How to Build a Copper Moonshine Still – Part 2 – 2018

How to Build a Copper Moonshine Still – Part 2 – 2018

This is part 2 of our series on How to Build
a Copper Distiller (which is also sometimes called a “moonshine still”). When making a copper still you’ll need the
following: (2) 90 degree, half inch street elbows;
(2) ½ by ½ by ¾ tees; (1) 45 degree coupling;
(2) small pieces of half inch copper tubing; (1) larger piece of ½ inch tubing;
(1) piece of ¾ tubing; A long piece of 1 ½ inch tubing;
An inch and a half to half inch reducer coupling; Some solid copper rivets;
(1) large rectangle for the still boiler wall; (1) thin rectangular piece of copper for the
collar A “C shaped” piece to serve as the still’s
vapor cone (1) slightly tapered piece of copper for the
cap skirt, which i have here; And 1 circular boiler bottom (by the way,
all of this should be c-110, food grade copper); And the last thing you’ll need is 1 cap
plate, which is actually thicker than the rest of the copper. In the next video we’re going to talk about
the extremely important process of cleaning the still parts before assembly.


  1. This is an assembly guide for Clawhammer Supply's 5 and 10 gallon still kits:

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