How to choose the best cast iron wok

How to choose the best cast iron wok

Hi welcome to asiangarden2table. Cast iron cookware is made from melted iron that is poured into molds or “casts.” As cookware, it has remarkable features: It has excellent heat retention and distribution, and ability to withstand high temperature, it can develop a natural non-stick surface from daily usage, it also releases iron into food which is a great source for iron supplement. Stir-frying is the most popular way to prepare food in China. It uses oil as carrier, adds in well-cut ingredients, by frequent turning and tossing, to cook the foods at high temperature in very short time. The best wok for you is the one fits on your cooktop and functions well as a wok. Majority of the cooktop in US is designed to sit a pan/pot. A flat bottom wok is very necessary. You may be suggested to use a wok ring to fit a round bottom wok on your cooktop. Then the wok will be off from heating center and you won’t get enough heat when stir-frying. Flexibility is very important for a wok to work well. It includes the flexibility to handle the wok and the flexibility to control the heat applying to the food. My first cast iron wok weighs more than 12 pounds and is impossible for me to toss or lift it up or transfer the food onto dish with one hand. It takes long time to heat up the wok. After the food is added in the wok, it quickly cools down because it takes forever for the heat to pass through the thick bottom. After in use a while, this heavy wok gets retired. Light weight cast iron wok usually weighs less than 6 pounds which is durable but still handable. To make stir-frying smooth and effortless, it is important to have a nice smooth inside curve. This one has a rough corner between the wall and bottom. When stir-frying, spatulas cannot slide over this corner smoothly. This corner is also make cleaning more difficult. Handle is the part you use to operate the wok. Steel handle might be convenient to put in oven or dish washer ,for stir-frying, or you may risk of burning your hand when cook. You will need a comfortable and heat-isolated handle. Wooden or plastic handle will work well here. A well-used and maintained cast iron should be shining and smooth on the surface. A lot of cast iron cookware masters recommend to polish your new cast iron cookware with sand, coarse salt, steel sponge or even electric polisher, to remove the rough and bumpy surface come with a new wok. A polished cast iron surface exposes its internal porous structure which make seasoning more effective. A smooth surface is much more comfortable to cook on and easier to clean well. If you are looking for a wok to use on electric cooktop, there are two additional notes here: first, get a wide flat bottom, should be at least 7” diameter, which is the size of heating area on an electric cooktop; second, thick bottom to prevent or minimize deformation when cooking at high heat on a flat surface. I have been searching for very long time in order to find a good wok to recommend to my viewers. You can refer to my suggestion above when shopping for a cast iron wok. Or you can consider our wok. This one is for gas burner, weighs about 4.5 pounds, 5.5” small flat bottom to sit on your gas cooktop directly. This second one is for electric cooktop, weighs about 5 pounds, 7” big flat bottom to fit on electric cooktop, extra thick bottom design (>2.5mm thickness). Both have nice and smooth curve, well-polished surface and pre-seasoned at high temperature. More information please visit our website at A well-seasoned and cared cast iron wok can generate a natural non-stick film which make stir-frying easier. Next video with our cast iron wok as example, I will show you how to season a new cast iron wok and how to maintain it daily. Please subscribe to our channel for more videos to come or visit our website at for more information. See you next time.


  1. WOW!! I wish I was living in America so I could buy one of these from you. I can't even find on of these in Taiwan.

  2. I went to your website to purchase the wok for electric stove tops, but it's not there. Are you still offering it?

  3. I need one for the electric stove top, Can't wait for it to be in stock! Also look forward to your video on how to season the wok!

  4. Just remember that cast iron woks are radically different from traditional steel woks. They have nothing but the shape in common. You will have to learn to use this because it is so different.
    That is not necessarily a bad thing, you need to be aware that it is different and in the beginning will take more time and effort to clean it and improve seasoning. Chinese cast iron usually lacks the smooth inside finish found on western cast iron cook ware.

    I am not saying don't buy it, I am saying to put some real thought into it. I suspect that flee markets will be over run with these things in a couple of years. Another expensive space taking great story sea that will only be used a couple times by anyone who is not a big lover of cast iron.

    It is large and very heavy. Have a place to store it or it will end up living on your stove, taking up space.
    Some will love this thing but most will not. Even in promotional videos, if there is not a LOT of oil in the pan, things stick to the surface of these woks.
    I love cast iron but it requires more care than most are willing to give it. Then it quickly becomes unusable.
    I expect to get one for twenty bucks at a flee market or yard sale, in a couple of years or less. That is, if I actually want one.

  5. What about a cast iron with a curve bottom and a second handle. I have a rangetop that fits a wok well… thank I this is very informative

  6. What about a cast iron with a curve bottom and a second handle. I have a rangetop that fits a wok well… thank I this is very informative

  7. 这个铁锅的形状正是我一直在找的!想得太周到了!赞赞赞!我看了你们的网站,口径有13寸,我感觉有点大,在电炉上会挡到隔壁的锅。如果稍微小一点就更好了。Bialletti有一款11寸的不粘深锅,那个形状基本上一样的但是11寸的,其实够用了。如果你们出11寸的一定要发布出来。谢谢你们的用心!

  8. Excellent video on woks. I will be getting the one for gas cooktops. This video convinced me that your lightweight cast iron wok will be best suited for my needs. Thank you.

  9. After searching for long time. I finally decided to purchase this one for my smooth surface electric stove about 1 month ago. I really think it's the best wok in the market. Which makes food more tasty and healthy. Just followed the instructions she provided. The wok will be very easy to use and maintain. I have more the 20 different pot and wok. So I can tell this wok made with high quality material. I am very thankful that I finally found it!

  10. I thought about buying a lodge cast but saw this, and I think you are right…too heavy. Have you tried cooking on induction???

  11. Your statements about the Lodge Wok are problematic. It is heavy however it's made of thick cast iron so it's heat retention and transmission is excellent, as with all Lodge cast iron products. Once that wok heats up it performs brilliantly. Why would you say the heat dissipates quickly or does not transmit heat well? Nonsense.

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