How To Clean Copper Utensils Easily At Home | कुकर में बर्तन चमकाने का आसान और नया तरीका |

How To Clean Copper Utensils Easily At Home | कुकर में  बर्तन चमकाने का आसान और नया तरीका |

Hello Friends, Welcome to the Masala Kitchen The utensils we generally use in Pooja at home The utensils turns blackish like this And if it is the time of worshiping Like Lord Ganesha is coming So people will do so many Poojas at home Navratre is also coming soon So we like to use clean and shiny utensils So how to clean those Utensils So a special trick I am going to show you We will use pressure cooker and giving some whistles We can clean them very easily And we can make them shiny So how will we do that.. You must be surprised by seeing these Tomatoes over here You must be thinking that I have told you as we will clean the utensils today And we will not cook anything today And I am showing you the Tomatoes So the utensils we are going to make clean We will clean them with these Tomatoes So we will Chop these Tomatoes We first remove the upper part if we want to use it for cooking purpose Today we will cut the Tomatoes like this only Cut them in small pieces As I have some more Pooja’s Utensils Therefore I am taking a big Pressure Cooker We will put Tomatoes in it and all these Utensils We will put the bigger utensils below And the utensils that we can open We will put those utensils by opening them like this Now we will put water in it Put that much water in it so that the Utensils will be dipped in it completely We have put as much as water in it so that the Utensils are dipped in it completely And now we will Put some peels of Lemon in it We will take out the lemon juice from it and keep it aside I have taken out the juice from it Here I have put the Lemon slices or we can say the peels of Lemon in it We will put it on the flame now After giving it 4-5 whistles We will let it to be cool down Then only we will open it See! 5-6 whistles have given to it We have to give it minimum 4 whistles If the Utensils are too much dirty Then you can give it more whistles I have turned the flame off now Now let it to be cool down For 1-2 hours After you can take out the utensils from it Because when the water will get Then only we can clean the Utensils in this water Cooker is now cool down completely Wow! See! The vessel shines so amazingly That was very much darker due to the dust We will put it in the clean water now Wow! You can see the cap of the lamp It is the plate These lamps are of different metal We will clean it with the brush It is the small glass It is also clean now We have to make clean this lamp also with the brush Because we always light the lamp See! All the metals are shinning The bell also clean now We have to clean it little more with the brush This is the Agarbatti stand It is also not cleaned properly In this way If we can’t clean them properly And even we don’t have time to clean them Or if we have pain in our hands So you can clean many types of metals Like we have the Oil Can of steel Or if we have anything else except Plastic You can clean all the metals in this way And I think we should clean all the utensils every month So that our kitchen will always shines with these utensils Now you can see The utensils which are cleaned properly The utensils to which no need to do anything We will make them clean here In this way With the cloth Rub them And yes, if the metal is steel or copper We should not let them wet Because of the wetness, the stains will come on them See! Always keep them dry If the utensils are not properly cleaned Then you can give it 2-3 whistles more Or else you can By using a brush You can make it clean with it See! The utensils that are not cleaned properly You can take an unused tooth brush And you can clean them with it properly Although it is now cleaned And if it is not cleaned yet You can use some detergent And make it clean with the tooth brush See! During festive season, we like to have some new Utensils Specially for the Thakur Ji (Lord Krishna), we like to have some new utensils for him See! See! It will be cleaned properly in this way See! Now I am cleaning them with the clean water This lamp is the oldest one See! How was its condition? And how it looks now See! This lamp shines so much now You can see the Agarbatti Stand also It was also so much dirty And these are the nozzels in which we put the cotton to light up the lamp Still these are not that much cleaned Only those metals are very much dirty in which we light up the lamp And the other utensils will be cleaned easily We will wash it again with the clean water You can see, it is unbelievable That we have cleaned all these in the cooker We have cleaned them with the Tomatoes And we have used Lemon also So in this way you can clean the utensils without any hard work Only with the little hard work We have to work hard only for the very much dirty utensils See! Only the lamp had taken some more to time And the other utensils are perfectly cleaned And it took some time but all are now cleaned All of these are cleaned now See! The vessel It is the cap of the lamp And these small utensils All these are cleaned And I have tried this at once at my home These are cleaned or not.. you can see here This is so cleaned you can see And this one is also cleaned This bell is also cleaned So only by some efforts at the time of festivals If we will keep the utensils clean like this Then we will be so happy If our home and our utensils are cleaned then we feel so good So you will like it a lot If you liked my video so please like it Share it as much as you can As it is the festive season It will be useful for everyone And must subscribe this channel.


  1. Auntyji, very nice& innovative way of using pressure cooker for cleaning, but instead of tomatoes we can add lemon size tamarind ball or paste with salt in water and pressure cook them or vinegar with salt also will give same why waste tomatoes. 🙏

  2. Wow kya baat hai mam bahut bahut dhanyvad aise hi tric batate rahiye main aapki to Pahle Se fan hun aapka khana bhi lajawab rahata hi

  3. Superb, hats off….
    Khaana khaaneke bartan bhi aasaanise saaf karneka koi trick bataayiena plz….
    Bahot logonko help ful hoga

  4. क्या बात है! आज तक तो हमने इमली का प्रयोग सुना था, आज मालुम हुआ कि टमाटर से भी पीतल के बर्तन साफ हो सकता है. सचमुच आपके हाथों में जादू है. आप जिस ईमानदारी से हरेक चीज़ों को पेश करतीं हैं उसका कोई जवाब नहीं. धन्यवाद.

  5. Auntyji brilliant idea. Bohut hi useful video dali aap ne. Aap ki process ab folllow karungi. Thanks with love. 👍👍👍👍👍👍😍😍🙏

  6. इतनी महंगाई में टमाटर 🍅 खाना मुश्किल है और आप बरतन चमकाने का बोल रही हैं 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. पतंजलि की ऱाख वाली टिकिया लाओ और मजे से चमकाओ😂😂🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. my Nani is too old wo ye sb bartan rakh se saf krte the
    mene unko ye video send kri to khush hogye ki ab aise try krugi itna easily.
    she is too old but now she can operate all these videos

    me unko link send kr deti hu taki unko ye sb open krne me easy hojay
    thank you Ma'am thank you so much for sharing

  9. Very nice help for ladies ,next time will try this method ! I just finished cleaning now 🙂..lothi ke ander bilkul muskil h saaf hona puri taraha

  10. हमने किया मगर वो अच्छे नहीं निकले उल्टा उसपर लाल परत आ गई

  11. Thank you mam, apne yeh tamba-pitalke bartan asan tarikese saaf karneka video banaya. Ek request hai mam, chyandi ke bartan bhi eaisehi asan tarikese saaf karneka video banaiye please. ( please jaldise ) 🙏

  12. Poonamji bahot hi badhiya easy method se bartan cleaning karne ka aapka idea badhiya laga Thank you so much nice video 👌👌👍


  14. OMG mai to ye dekhne m lagi hun ki kahin aap k hathon m daag na lag jay ,itne khoobsurat hath hai aap ke 😘😘😘 aap gulf phan liya kre please

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