How to check gold purity Gold test + app gold prices

How to check gold purity Gold test + app gold prices

Welcome to “Gold Test +” What you get by installing “Gold Test +” app? Multi language interface up to 50 languages, Real-time online gold prices in up to 45 currencies, Simple and intuitive interface, Adjustable color schemes, And of course, easiest and cheapest way to correctly determine gold purity, Also, automatically golden item price calculation. So, how it works? You might be familiar with some testing
methods, But they will allow you to check only surface of the golden item, As result, you may buy fake gold as shown in this examples. To protect yourself from buying fake gold, you should be able to test full volume of the golden item! You may buy one of this tools but let’s say, It will be not so cheap ! ! ! 😀 So here is the solution, “Gold Test +” app will allow you to test full volume of the gold without damaging it! So here is what we need for test, Plastic, low weight cup, Distilled water , Scales with precision one hundredth part
of gram, don’t use scales with lower precision, And of course, golden item! First, measure the weight of gold and input the result in the first field of the app, Take the cup and scales, Fill the cup with distilled water then put it on the scales, Make sure that the weight to filled cup is not out of measuring range of scales, Then push the calibrate zero button, Scales will display zero weight, Then deep the gold into the water, Fixed with stable support is more suitable than holding gold by hand, Make sure that golden item is not
touching the bottom of the cup, As you see, the weight value on scales is
changed from zero, Input the new value in the second field of the app and press “Test” button, That’s all, test is done, watch the result! By clicking on the text with info icon, you will find additional information about topic, Also, “Gold Test +” is great for follow gold prices, You can customize app according to your requests, “Gold Test +” The ultimate application for working with
gold ! ! ! Do not test golden items with stones, you will get wrong result !


  1. I can test gold items with a picture …this app does work it calculates gold by weight of item and displacement of water it is accurate but i have a new way of testing minerals that is very accurate and it does detect percentages of metal makeup from gold ore.It also determines if it is fake or real..including diamonds ….precious gemstones and grading of…it aldo detects fake money…and detects levels of iron…potasium…sugar …in your blood…great for diabetics..alcoholics(potasium)…iron deficiency..and condition of your blood…but does not use blood per say in the analysis but does use urine for analysis.But you only need a picture of it to determine the relavent data.I am in the developement stages of writing this app and can show proof of what i claim is anyone good at writing the app?If so call me Patrick Galloway661-401-4001 or text me you will not be disappointed.

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