how to clean gold jewellery at home | simple life hacks | TimesNow BreakingNews

how to clean gold jewellery at home | simple life hacks | TimesNow BreakingNews



  1. fntaaaastik thanks for this infirmetion ,likrethis we cane clean our duplicte jwels also , for going in train or bus im using only duplicate bcz of chaain snathers

  2. I bought this “blue magic metal polish cream” from Walmart, meant for car wheels. It worked amazing, definitely worth trying.

  3. Better you watch other vedio how to clean hands and finger . Bfr u teach how to clean gold . Ur finger is full of henna and stain it's annoying clean it first much better

  4. so you use soap nut powder and water? so basically if I just take a hot bath wash my nuts real good and get out while the water still hot I can just throw my chain in there for a bath too

  5. Thanks for an informational and effective method. But it can be easily completed by using a jewelry cleaning machine. You check the best Jewelry cleaner list following in 2018. Thanks

  6. Don't ever dip gold ornaments in hot water. Gradually it will lose its shine….just dip it in normal water for 1-2hrs. Then brush it….

  7. too much work just use klen Magic liquid just two to three drops scrub twice or thrice clean it with soft cloth it shines like new within a min. it can also clean diamond silver pearls platinum. brass, copper etc.


  9. I use fairy liquid all the time and it works fine, it doesn't have to be certain types of liquid or soap you can use any detergent .

  10. You should have said it is just a simple camera trick making the after picture lighter… see the background colour too. Stupid video

  11. Does get darker rich look when it needs to be cleaned I can tell the difference it looked like a dirty orange and then it's lighter

  12. தங்கம் என்பது மங்காத உலோகம் இந்த அம்மா சொன்ன மாதிரி செய்யாதீர் தங்கம் என்பது பல பலப்பு மிக்கவை

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