– Honest reviews and advice. Word to your mother, your
sister and your brother. But probably less your brother. Welcome to today’s video. Today we’re gonna learn
how to bend a crossover; a single crossover. A lot of people have asked me how to bend one of these, and I thought well, I’m gonna tell them. Sorry about the slight lack of time between our last video. I’ve actually been on holiday in Italy, where I actually hired a car out, and drove around where there aren’t any rules apparently. Sorry to say. But, anyway, let’s get on with this video, if you want, it’s gonna
be absolutely great. So remember, hold tight. Right then, so what it comes down to when you’re doing this is a bit of practise. Now, your first bend is
the most important bend. You’re gonna wanna do a bend that’s more than a 45 but less than a 90. Here we go.
Right, so let’s pull this ’round. You must go a little bit further. So let’s say we wanna do a bend; a crossover that’s gonna take a 15mm pipe through here like that. That means you wanna
leave a gap of, say, 20mm. You always have your
nice flat edge in here. Pop your tape measure on there, and measure the gap out to 20mm, which is what it is there. And then make sure that you’re kinda symmetrical on here. Now let’s say, so far, that’s probably about symmetrical about there. Right, once you’ve got those, you pop your finger on here, and run a line across the pipe there, and then run a line across the pipe here. So then you got two lines just like that. Now for the next bit, we’re gonna bend out our pieces
like this and like this. Now you know what I’m like when it comes to using vises in videos. I hate to do it. But because we’re trying
to get this done right, and make it look really good for you, and also ’cause I wanna show you the right way of doing it. ‘Cause most of the time
when you bend one of these, you’ll be on the floor,
we’re gonna pop this in the vise for you now
so you can get a really good overhead look at
where you need to line up and are ready for your next bends. So let’s do that now. Oh my God. So what we now do is we pop our marked piece of pipe in here, OK. And we get it so our mark is touching the top of this lip here. Once you’ve got it in there, run your former in and just nip it a slight bit so it holds it in position. So there you go, you put
your mark just here, OK. And then you just run your
former in nicely like so. And just tighten that; just hold it tight. Just like that. And the next bit you
very quickly need to do is just make sure that
as the pipe goes out of the back of the former it’s level. And we do that with our ruler, and just get down on one knee and just have a quick look. It just needs a little,
tiny tap down there. Right, we’re ready to bend. So bending is really easy. All you wanna do is imagine a line as you’re bending this ’round like that. It comes around and lines
up with our other mark here. So, it’s easy to do once
you’ve done it loads of times. You can just do it with your eye. And just see it lining up; just look down the pipe. But a lot of the time you’ll wanna grab something and just lay that on there, and make sure it’s in line. Always remember you get a
little bit of spring-back. So when you let go that’ll
just spring back a little bit. And that bend’s done, there. So there we have our bend here. Now, you’re gonna think… You turn over, and there’ll be no mark on the other side. So what you do is I
always just lay my ruler along the centre of the
bit you’ve already done. Get your pen. And just run your next mark there. And then you’ve got
your next mark to go on. Pop this back in here like
we showed you earlier. Get your mark so it’s in there like we showed you earlier. Just so it’s touching on that line. Run your former in.
Tense it up. Put your ruler on here. Make sure that your horizontal
is nice and straight. Once you think you’ve got
it in the right position, bend it out. So it’s in line. And there you go. Right so there we go. Bent it out.
There you go. Always make sure it’s nice and level. Lovely. Got another little baby there as well. There you go. So there we go, there’s a crossover, And there’s another one. They’re great.
They go up here. Look at that, they go up there nice. So does that one.
That goes up there nice. In fact, I’ve got one so good, I could throw a dart through that and hit triple 20. Not a bullseye, because
I know about darts; triple 20’s better. So, I hope you found today’s video informative and helpful. Remember, as you go on and the more bends you do in all different types of copper pipe work, you will start to use less tools for it. You probably won’t use
your ruler after a while. You probably won’t even
use your measuring tape. Whereas you’ll look at it and go, well that’s a 28mm pipe, I’m gonna need a 35mm crossover so I’m gonna bend that out, blah, blah, blah. Look at it like that. It’s gonna be absolutely great. Once you’ve done it loads of times, you wouldn’t have to go
through all the stuff that I’ve been going through. But that’s the full-on
theory of how you do it. If you want any more help
or any more information, please visit our website Remember you can subscribe to our videos. You can follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, and all that sort of stuff. We do do thing called Ask the Plumbers. So if you’ve got any questions, ask us in the comments below or on any of those other mediums, and we will come back to you hopefully, either with a reply where
you’ve asked the question, or with an actual video
giving you a reply, and giving everyone else a reply too. But that only happens if we think your question’s good enough, and that it’s gonna help
a lot of people out. I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video. I hope you come back and watch more videos in the future. Remember, people, you gotta hold tight throughout the night. Keep it real and all that. I’m gonna get George
’cause George is actually out and about at the moment. I can hear him. He’s climbing around on top of Plumberparts HQ shed. Here he is, the beast himself. All grumpy. Not very happy, are you George? ‘Cause you’re sittin’ on top of the shed. Now you’re in here in
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Look at that. Cuddle in Georgie. Alright, we’ll see you guys later. Hold tight throughout the night. Bluh! Honest reviews and advice. (singing) meh meh meh meh. Meh meh meh meh.


  1. It's really weird for me to watch this.
    I have no need for this! I have no house, and im living in a apartment that the house owner fix everything. But i'm enjoying to see your videos. Keep it up!.

  2. Ask the plumber, I have a set of hilmor benders but the markings on the formers do not match 45 & 90 deg have you any ideas what there playing at.

  3. Thanks James. I'm stating my plumbing course on Monday and have wondered how to do a proper cross over. Thanks. Seems like you enjoyed your holiday and congrats btw. When I came across your channel a few weeks ago I watch ALL your videos in a space of 2 days. Very helpful, thanks – Hold Tight 🙂

  4. Good job mate!  I'm a joiner brushing up cos I got a pipe or two to manhandle!  I tend to forget something or other when pipes occasionally hove into view.  HOWEVER, I hereby challenge you to bend one freehand for display purposes (please)!

  5. # ask the plumber Whats the weirdest/ funnyst thing you have come across found or seen on a job maybe you wish you didnt???? 

  6. Morning sir I have just started a plumbing and heating course can you recommend a good pipe bender I can start practising with and take on in to my job when I have completed my course thanks stutter hold tight

  7. great video. really helpful. been working on cross overs in college… my first attempt failed, then nailed is secend time. 👍

  8. I have a heating system that suffers from differential temperatures in every rad top and bottoms are also different what can I do to get symmetrical temps throughout the system

  9. great to see copper bending, in the age of speedfit it's great to get onto an unvented cylinder installation, more bends with less fittings always gives me a massive sense of satisfaction on the job. Nice one!

  10. Great videos BTW! How would you chase this into a wall? Is it better to bend a horizontal cold feed over a vertical hot feed, vice versa or does it not matter? . Also can these Bends get away with not being insulated if the majority of the straight sections are?

  11. Excellent vid – very informative. Exactly what I was looking for as I was concerned about using multiple elbows to run pipes over others. Cheers!

  12. I'm paying £7000 for a full on NTC plumbing NVQ+city and guilds level 2+3 course which is inclusive of electrician and gas at same levels, I'm only starting out on first intermediate book to which I had to have 2 interviews to start the course!
    Just started the pipe bending theory and was a bit head scratchy until I seen your vids!
    Well jumping Jack Frost now I seen it in practice I feel like walking on air!
    So easy and the 40/80 mil vids were superb
    Cheers graham!
    Now to try and find a plumber mate job to put into practice

    Follow my Vlog, TimesWithJames

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