How to Buy the Right Cuban Link Chain – Gold Chain App

How to Buy the Right Cuban Link Chain – Gold Chain App

This is Watch Your Style. My name is Eric. Today’s video is going to be focusing on,
How to Buy the Right Cuban Link Chain. On the previous video I did, I focused a little bit more on the difference in quality of the chain; for example, hand made versus machine
made. But now, when the time comes to actually purchase
the chain, there’s a lot of confusing factors that have to do with the weight, the length,
the millimeters and also the karats. So to simplify that process, we have created
an application. It’s called The Cuban Link App. Now, this app is gonna have two important
features. One, is gonna be a selfie feature, which lets
you try on different chains of different sizes to see if you like it. Then there’s going to be another feature that’s
going to show you different calculations on what you want. It’s going to come out with the grams of the
chain, depending on length, millimeters and karats. So, this application is gonna be available
for download on the link below in the description and I’m going to go over with you right now,
so you can understand how to use it correctly. OK, so once you downloaded the app onto your
smart phone, you’re gonna go ahead and find the icon on your home screen, and let’s going
to go ahead and launch this application. So, once it opens up on the home screen, you’re
gonna see that there’s two options. You have the selfie option, which is going
not only to let you share different pictures with your friends with different size chains
on, but most important it’s going to let you try on different sizes of chains. Then, on the bottom where it says, �Customize,
Send me Pricing,� that’s were I’m going to get into that’s gonna help you get a quote
quickly and efficiently on the chain that you would like. So, let’s go ahead and launch the selfie,
so you could see how it works. Once it’s opens up, there’s three different
options to choose from. We put three names on them to make it easier
to recognize which size you have one, but most important, you’re going to see that there’s
a length and a width on the bottom. There’s also sizes available in the middle,
but that’s going to be up to you when we get to the customize feature. Let’s go ahead and let’s launch �The Player,�
because it’s 30 inches and 15 millimeters in width. It’s gonna give you the instructions, which
are pretty straightforward and everybody’s taken a selfie by now, so you should know
how to use it, but I’ll go over and help you simplify it. Once we hit �Next,� and we’re in selfie
mode. Now, if you notice, there’s a silhouette. You see that silhouette? That’s gonna help you kind of guide it on. Now, if you’re go closer or it’s bigger, it’s
going to help adjust to your neck. The idea is to try to put that chain right
at the edge of your neck, right where I am right there. You click it and there you go! I instantly have a chain. Now, that’s gonna help me see what that chain
looks like and right now I’m sporting a 15-mm, 30 inches. Once you’ve taken the picture and you like
it, you have obvious choices. Yes and No. Let’s go ahead with the �Yes,� and it’s
going to take me to the final selfie mode; which from this point, I can download it,
save it. I can share it on Facebook and Instagram,
so one with many other different options like so. Now that that’s done and I’ve tried on this
15-millimeter 30-in chain, let’s go back to the original page that we were talking about. So, we’re gonna go back to the beginning and
this is the feature that I was talking about, which besides the selfie, this is what’s to
me it’s actually most interesting. Now, to the right you’re gonna see there’s
a…kind of a gauger here that let’s you kind of like see what’s the right size chain for
you. And I would say that a standard length is
28 inches. A lot of people are calling for 24 and 22
and I wanna ask them, �Are you sure that’s what you want?� Because 28 is really the standard. It all depends on your height and your weight,
but also remember that the size of the chain makes a big difference. If you’re gonna go with a 22 inch chain that’s
15 millimeters, I think the proportions are gonna be off, but it’s always depending on
how you like. So, let’s go to length. We’re gonna go ahead and select 30. And then width, we’re gonna copy the same
chain I tried on, 15 mm. Color, let’s go ahead with the rose. And then purity, it’s up to you, but the different
purity will always change the weight of the chain. It’s very important to know that. So, let’s go ahead in the middle with 14k. Right off the back, it’s gonna give me a weight
in the bottom. You see, 508 grams and 327 pennyweights. Remember, these are approximate, but they’re
very close. We’re gonna enter an email. Let’s go ahead and put my email, which is
[email protected] And then that’s gonna send immediately a request
for price. Request price and it’s done. Now, I’ll receive an email with your request
and size and then I’ll be able to give you a quote with those exact specifications; and
then you’ll be able to know how much the chain is going to cost. So, now that I’ve gone over the app, which
is going to help you select sizes and get quotes…because there’s something I need
to know in order to give you a quote…because I need to know exactly what millimeter and
length and karats you want or I need to know at least the weight and the length. I need to know a couple of things, if not
I won’t be able to get you the quote. But, a couple of things you wanna know when
you’re ordering a chain and one of them is length. Now, like I said earlier. It’s all about style. If you want a short chain, that’s chain. This particular chains that I have right here
are 28 inches. One is a little big shorter than the other. That way, when you wear them together…you
always wanna make sure if you’re gonna wear two chains together, that one is at least
an inch shorter than the other. Depending on the millimeters, it might be
a little bit less. But length is important. If you don’t want a big, fat chain, because
maybe you don’t want it to be gaudy, try to go a little bit longer, because a lot of times
what I’ve noticed is, when you want a really small chain, if you make it too short, it
doesn’t look right; but yet, if you tend to make it longer, it seems to fit right as well. Also, the thicker the chain, the longer it
needs to be so that it proportions right; because too fat of a chain, really short,
doesn’t look right. Again, I know it depends on style. Some guys like it like that. I’m talking about more the traditional. And what I was saying was 28 inches is more
of a traditional length. I know it sounds long, but trust me, it’s
not that long. If you’re an average guy that’s about 5 foot
10, you should be trying to buy anything from 26 inches to 28. That’s just the standard size. You know, longer than that would be optional. Don’t be scared of the chain being too long. It would really have to be over 30 inches
to really be considered a long chain. So, I have guys that call me all the time
and they’re like, �Eric, I don’t want one of those long chains,� and I assure them
and I say, �Listen, 27 inches is not long!� When it comes to karats, you have to select
the right karat. Any one would work fine. If you’re gonna go yellow, I try to stay with
14, 18 or 10, but now, when it comes to rose gold, honestly, I wouldn’t go 18 with the
rose gold. I might as well just go 14. I’m not a 10-karat type of guy, but you can
go 10. I just wouldn’t go the extra mile for rose. You know, with rose gold, I’ll try to keep
it 14. Same thing with white. When I like to go 18 is really with the yellow. That’s just my opinion, but I just kind of
feel like with the rose gold, you don’t really see the difference or with white gold; so
keep that in mind when you’re selecting your different sizes and I’m hoping that all these
little inputs that I put for you might help you select your next chain. Now, remember to download the app, so that
way you could try it on and see which chain is right for you. And also, keep in mind all the things I mentioned
when you’re selecting the right chain for you. And, if you liked this video, please like
and share. Also, don’t forget to subscribe to our channel. My name is Eric…Watch Your Style!


  1. Cool app guys. You gotta hold the phone steady to take the selfies, but the chains are very realistic. Pay no attention to the haters.

  2. this is dope! i am 5'10 and have a chain that is 24 inches and 8 mm. my bracelet is 8 inches and is 15mm thick. I feel it is to thick and big on my 7 inch wrist. what are your thoughts? should i go thinner on the bracelet? or maybe add the bracelet piece to the app so users can see how that looks too

  3. Thanks Eric, nice job.  I have a 24K mariner link 24"  75 grams  which I purchased in an Asian jewelry shop, but I like the Cuban Link style also. 24k has a special look. Mine has that curly-cue  tab that connects the chain together by bending the link,  allowing you to add a pendant if you choose.  Great video and app, thank you!

  4. look forward to the Android app. Also, you may consider a similar app that lets you try on your sunglasses 😉 Thanks care and keep creating great content! IG bricktexan007

  5. Do you know anything about Hugo Chains out of Miami I heard good things I got a silver one to start want to get a gold one next what do you think of them…

  6. Also, I might just want to get a cuban link that is classy but flashy enough. If you know what I mean? What millimeter and length would you recommend? I am 6'1 and 195 lbs.

  7. Another great vid! I have a 22k cuban and love it. Do you recommend purchasing platinum cuban link chains or platinum chains in general? Thanks again.

  8. omg I can't believe these countless chain vids are not a joke!!! Jesus this is fucking mind numbing to listen to all those morons

  9. Why isn't it available for android ? In your opinion do you think a 14k yellow gold 8mm 24'' on a 5'7 foot guy would look fine?

  10. Eric ! My man ! I was just about to buy a 24" (140g) cuban link . It's way too short , I'm 6foot4 and it just didn't look right . I found another , second hand , 26" , it's absolutely perfect ! Thanks for the advice ! Love your posts . Much love from Melbourne Australia .

  11. I want a Cuban link but I wouldn’t know if it’s fake or nah cause a lot of them stores be selling you fake shit and saying it’s real

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