How to Build a Copper Moonshine Still – Part 1 – 2018

How to Build a Copper Moonshine Still – Part 1 – 2018

How to build a copper still part 1 safety
and tools. You’ll need a pair of safety gloves I’m using
heavy duty welding gloves. This will keep your hands safe when your soldering
and handling the copper still parts. You’ll need to work in a well ventilated area
and we would also suggest wearing a VOC mask. And you’ll want to wear some safety glasses
to protect your eyes. Ok as far as the tools go you don’t need anything
fancy and you can definitely get away with less stuff than we’re using here. At a bare minimum you’ll need a plumbing torch. Only use propane gas to solder the copper
parts do not use MAP gas or oxy acetylene. Those will get the parts too hot. Use propane only. I’m using a Benzomatic 8000 torch head but
this is overkill. I’d suggest buying a Benzomatic WT2301 basic
self light torch if you don’t have one already they only cost 15 bucks on Amazon. Ok this is very important, only use water
soluble plumbing grade flux also you must use lead free plumbing solder in fact you
can buy both of these on our site and I’d suggest that you do to make sure you’re using
the right stuff. While you’re there pickup a couple of flux
brushes. You’ll need something to manually clean the
copper still parts with a wire brush and sandpaper will do the trick 120 grit is what I’m using
here. You’ll need a basic pair of pliers to bend
the tabs on the copper still boiler. You’ll need some sort of locking pliers or
small clamp. A small hammer will be required to install
the rivets. Ball peen hammers work great for this. A dolly or a random hunk of metal or even
another hammer like a sledgehammer head will be needed for setting the rivets. I’m using a small dolly here. An anvil is handy as well but it isn’t a necessary
item. Though if you don’t have one you might ask
yourself why not? They look cool as hell and can be used for
all sorts of stuff. Also, a vice isn’t necessary but it really
comes in handy when soldering the copper column and condenser. This is another one of those basic items that
everyone should own anyway so consider picking up a small vice if you don’t have one already. Like I said you can build a copper still with
less stuff than this but these are the tools I’ll be using in this video. Ok in the next video on making a copper still
we’re going to talk about the actual copper still parts.

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