How To Buy Gold Bar, Bullion and Coin For Beginners As An Investment Tutorial (3 Steps)-GO Invest

Hello guys and welcome back to Go Invest YouTube channel. Today I want to talk and show you guys the steps on how to buy
gold the steps are 1) Buy 99.9% or 24
carat pure gold bar or coin. As you guys can see here different carat have
their degree of purity or in another word it’s gold content So always beware of the gold content of
the gold bar or coin because some of the gold retailers don’t sell it with the gold content that we are looking for and also for
every gold bar or coin will have a gold certificate like this, as you guys can see
this is 1g gold bar and this is the gold certificate. So look for the gold
content information at the front and at the back side of the gold certificate
before buying a gold bar or coin. As you guys can see will be written over there
fineness is Au, Au stands for gold and 999.9 that means it’s 99.9 % and
also will be written at the front 999.9 fine gold and this is the gold
coin, also you guys can see okay it’s written at the back gold certificate the
fineness is Au, Au stands for gold and 999.9 that means it’s 99.9 % Alright guys the 2) Do some
research on the price of the gold bar or coin. Many gold retailers in yours and my
country will sell it in various prices Here you go guys, in this website, website
is, it will show the latest international gold price and
rate for per ounce, gram and kilogram. As you guys can see gold price per ounce ,per
gram and per kilo all is written in dollar. So you just convert it into your
country currency in Internet and you will get the actual price for per ounce,
gram and per kilogram. With this website you guys can differentiate the price of the
gold bar or coin with the gold retailers out there. So that you guys don’t have to
pay more than it worth for, of course guys who want to pay more than this gold
actually worth for. The step 3) and the last step is buy gold bar or coin from an authorized gold retailer or National Bank. In order to know it’s an
authorized gold retailer in Malaysia Sendirian Berhad
or Sdn Bhd will be written after the shop’s name. In your country, there will be
a suffix written after the shops name Look out for this guys and I highly
recommend to not purchase from online because the gold bar or coin might be fake. Follow this 3 simple steps and you guys also will own a 24 carat, legit and
not so expensive gold bar or coin. Thank you soo much for watching this video and
don’t forget to give a thumbs up, comment and share this video guys. For those who
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