you’re gonna flip it over 0:07:31.079,0:07:34.819
and bring your needle up through the next 0:07:34.819,0:07:41.819
two seed beads 0:07:41.900,0:07:46.519
and then you’re gonna pick up tila bead 0:07:46.519,0:07:53.519
and then you’re going to go through the top of this little group of four beads here 0:07:53.990,0:07:56.129
you can see when you pull it tight 0:07:56.129,0:08:01.989
that the edge of that tila bead is going to set right inside those corners 0:08:01.989,0:08:04.529
you continue to pick up 0:08:04.529,0:08:07.770
the tila bead go through the top 0:08:07.770,0:08:11.099
bead of that cluster 0:08:11.099,0:08:18.099
all the way across until you’ve added five tila beads 0:08:31.020,0:08:32.420
then when you get 0:08:32.420,0:08:34.060
all five on 0:08:34.060,0:08:35.950
you’re going to 0:08:35.950,0:08:39.280
flip it over 0:08:39.280,0:08:40.580
and pick up 0:08:40.580,0:08:42.200
two seed beads 0:08:42.200,0:08:44.000
and then you’re gonna go 0:08:44.000,0:08:50.330
back down through the whole of the tila 0:08:50.330,0:08:52.670
and add a seed bead 0:08:52.670,0:08:55.770
between each tila bead as you go through 0:08:55.770,0:09:02.770
the other row of holes in the tila beads 0:09:10.130,0:09:14.340
then you’ll add 0:09:14.340,0:09:17.090
two more seed beads 0:09:17.090,0:09:20.780
and you’re gonna go back down through 0:09:20.780,0:09:22.190
this last seed bead 0:09:22.190,0:09:23.630
next to the 0:09:23.630,0:09:26.900
holes on the other side of the tila 0:09:26.900,0:09:28.560
and then you go all the way back 0:09:28.560,0:09:35.560
down through that row of beads 0:09:45.700,0:09:47.850
to start the next row 0:09:47.850,0:09:50.650
flip it over 0:09:50.650,0:09:51.910
go through the other 0:09:51.910,0:09:56.170
two seed beads on that loop 0:09:56.170,0:09:59.170
and then you’re gonna go ahead and keep adding 0:09:59.170,0:10:03.150
rows of the right angle weave seed beads 0:10:03.150,0:10:04.380
followed by 0:10:04.380,0:10:07.550
filling in the rows of beads 0:10:07.550,0:10:10.610
and you’re gonna work until your bracelet is long enough to fit around 0:10:10.610,0:10:12.360
your wrist 0:10:12.360,0:10:14.340
to make sure you leave space 0:10:14.340,0:10:17.980
for your strand reducers and your toggle clasp so 0:10:17.980,0:10:20.000
you wanna make it about an inch 0:10:20.000,0:10:25.740
shorter then the finished length that you want 0:10:25.740,0:10:26.850
and as you work 0:10:26.850,0:10:29.930
when you run out of thread you’ll need to 0:10:29.930,0:10:34.090
tie off and weave in your threads and start new thread and we do you have 0:10:34.090,0:10:36.600
an instructional video on how to do that 0:10:36.600,0:10:39.400
if you’d need to know how to do that 0:10:39.400,0:10:41.430
otherwise going to go ahead and 0:10:41.430,0:10:45.400
just work this, I’m working for about six inches long 0:10:45.400,0:10:49.300
you can make it just as long as you need it to be 0:10:49.300,0:10:51.110
Once you get 0:10:51.110,0:10:53.200
your bracelet woven 0:10:53.200,0:10:56.610
as long as you want it to be 0:10:56.610,0:10:58.769
long enough to reach comfortably around your wrist 0:10:58.769,0:11:00.660
with a little bit of extra room 0:11:00.660,0:11:02.450
for your toggle clasp 0:11:02.450,0:11:03.649
that’s gonna add 0:11:03.649,0:11:08.540
about an inch to it so make sure you leave room for that 0:11:08.540,0:11:11.880
to attach a clasp 0:11:11.880,0:11:13.710
is when you come out of 0:11:13.710,0:11:16.000
your last row of stitching 0:11:16.000,0:11:17.740
normally you’d go back up 0:11:17.740,0:11:21.630
through these beads and start more of the right
angle weave 0:11:21.630,0:11:22.920
sections 0:11:22.920,0:11:24.680
what we’re gonna do instead 0:11:24.680,0:11:29.450
is go through your last seed beads 0:11:29.450,0:11:32.790
and then go through 0:11:32.790,0:11:34.340
the tila beads 0:11:34.340,0:11:39.420
but not that seed bead there 0:11:39.420,0:11:44.880
put up one seed bead 0:11:44.880,0:11:47.630
and then bring your needle through 0:11:47.630,0:11:49.420
one of the loops 0:11:49.420,0:11:52.140
in the strand reducer 0:11:52.140,0:11:55.370
and you want to use a strand reducer that has 0:11:55.370,0:11:56.769
one fewer 0:11:56.769,0:11:59.960
loops then number tila beads that you have 0:11:59.960,0:12:05.000
so I used five tila beads across and using a four strand reducer 0:12:05.000,0:12:10.650
if you use three you’d want two strand reducer and so on 0:12:10.650,0:12:16.210
then you’re gonna pick up one more seed bead 0:12:16.210,0:12:17.990
then you’re gonna take a needle 0:12:17.990,0:12:20.290
back down into the row of the bracelet 0:12:20.290,0:12:22.979
right where you came out continuing on 0:12:22.979,0:12:24.690
to the left 0:12:24.690,0:12:28.540
so through that seed bead 0:12:28.540,0:12:34.390
and then you’re gonna go through the next tila bead and the next seed bead 0:12:34.390,0:12:38.460
pull that tight 0:12:38.460,0:12:42.730
and grab another seed bead 0:12:42.730,0:12:45.230
good down through 0:12:45.230,0:12:49.260
the next loop in the strand reducer 0:12:49.260,0:12:51.780
pick up another seed bead 0:12:51.780,0:12:53.040
Again you’re gonna 0:12:53.040,0:12:55.070
put your needle back into the 0:12:55.070,0:12:56.100
row 0:12:56.100,0:12:57.780
where you came out 0:12:57.780,0:12:59.100
going the other or 0:12:59.100,0:13:04.190
continuing on in the same direction to the left 0:13:04.190,0:13:06.360
and you come out 0:13:06.360,0:13:13.120
just after the tila bead before the seed bead 0:13:13.120,0:13:16.160
As you work across make sure that you keep 0:13:16.160,0:13:20.790
you thread nice and tight 0:13:20.790,0:13:22.340
just repeat 0:13:22.340,0:13:26.580
that process. Pickup a seed bead 0:13:26.580,0:13:32.210
go through the next loop 0:13:32.210,0:13:37.080
one more seed bead 0:13:37.080,0:13:39.300
go through the 0:13:39.300,0:13:42.130
tila bead and then down also through 0:13:42.130,0:13:48.820
the seed bead 0:13:48.820,0:13:52.430
grab a seed bead 0:13:52.430,0:13:59.430
go through the last loop on the strand reducer 0:14:00.150,0:14:05.690
grab another seed bead and then you’re going to 0:14:05.690,0:14:09.030
come back through your bracelet 0:14:09.030,0:14:10.510
through the very last 0:14:10.510,0:14:13.390
tila bead 0:14:13.390,0:14:15.200
and pull it tight 0:14:15.200,0:14:18.180
this is going to 0:14:18.180,0:14:19.560
give your 0:14:19.560,0:14:21.690
one single loop 0:14:21.690,0:14:24.800
to attach your clasp to 0:14:24.800,0:14:29.070
so what you do from that point is go ahead and 0:14:29.070,0:14:33.780
tie off your thread and weave the ends in which you can see 0:14:33.780,0:14:36.380
another instructional video we have about 0:14:36.380,0:14:37.640
tying off 0:14:37.640,0:14:41.110
and beginning new thread in bead weaving 0:14:41.110,0:14:44.770
once you’ve attached your strand reducer you’re going to attach one-half of 0:14:44.770,0:14:46.820
a toggle clasp 0:14:46.820,0:14:51.790
you’ll just need to use a jump ring and some chain nose pliers 0:14:51.790,0:14:57.380
I also like to use bent chain nose to hold the other side in place 0:14:57.380,0:15:00.280
when I’m working with jump rings 0:15:00.280,0:15:02.300
so grab your jump ring 0:15:02.300,0:15:05.030
make sure it’s open if it’s not you can just 0:15:05.030,0:15:07.610
bend it open 0:15:07.610,0:15:09.900
then place 0:15:09.900,0:15:12.840
one half of your toggle clasp 0:15:12.840,0:15:14.760
on the jump ring 0:15:14.760,0:15:19.470
and then place the loop and the strand reducer on the
jump ring 0:15:19.470,0:15:26.470
and close it up 0:15:32.230,0:15:35.870
then you’re going to repeat the same process to attach your strand reducer 0:15:35.870,0:15:37.220
on the other side 0:15:37.220,0:15:41.160
and make sure when you’re do that you go ahead and start with a new 0:15:41.160,0:15:45.899
piece of wildfire thread and leave a tail as you 0:15:45.899,0:15:49.699
go into the work and tie that off and weave that in and then you’re going to go 0:15:49.699,0:15:55.200
ahead and attach the other side of your toggle clasp to the strand reducer 0:15:55.200,0:15:59.310
and once you have all your threads tied off and woven in 0:15:59.310,0:16:00.530
then you can 0:16:00.530,0:16:03.660
just go ahead and make sure all your beads are laying flat by just putting 0:16:03.660,0:16:06.420
it on a flat surface and 0:16:06.420,0:16:10.190
pushing it flat sometimes it gets a little bunched up 0:16:10.190,0:16:11.840
and that 0:16:11.840,0:16:14.580
is how you make this 0:16:14.580,0:16:17.270
open work style 0:16:17.270,0:16:17.950
tila bead bracelet 0:16:18.270,0:16:22.950
Go to for all of your beading supply needs!


  1. The video that shows you how to continue and tie on new strands, What is it laballed under as i cannot find it at all. You should do a peice where you show it all, that way we don't have to change what we are watching or hunt around for the continuation…

  2. The video is called "How to Tie Off and Add New Thread in Bead Weaving". If you ever need to search for a video just open up a new window, go to our channel page and use our channel search box.

  3. They are Miyuki Delica Seed Beads The links for the supplies and projects in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  4. The strand reducer is pretty secure yes. The Wildfire thread is very strong, and it is anchored at four places. If you are concerned, simply weave back around and go through them again.

  5. I would never recommend wearing beaded jewelry in the water or during athletic activities. By it's nature it requires a little bit more care.

  6. Just recently got my first Tila beads and decided to try this. Awesome! Thank you so much for your videos. You are a fantastic teacher.

  7. Those are strand reducers and you can find them on our site, the links for materials are in the video description.

  8. You will want to use a beading needle. The eye is thinner to fit through the beads on multiple passes, and it will also have greater flexibility.

  9. I like your video.  Good teacher!  One thing/  As I am a novice to this art.  (my medium is hair) Would you not want to reinforce the reducer attachment ?  Thank you 

  10. These are Miyuki Delicas size 11/0s NOT Miyuki 11/0 seed beads!! Please when teaching, make sure you describe the right beads, it can be very confusing to new beaders especially when they end up with the wrong beads and the design looks different too

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