How To Clean/Polish Silver Items At Home | चांदी के बर्तन चमकाने का सरल तरीका | Silver Cleaning Tips

How To Clean/Polish Silver Items At Home | चांदी के बर्तन चमकाने का सरल तरीका | Silver Cleaning Tips

Few days ago We have cleaned the Brass and Copper utensils You must have seen that And there are so many demands of viewers that how to clean Silver Utensils So we should clean the Silver Utensils also And mostly we do all these things at the time of Diwali And these utensils are used in Pooja (Worshiping) If we don’t use these in Pooja So we can generally make clean these utensils So you can easily clean these Silver Utensils at home Very safely and without any tension So today we will make clean these utensils in such a way In just few minutes That you will think that these are new See! This bowl was exactly like this And you can see its condition now It looks so beautiful now This glass It was exactly like this That I have cleaned here All these Utensils I have cleaned these And these are shining so much See! You can see the difference in both of these So we will clean all these And very quickly So now we will start cleaning them One more thing I need to tell you We are cleaning these utensils But the utensils must be shine as well How will it happen.. Second thing is We have to keep remaining these utensils this much shining always So watch this video till end Then only you can see all these tricks That how to protect these utensils And how to keep these utensils to be shined for long time First of all, we will put a big utensil like this I have filled it with water What you have to do now… In the utensils Take the silver foil that is available at your home Put that in it In this way Now in this utensil You will put… Around 2 tsp of Baking Soda It is generally available in our kitchen It is available at everyone’s home We had used Tomatoes last time You can use Tomatoes also For brass and copper utensils But use Baking Soda in it We have put that Put 1 tsp of Salt in it And this method is This is only for the utensils I have seen many things I have seen that many people That the Goddess Laxmi and God Ganesha, we worship them The God to which we worship How can we make their Idols to be boiled in the water I don’t like this So there is a different way to clean them And if we make clean them in the market Then they clean them in this way So there is a different way to clean them and there is a different way to clean these home utensils Now we will put Those utensils in it that can be put easily Like this small plate can be put in it We can put these glasses This vessel These spoons This small glass And this toy Put these utensils in this And just boil them for 2-3 mins The plate which is so big in size I will make it clean in other way Because it can be fitted in this This starts boiling now Now we will turn off the flame And to these utensils let them in this water for sometime Utensils will not be cleaned quickly in it I will tell you that what we have to do… For 4-5 mins Let them in it Now you can see These utensils We will take out them Now the remaining water here If you have bigger utensils for cleaning And other utensils then by using this water You can take more utensils And put that in it The utensils are so hot What we have to do now… We will take Colgate Powder You will get this at any shop Very easily Make these utensils little wet Now apply on it This.. Colgate powder Like we generally clean the utensil In that way We have to use this powder We have put on it I am not editing this You will see that You can see it properly Wherever you will see That it is more dirty You can take some more powder And then make it clean in this way See! This utensil will be looked as Like you purchase it right now See! See! There are some stains on it Like here So here are some stains So we can clean it here with a brush When we do worship At that time, we make clean these utensils But after worshiping, we just keep it as it is We didn’t keep them carefully at that time Because of that some stains will be there for always Like in olden days, people clean the utensils So you have to clean them in that way We will keep this vessel over here After that what we have to do is.. I am showing that to you We will make clean these utensils first and keep them here If it is not wet then in the same water You have to make it little wet Colgate Powder is very cheap It is very good to make clean our Silver Utensils It is very easy way All the things used are easily available at home You will get them very easily See! Utensils will shine so much It shines as these are new You can see the difference See! Still these are not properly cleaned It will shine more In the same way, put it inside also And clean it from inside as well Now we will clean this plate So many scratches will come easily on Silver Utensils Because this metal is very light There is so much of difference in brass and copper So we have to clean it with light hands We can’t clean it with brush If there is some design on it then it is okay Otherwise use brush very lightly on it Because the scratches may come on it Now we have to wipe it with a cloth as it is wet We will wipe it now We have cleaned it It is cleaned but it is not shinning It will shine when you will Put some dry powder on it It is necessary to put dry powder on it With this only This plate or utensils will shine See! It starts shining now It will shine only when we clean it with the dry powder Now I will clean all this mess Then I will show you that what we have to do with this now Now these Utensils are We have cleaned them with the powder Now one by one We will clean the utensils with a cloth You can take any cotton cloth And rub it like this Then it will sine brightly And clean it properly now Clean it from inside also In this way In the same way Clean these glasses also properly As you clean it, its powder will be removed And it will shine brightly See! The kid’s toy Playing toy of small kids It is so old one, around 25 years old it is See! Now these are shining so much Infact it is shining more than this one Now we will wipe this one also In this way, we have to make this plate more shiny Then we have to We have to rub it properly with the cloth In this way The second way is… Take the utensil And then you can dip it in this water Or you can dip it in the hot water also After dipping it in the water Make it clean with the dry powder I am showing you that how to clean the Thakur ji In this way With normal water By By dipping it in the water just clean it with the dry powder And to make clean the thakur ji Like the features of Thakur ji can be cleaned How to clean them For that you can take a clean brush And with light hands, in this way Make it clean Brush it like this See! It is cleaning in this way Its design is seen so clearly In the same way You can clean such utensils That can not be boiled Now clean it also with the cloth See! It is also shining now And its design is The powder should not filled in the design And then In this way It is cleaned now Now how to keep them safely for long time That I will show you But before that, I want to share one more thing with you Like here I have one more plate which I have kept uncleaned We have two ways to clean it In case if you want to clean such utensil That you don’t want to clean at home You want to make it clean in such a way That you want to clean it with the solution that is used for cleaning the utensils at shop So I am telling you that I am sharing the link also That you will get it in 200-250 rupees You will get that on Amazon or from anything you will get it The solution name is Silver Dip How to clean this with that solution, I am showing here Instant Silver Cleaner So it is available in market by the name Silver Dip You will get this online as well May be you will get it at Silver Ornament’s shop Or you will get it from anywhere You can easily buy it It is of 200-250 rupees And how to clean by using this That I am showing you But I like home remedies in place of using this solution That can be done easily This plate is too old May be it will not be cleaned too much Because it is 50-60 years Old Plate Take some Cotton And then Dip it in this solution In this way You have to dip it like this And then keep it here Now close it And then on this plate Spread it like this You can clean anything from this But don’t clean ThakurJi From this solution For cleaning the Thakur Ji, only Colgate Powder is the best You can see the dirt on it Now I am showing you the back side of the plate This plate is used in worshiping It is very Old Plate Very Old it is See! After cleaning it like this You have to wash it with water See! You can If you feel like If you will see that it is less shiny Then you can use some Colgate Powder Or otherwise you can like this only You can wipe it with the cloth only in this way I will put some Colgate Powder once again Because I will not get satisfied easily Till then you can It should be shiny that is very important See! Finally You had seen the condition of the plate And now it is shining And there is no need to use any solution I have shown you many utensils by cleaning them All these are cleaned with the normal method You home is cleaned now And the Utensils are shining so brightly So we will get positive energy from it When we clean our home then we feel so good Then at that time, we will not count tomatoes or anything else So these Utensils are looking so beautiful now Now we can do worship (Pooja) See! We can gift these utensils to anybody See! Utensils look so beautiful now If you use all these utensils regularly Then don’t use them But some utensils you will take out at times If you didn’t use these Utensils too much Only you will take out these utensils on Diwali What you have to do next is … In this way Like this The polythene that are used for packing purpose You can take that And then Pack it If it will not get air inside it If the utensil will not get the moisture Then the utensil will not get black If you will keep the utensils in this way by packing them Then utensils will not turn black From 2.5 years, this glass is exactly like this as I kept it like this And there is no difference because it is packed Pack it like this with the polythene and keep it dry There should not be a single drop of water in it It has to be dry Wipe it with the cloth properly After that pack it like this See! If you will gift someone like this Then there will be no need to polish it from the market So many problems of yours will be solved So it is the wonderful way If you will keep safely the Silver Utensils Then it will be so good If you liked my video so please like it Share it as much as you can Must subscribe this channel.


  1. اسٹیل کے برتنوں کا زنگ اور دھبے صاف کرنے کے لیے کوئی پوڈر بنانا بتائیں شکریہ

  2. Yeah Colgate powder is best effective idea since ages. My Nanaji too used to clean same way n we too do it same way. One can use plain Colgate white toothpaste too it works best. As it acts as cream I clean with Colgate paste. U Just said it so right why say use Colgate, tomato. Why pay so much when can be done at home. Seriously u said it so right abt Nakhras 😞😞😏😏 of Jewellers.

  3. Hi mam..
    Mai ऐसेही clean करती हूं।।
    बिना उबाले ही अच्छे से साफ होते है
    सिर्फ कपड़े से साफ करें तो उसमे कोलगेट की स्मेल रह जाती है।
    ग्लास में पानी पिया नहीं जाता।
    मै धो लेती हूं।। और फिर सूखे कपड़े से साफ करती हूं चमक नहीं जाती
    थैंक्स mam।।
    Nice vdo

  4. Salam, mam mere pas new hath wali qeema bnany wali machine h. New li thi . Gosht pees KR Mene dho KR rakh di thi oil lga KR. Lekin phr bhi Zang aalood hogai h. Dukh horha h phainkty huye. Ek machine Mene tin dabby waly ko Dy di thi . Ab isy use krna chah rhi hun. Plz kuch btaen mujhy.

  5. Aunty I live in abroad and Colgate powder is not available here, so can u please suggest what else I can use to clean my Ganeshji n Lakshmiji coins. Your help will be very much appreciated

  6. If silver utensils are not too black, we can directly clean them with Colgate powder. If they are very black , then the above method of boiling with foils foil is useful

  7. Thanks mam itna superb idea dene k ly… Hm jrur try krng ise.. Jisse mere Bhagwan ji ke b bartan ekdm chmak jaye.. Thank u mam..

  8. Namaste Didi. Aap ki ye tip mujhe bhoth achha laga. Mey bhi psnd nhi krti ki THAKUR JI KA MURTY garam pani me deep kre ya koi liquid solution se clean krna. Ye sabse achha tarika h silver utensils saff kr ne ka. Aur THAKUR JI KA BHI. THANK YOU DIDI.

  9. Thank u so much.❤️this procedure to clean silver utensils,but BHAGWANJI KO KAISE chamkaaye ,very difficult lagtaa hai…

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