How to Begin Stained Glass Art : How to Use Copper Foil Tape in Stained-Glass Projects

How to Begin Stained Glass Art : How to Use Copper Foil Tape in Stained-Glass Projects

Okay so then if you are doing the copper foil
method, remember that we are not talking about the lead cane method today which as I said
is used for kind of larger pieces that need a lot more strength. If you are using the
copper foil method you will need to buy a spool or a roll of copper foil tape. I call
it tape because it does have an adhesive on one side but it is basically a thin foil of
copper and it comes in different widths, I mean this one is about, oh it is about three-eights,
no it is not three-eights, it is about a, about three-sixteenths, sorry, about three-sixteenths,
but it comes in different widths. What it does, is you put a piece of it onto the edge
of a piece of glass, right so it does have kind of a sticky backing that you have to
pull away, right and we are going to show you how to do this later, so if you don’t
understand it in this clip don’t worry we will do it later. But it is sticky here and
so what you do is you use the copper foil to wrap, I mean I am not going to do this
big panel but I am just showing you, you apply it to the edge of the glass like this all
right and then you are going to kind of pinch it onto the edges there and then burnish it
down so what you are basically doing is you will wrap each piece of glass with the sticky
copper foil and then the solder sticks to the foil which is of course encasing your
glass so anyway this is a supply, it is a supply you are going to need and we will talk
about how to use it. Like I say it comes in different widths, it usually comes in a roll
like this, you can get it in your stained glass supply store, it may be the only place
you can get it unless you decide to order it online.


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