honest reviews and advice. Hold tight and welcome to today’s video. We’re gonna start looking into the murky world of pipe bending. You’ve been asking us to
do videos of this in ages and the guy who’s appearing here just now is the man who was the straw
that broke the camel’s back. I’m gonna do a series of
videos on how to do pipe bends. It might not be one after the other. I might just spread them out, but it’s gonna teach you
guys how to do it properly. I have seen a video of it done before. It’s by a tutor, but not all
of us have vices all the time to actually get through
doing one of these jobs. So, I’m gonna show you how to do it onsite and just hitting the nail on the head. Let’s go, guys. It’s a beautiful, sunny
day out here today. It’s absolutely freezing. I’ve got very, very hard nipples
out here doing this today. Bear with me. Let’s go, hold tight. Alright the first thing I’m
gonna tell you about is these. These are called formers. The pipe sits inside this former here. This is a 22-mil one and
this is a 15-mil one. And what happens is, when
you’re actually bending the pipe around the bend arm, it
allows the pipe to bend without actually collapsing. For ease of this video,
I’m doing it in 15-mil because to do a 22-mil bend you gotta be a little bit stronger and I don’t have the guns today to do that. Now, the bend we’re gonna do
today is a 90-degree bend. Look on here. That is a 30-degree bend, there. That’s you’re 45 and here is you’re 90. So you’ve got a 90, 45, and a 30. Where’s my goddamned pen cap gone. Open up your benders so they’re like this. Pop your pipe in the
first part of the former and then use this holding clamp. Just slap that over the top, and then you can let
the pipe rest in here. Next thing we do is we
slide in our former, just under there of that lovely wheel, and put a bit of pressure on that. Now we’re gonna do a 90-degree bend which means that we want
our pipe to come out around about down this line,
horizontal with that line. Now, if it makes it any easier for you, I would get a ruler,
lay that across there, and draw yourself a longer
line out, just like this. Well now, get strong now. You gotta dig deep and pull your arm down, going till it’s inline with
the line drawn down here. Go slightly over the bend
because when you let go the pipe springs back a little bit. There we go. Swing back so your arm so it’s halfway, pull your former out. Lift that off, pop it out. There you go. You got yourself a lovely
little 90-degree bend. There you go. You’ve now got a lovely 90-degree bend. These are great for
bending around corners, bending down things, bending around. You can use them for straws. You can do loads of things
with a 90-degree bend. They’re amazing. I hope you found today’s video helpful and now you know how to do one of these. If you’ve got anymore questions, you need anymore help,
or anymore information, visit our website at Follow us on Twitter. We do loads on Twitter. I was posting pictures today
of a job that I’ve been on where the lady has made
me no tea for three days. That’s me, the tiler, and the plasterer. We’ve had no tea. When she did, eventually
offer us a cup of tea. It was lukewarm. She said, “Do you want a cup of tea?” She went downstairs, made us the tea, came up with it straightaway,
and I tasted it. We all looked at each other
like, what are you doing, love? It was cold. The tea was cold. If you’ve got an idea for
a video, comment below and we’ll have a look at
it and then we’ll do you either a quick video back,
post it on the channel, and hopefully, answer your question. See you guys all very soon, and I hope you enjoy our
other videos on pipe bending. Remember guys, there’s always
one thing you’ve got to do. You’ve got to hold tight,
throughout the night.,
honest reviews and advice.


  1. Do you guys use much PEX tubing in the UK? If so, please help me to understand how to use PEX, and how to work with the plastic connections to regular copper pipe.

  2. Friend of mine got given cold tea, turned out customer didn't want to pay for him to stand around while it cooled so topped it up with cold water!

  3. Can someone explain what a passover or double passover is. I'm a plumber/ steam fitter (25+ yrs) and this terminology is foreign to me. We may call it something else in Canada.

  4. whats your thoughts on the diffrent pipe benders like if you had hilmor or rothenburger what one and why or a bending stand

  5. All your videos are great… I'm curious as to how you measure out pipe work and transfer these measurements when you are doing the bends as to make sure you don't waste any pipe or come short? Your help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Marc.

  6. Hi, just wanted to ask if is ok to demonstrate how to do a 2 90degrees bends in one pipe is something I really struggling on. I find it very difficult in terms measurement. Thanks

  7. What influences the decision as to whether to bend a pipe and when to use a fitting? 90 degree bend vs elbow fitting for example.

  8. Links to the tools I use everyday here:

    Plus, follow my Vlog “TimesWithJames”:

  9. Say you needed to measure 200mm for the 90 degree bend, how would you set it up in the pipe bender so it would bend at the right length?

  10. You videos are very helpful, I'm doing plumbing level 2 so hopefully keep checking on your video. The way you explane how things should work the three of my tutor cannot explane like that, you are brilliant, and although funny lol

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