How to buy silver every month and start stacking silver.

How to buy silver every month and start stacking silver.

hello YouTube this is silver AG 99 and
today I have a quick video on how to save money to buy silver so if you had
seen my video my first video I explained that I started to budget some money to
purchase silver and I’m going to explain how I did it now there is no magic
bullet here there’s no system that I did I just looked at some certain things and
was able to figure out how to be able to buy silver so let’s get started so let’s
see the first thing here first thing you need to do is write how much money you
make a month and you want to put it down because once you see it visually then
you can understand it and if you can see how much money you’re bringing in you
might be surprised and realize I’m not really using the money efficiently the
next thing you really want to do is write down your expenses write down
everything you’re spending money on your rent your food everything that you can
see that is going out of your pocket to someone else
and finally this is the hard part you want to compare the two and see what you
can cut and and that is kind of difficult because when you’re looking at
it it can become overwhelming and say I have nowhere to cut but you really have
to think out of the box think what you’re doing think which habits you have
and where you can save so I’m going to give you a couple of examples of what I
did so my first example was I would stop I would go to work after I’ve done work
I might stop by the coffee shop or during lunch after lunch I would go get
a coffee now coffee three times a week average cost was like $3.25 so a total for
that would be nine dollars and seventy five cents the next thing is man I’m not
a morning person I would wake up late and the alarm would go off and the next
thing I knew I was in my car driving to work and I would be stopping at one of
these fast-food restaurants to get morning breakfast now morning breakfast
I was ordering off the dollar menu I was ordering you know the whole meal with
the hashbrown you know the large coffee or the large specialty coffee and the
breakfast sandwich all that and that was averaging me $5.00
per visit and I was doing that three times a week because I just wasn’t
preparing myself and so a total that was $15 a week finally the the other thing I
was noticing that I was doing was once a week I would go out and have lunch I
would go to Subway I would go not on that subway but I would go to you
know to a fast-food restaurant or a restaurant and I was buying myself lunch
and that was averaging $8.00 and in some cases when we went to not a fast-food
restaurant it would be more but I took I thought that the average would be $8.00
so if you take those totals for just one week and you add them up they come out
to be 32 dollars and 75 cents now you take that times four it gives you a
total for the month of 131 dollars so you can see where I cut cost and stuff
another thing for the coffee thing it was easy for me I bought myself a
thermos I make my coffee in the morning now I pour the coffee in there it stays
warm all day long and since I’m getting up in the morning to make my coffee
I’m not buying breakfast out anymore I’m eating breakfast at home and believe me
it’s a lot cheaper to buy eat breakfast at home than to go to a fast-food
restaurant and I just wouldn’t forget my lunches I’d take my lunch every day and
I would eat leftovers or take a sandwich or something like that so even though I
cut the cost of going out to purchase it there was still some cost but I was
still enough to save money at least one hundred thirty one dollars a month spot
price as of today which is today’s 4/6 2017 is eighteen dollars and forty nine
cents let’s see what we can buy with one
hundred and thirty one dollars so I can actually go out right now go to a
website and I can buy five one ounce silver American Eagle bullion for one
hundred four dollars and sixty eight cents and that’s free shipping because
any most of the places that I buy from if you’re spending over a hundred
dollars it’s free shipping let’s see what else I can buy I can buy one
I can buy six 1 ounce silver bars of Amex for 117 dollars and 24 cents and I
can buy 6 1 ounce silver rounds Buffalo’s for 115 and 92 cents now if
you look at this you’re looking at in one year total you’re going to have if
you’re buying these silver American Eagles and and spot stays around that
price you’re looking at 60 ounces of silver
for one year after five years you’ll have over 300 ounces of silver but well
no you’ll have actually 300 300 ounces of silver to be exact if you’re buying
the bars or the rounds you’re going to get 72 ounces a year and close to 360
ounces in five years now that’s nothing to laugh about that’s actually a nice
little stack and and this is saving for your future I mean this is something
that you’re going to have that you can keep and you know when you go to retire
or when you need something as an emergency fund it’s something that you
have that you can actually go you know sell real quick take the money and use
it as an emergency fund and in reality all it is is your saving you know what
did I say thirty two dollars and seventy five cents a week to do this so I
encourage you guys to look at your budgets look at where you can save money
not everybody’s like me not everybody goes on and gets coffee three times a
week not everybody was getting gold you know goes out and gets breakfast at
three times a week at a fast food place or has lunch out a week I understand
that people are in tight budgets but that’s what I was able to look look at
your cable bill call up and see if you can get cheaper cable shop around for
car insurance every year I call up and I make sure that I can get the cheapest
car insurance I can you know within the standards of what I want for my car
insurance there’s a lot of ways to cut cost there’s a lot of ways to get sale
call up your cable well hey I’ve been with you for two
years and it’s too expensive can you give me the new person deal so I hope
this helps um I encourage you to go ahead and start
you know start stacking silver find a way to do it and if you can’t get to
that 131 dollars a month you know if you get to a hundred dollars it’s still you
know you can look right here if I knock off one of the silver bars it’s it’s
close to a hundred dollars you know I just encourage you to stack I hope this
was informative for you if you like the video please like please subscribe and
thank you for watching


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