How to Buy Physical Gold and Silver

How to Buy Physical Gold and Silver

I don’t steer you guys wrong you guys know what this is I swear you guys know what this is what kind of piece of concrete would I have brought back with me on the airplane and framed hey guys we had a question on the YouTube channel about how do you actually go about buying actual physical gold and physical silver and so I’ll tell you a little bit about how I do it and I’ll show you what you can buy and everything like that and tell you what to watch out for i also am going to talk to you about I mean first of all I’m going to apologize because I just got back from a different country and I had a medical procedure and I feel like a bag of you know enter whatever term you want to put I feel really bad and I went to bed last night about 435 in the morning so I’m exhausted and I’m a write off so I apologize I also apologize we have a whole bunch of new equipment showing up on the way right now which is new cameras lighting sound quality stuff everything it’s going to make the videos look better and sound better than we can do with the imax video camera camera that’s built in so the videos and everything’s going to look a lot better and i will feel a lot better I’m also a little bit under the weather right now and I’m not excuse guy but today I make excuses cuz you know this is not going to be my best chillin I’ll put a ballet so anyways let’s get into it and before I start showing you some of the gold that i bought where i can get it from one of you has the other day about why i have this this brock is framed on the desk behind me i always keep it there and it’s it’s with me all the time and the thing is you guys know what this is that’s why i want to let you figure out what it is for yourselves you know what this is already and you just don’t realize it yet unless you’re less than 20 years old then maybe you don’t know what the hell it is or anything but i’m going to give you some more clues that are just going to give it away and you’ll know what it is and soon as you find out you’ll laugh because then you’ll recognize that it was something that you already knew what it was all so someone asked you know what is that rock behind you on the desk i’ll get into some of the clues and hints about what it is and why I went overseas and picked it up and brought it all the way back with me got it framed put on the ask there and I didn’t go just for that but it was soon as I saw that you could get that I instantly start pulling out some euros and I picked it up and brought it home and framed it and kept it here it’s a significant piece of history you guys know it is i promise you you know what it is you just don’t realize it yet so we’re going to get to that so let’s get into this now when you know when i buy gold or silver i go through a different a few different sources one of which is my bank and it’s a you know this is sort of like this is i’m going to demonstrate to you sort of what we got and this is in terms of an ounce of gold this is 59 s cold so 99.999 percent pure gold ounce it’s a little tiny bar there but we got that and a lot of silver you know we got this kind of stuff where you know it’s a case there’s like 20 silver coins in here and we / 100 sign of time it’s the I didn’t pick it up myself they had it stored at the bank for us for a little bit longer than they liked and my semi gotta go pick it up and he was telling me that the bankers there were digging it out and presenting to it to him and they had never seen an ounce of gold they’re like oh that’s what that looks like and they’re all like passing it around and looking at it and it just supposed to show you that you know gold which has been a source or used as money for hundreds if not thousands of years and it’s still around it’s not going anywhere it’s always been you know valuable and even nowadays the bankers the front of the front lines of the financial world they’re talking about like oh I’ve never seen that before they’ve never experienced gold they don’t understand the value of it or how it helps protect you from a lot of the volatility downside risks in the stock market it is nature’s natural insurance that’s what I always say anyone’s been following me will have seen that over the last couple of years but even more so more aggressively more recently I have been moving out of you know most stocks and I’ve been moving into gold and silver assets you know productive miners not explore Asian companies but actual producing companies in a buying physical metals and I’m preparing you know I’m not a gold bugger and gold cheerleaders some people who you know for decades and decades and decades they’ll be talking about how great investing in gold is there how great how important investing a silver is you know maybe it is maybe it isn’t over the longer term sometimes it is sometimes it is it but you know I’m not one to always be cheerleading precious metals more recently I have been because I’ve been watching what’s about to happen with the economy and it’s wobbling man it’s wobbling and it’s going to start having some downside especially now that we are sort of at the end of the honeymoon phase with a new administration and the stuff is starting to fall apart there this is going to lead to some of the recessionary forces and some of the stock market Corrections forces which we have been anticipating and as I have said many times maybe I’m not right about this but even if not I’m not taking the chance you know you don’t want it you it’s a lot better to be a year too early than a day too late in the stock market and i just am certain that we are already entering a recession you know we might already be in one now all the data that you get to tell you whether or not you’re in a recession is reversed looking so it’s going to take a look look back and say okay so it turns that we were in recession a month and a half ago you know people are going to find out after the fact it’s all lagging indicators not leading indicators okay so the one way I bought gold is directly through my bank I also bought some gold silver online through a reputable dealer and this is gold silver calm and I’ll make it clear that I have no affiliation with them whatsoever there’s no this is not an affiliate thing I’m not trying to you know I don’t get a rip if you buy something through them that I get any kind of benefit at all I just know that they were professional and straightforward and they helped me along the whole way and you know I have nothing but good things to say about them and one of the things that gold silver calm starting to do now which I really like is there selling gold in smaller amounts or selling it by the gram rather than the ounce so instead of picking up something like this which is going to cost you about twelve hundred and fifty bucks you know before a whole bunch other costs get added to it you’re going to sell you grams you can buy some for sixty dollars a hundred dollars two hundred dollars and that way anybody has a capable you get a little bit of gold in their portfolio you know any thing is though with gold silver com or anybody who’s going to be selling you gold a lot of it there’s going to be insurance costs taxes and even there’s you know shipping expenses and at the end of the day you might make a little purchase of twelve hundred dollars worth and you wind up paying a pretty hefty percentage for all the insurance and that all the fees that go with it sometimes it’s better to make a larger purchase you’re going to pay less per ounce it’ll still be a little bit higher than the actual spot price of gold or solver sell silver side you know 20 bucks maybe they’re going to charge you 21 dollars per ounce that sort of thing and also there’s going to be the option to get some pure ounces of silver or gold at a little bit higher price and sometimes that has to do with how many you’re going to buy at a single time but you know even one ounce of silver it’s a commodity so one ounce here is the exact same as one ounce there but this one will be ten percent more expensive or something why is that sometimes it’s because there is the influence of collectors who they want actual specific coins and so they’re looking at how the coins are stamped or they say on them what kind of series they are because some are more rare than others but if you’re investing just to invest which is what you should be doing go for the lowest price gold or silver that is pure okay a lot of times you’ll run into a gold or silver dealer that wow they seem to have great prices all right but they’re not selling 5 9’s metals they’re selling you know metals that are a little bit watered down or it’s not 99.999 percent pure it’s something inferior to that and so they’re able to you know charge your lower rates so make sure that is 5 9’s metals or else don’t buy it and move on there’s lots of other alternative choices and I know there are some other good dealers that you guys have used that you guys trust and have great reputations so let me know about them in the comments below this video and maybe refer other people to take a look at them if there’s somebody used you find trustworthy another place though which I’ve purchased call the silver is through the Sprott physical silver trust in this brought physical gold trust and the beauty of these is that you can buy and sell just like a stock I could buy it and then a couple weeks later GOG you know what I want to take some profits and i can sell sell it back to them and so it gives you a lot more flexibility to buy and sell in and out of these physical trusts but they’re not necessarily appropriate to buy and sell in and out of especially with precious metals the idea is that you would be in it for the long term so if you buy silver or gold for insurance purposes then you got to buy it and sit back and then you know that you’re insulated to a certain degree from all the volatility that could creep up you know if France leaves the Euro or if the president goes missing or the hill the economy collapses or anything like that you know that the gold silver is there and will help insulate and protect you from those down sides now so those are another way that i buy and sell gold no matter what you guys do wherever you want to buy physical gold they will always take a rip and it’s just a matter of looking at how much they’re going to take everybody does it anyone is going to supply you with silver or gold is going to charge you a little bit of a markup on the actual value of the metal which might be five percent or three percent higher than the actual going price and it varies from one to another so you do have to shop around a little bit and you got us you got to make sure you’re looking at the same thing comparing apples to apples always look for five nines precious metals and if you’re going to compare prices you compare it to other five nines precious metals because as soon as it’s not completely pure then you’re in a whole new ballgame right so you want to get somebody who’s got a reputation who’s reputable who other people have referred and said that they did really well and that is selling absolutely pure metals and has great customer service and not too much of a rip and not too much in terms of expenses for insurance or in terms of shipping that kind of stuff okay so that’s the stuff to watch out for now and you also don’t want to do any collect your calling kind of stuff you find the cheapest price it’s a commodity so one ounce of silver or one ounce of gold will be worth the same you know with the exception of you know exchange rates of different countries will make it seem a little different but you know if you’re going to keep it consistent with say American dollars one ounce of silver or one ounce of gold could be melted down in Siberia and it’s still worth the same for one ounce as it is here so it’s a commodity and you that way you avoid all the market risk over the company’s specific risk i should say for example if you’re invested in a gold mining company and the CEO comes in one day and turns out that he’s a belligerent alcoholic or they lose a big contract or their mind catches fire their workers go on strike or there’s an injury they’re all that kind of stuff you don’t want to be exposed to that company specific risk typically you’ll make bigger gains from the mining companies if their production companies not exploration companies meaning that they’re actually finding the metal and bringing it out of the ground and then converting it processing it and selling it then you will for a company since there’s probably a lot of gold under the ground here and they’re looking to see how much is there and they’re talking you know they got thrown terms like inferred resources probable resources you know all that kind of stuff because there’s all different calibers or levels of it and these companies typically are a little bit more speculative the ones that are going to see the biggest gains when the prices of the underlying commodities or metals increase will be the ones who are extracting and producing actual metals that they’re selling into the open market because they’re going to get the benefit of the current prices you also want to avoid any company if you’re looking at the miners that is forward hedging or pre selling their inventories so if they say next year we’re going to produce or dig up and sell about a million ounces of gold sometimes to get money earlier they will sign contracts with other companies financial backers who say okay I’ll take you know a thousand ounces of gold at this such-and-such price based on the current price now for the next five years and then this company’s going to produce and sell it for that amount for as long as the contract is good for and even the price of gold doubles or triples they won’t see any kind of benefit from the higher prices because they’re logged into legally selling the commodity at those lower prices which were agreed upon earlier so you got to watch out for that you want no forward hedging a production not exploration companies and companies can typically be a better way they’ll see a bigger gain if the prices of the underlying commodities increase but you at the same time are exposing yourself to a lot of company specific risk market specific risk involves see the price of gold collapses the entire market is going to be affected by that company specific are risks that apply only to the specific underlying company and then it gets a little more into the nitty-gritty where it has to do with as I said earlier worker strikes accidents at the minds if there’s a civil war all of a sudden going on where they’re trying to operate out of and on that note you also want to look for production companies that are operating and politically and militarily stable environments or nations or allies of ours you don’t want a company that is looking for gold and some war zone you want a company that’s looking for gold in Canada or a friendly nation in South America it’s easy to get to access to and they can put the inventory onto the trains and bring it up to America to be processed and sold from there that sort of thing so always look for that kind of stuff when you’re looking at a company but if you want to buy physical metals there’s a way to do it which I explained a little bit earlier and if you go about it that way you guys will be having no problem you know positioning yourself a little bit for a little bit more insulation security against all potential downsides from stock market crashes too I mean Wars everything anything you think of and a lot of Black Swan events and I’ve been laughing lately because a lot of people they say Black Swan Black Swan and they talk about well this could be a Black Swan that could be a Black Swan the whole point and please if you’ve read the book the whole point is that no one sees it coming these are things that happen that are not anticipated so the instant that you anticipate them completely derails the whole concept of the Black Swan so gotta do a little grown-up show and tell I’m so tired you guys I feeling so bad right now and I’m not a complainer either switch should show you how I’m feeling right now so I don’t know if I’ve done this yet or not but this is we have recently been offering some lifetime subscriptions to current subscribers and we had a huge demand of people who jumped on and said that’s a great deal and they they bought it and showed their loyalty and support for what we’re trying to do here and if it were up to me I you know we offered that we’re going to everybody takes a lifetime subscription we’re going to send them one ounce of 5 9’s pure silver and that’s what we’re doing and if it were up to me I would probably just stick a stamp on the coin and throw in the mail but my executive assistant tries to make me look good and she’s a little bit more involved in some of these details so she put together these little packages here you know for the so they look nice kind of stuff and I’m just showing you to give you an idea but we don’t offer the lifetime subscriptions much anymore and so then this is a coin we’re sending out and I don’t know how those cameras working and as I said I gotta apologize i’m going to whole bunch of new equipment that will be higher definition and the sound will be better so i don’t know how well you can see this on the screen but i’m showing it to you anyways that is one ounce of pure 59 silver you can melt it down you can sell it in estonia or Siberia or Venezuela or America and it’s worth proportionately the same amount it’s a commodity it’s all the same thing now I have to talk to you about this guy here which I shouldn’t have bothered to put back here in the first place because because I realize it it’d be such a heavy pain in the ass um okay you guys I I don’t scare you guys wrong you guys know what this is I swear you guys know what this is and no cheating to try to read the right up underneath it as soon as you find out what this is you’re gonna be like I’ll get down now I know it’s just because you know what it looks like you know what this is and it’s not a rock it’s a piece of concrete okay that’s your clue for this week or this day I’m going to keep giving you more clues because I want you guys to figure this out on your own because you know what it is so I’m going to completely I’m gonna say you guys up so you can guess and tell me what this is and it doesn’t have to do with Siberian specific resources which was a great guest by the way and it has to do with something that I brought back on that airplane with me from your up and it’s meaningful and you know what it is and as soon as you find out what it is you might even laugh a little bit so please give me your guesses in the comment field below and I’ll tell you if you’re getting warmer or not and if you guys don’t figure this out even though you already know what it is if you don’t figure it out in short order I’ll keep giving you Clues is a few clues i’ll give you that are absolutely going to give it away and as i said if you are you know younger than 20 years old maybe you have no idea what that is but it’s not a piece of the moon or anything like that but you know exactly what it is so what kind of piece of concrete would I have brought back with me on the airplane and framed okay so stay tuned subscribe to the channel so you don’t miss the next videos when I tell you some more clues that are going to give away what this is thank you guys so much i really appreciate all the support you guys have been great at our numbers on the youtube channel or flying along great and i do hope that I’m helping some of you have because you know the only second do is try and pay back the faith and the loyalty that you guys have shown in me and my team okay it’s very appreciative we get it a lot of great comments lately reach out anytime with questions you guys are awesome thank you so much you you


  1. This is the company i use to buy PMs up here in the north.
    I can only say good things about them.
    Buy 100 oz bars of silver..its the cheapest way. Buying single rounds or coins is the most expensive way and there is no advantage to it despite what all the silver pumpers say.
    Feel better buddy.

  2. Belin wall!,
    i got my shares in some gold and silver mining on the ASX. (WRM, SLV, DEG)
    none are producing yet but they have established their JORC resources and are completing their DFS.
    i have been reading your book penny stocks for dummies its great! 2 days in, half way through!
    i might have some questions though that i thought you could put into a video 🙂
    but im going to wait till I finish the book incase its not included .
    i recommend this book to EVERYONE who is investing in any stocks in any market.

  3. After the Soviet defeat and the collapse of communism
    Pakistans intelligence agency chief was invited to the White House by the first President George Bush and was given a piece of the Berlin Wall with a brass plaque inscribed,

  4. Great vid Peter! I also believe Gold in particular is a great investment for 2017, and I do think you are right on the pick you guys chose on Feb. 28, since we're talking about leading indicators; mine show a growth in Mining for 2017. Great job clarifying production/mining vs exploration companies also, I think it is very important people know the difference when it comes to investing,(literally losing money and making money is at stake). Oh and about the concrete you had, I never would have guessed it would be the Berlin Wall in this video, if I had not seen it in the comments already LOL, I am Canadian and I grew up in Canada though sooo… that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it haha.

  5. hmm great video but I have to disagree slightly regarding explorer Cos vs Producers. explorers CAN deliver gains that could never ever be achieved with the Major producers Ie 10x your money or more. im sure you know this but it's important to note. Of course they can go bust way easier too so it's classic high risk/high reward but I like them (along w/ the junior producers)more than the majors. the majors like Barrick, Goldcorp, Newmont have not been good buy-and-hold investments historically. pull up a 10 or 15 year chart

  6. Hi Peter,
    Great content!
    I've also read your book, Penny Stocks for dummies, and I thought it was a great book as well.
    On another note, you emphasize that people should invest rather than trade penny stocks, why do you consider investing?
    You've mentioned that people should avoid stock picks, but isn't this what you're promoting through the $200 annual membership? Has anyone made money using your service? And I am saying this with the utmost respect but I am the type of person with a lot of skepticism. Whenever there is a too good to be true "service" I just see it as a red flag. So I would appreciate it if you can shed some light.

  7. Hi Peter,

    I am totally new to gold and silver. Which bank do you buy golds and silver from? I personally bank with Bank of America, can I walk in the branch and buy gold from them? Thanks!

  8. Peter – Hope you feel better. I love the content. Your passion really comes through in the videos. Keep up the great work.

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  12. Hello, if I buy gold or silver coins from a coin shop, would you recommend that I get a receipt? If I try to sell my coins at another dealer at a later time, do they ask for paperwork, or do they just inspect the coin? Any profits that I make from the sale are taxed right???

  13. I'm sorry you feel bad, Sir…I just spoke to your Office Mgr. & asked about your classes plus how messed up 7 disks in my cervical & lumbar spine are~No complaint, EMPATHY for Pain
    is all…..How will knowing about "Colored Concrete" help me buy Metals? I was hoping & still do hope that the 1 lead is cheaper than others out there!! I'm disabled & my email says the
    amount I sub-exist on, lower than what we give immigrants plus I get $10 in food stamps IF I
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    the other 50% in 1 month?? I was told no. And from what you're saying of the markets people
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    things in severe times. Thanks for the 20 minute video & I do Pray you feel better soon as I can't afford the 5 surgeries I need Right Now!! peace diggy

  14. Your passion and dedication to your work in amazing and inspiring. Knowledge and analysis of equity trading probably second to none. Cheers.

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