How to Clean Silver Items at Home / Easy way to Clean Silver Pooja items at home.- monikazz kitchen

How to Clean Silver Items at Home / Easy way to Clean Silver Pooja items at home.- monikazz kitchen

Today we will not talk about food, We will talk about Cleaning. All Do Have Silver Utensils or Silver Murti at home. After some time their color become Blackish and does not look Good. For that there is no need to go to market and pay hefty amount. We can clean them at home just like new. For that what ingredients we require is already present at home. So today lets see how we can make silver utensils just like new. In My home i have silver Glass and see the color how bad it is. and this Krishana Murt ihas become Blackish because of using Worship Essence stick/ Dhoop Bati/ Jot . Today will make both of then just like new. Put on the flame, place a pan Add some water, till which can dip the utensils completely into it. Boil the water. Water is getting to boil. we will take Aluminium Foil which is available in most homes. Fold it and place in water. Put 1 Tea spoon Baking Soda on the foil. and 1 tea spoon salt. and the items to be cleaned put into the pan. Boil it for 1 min. twist them in between. After 1 min of boiling as you can see that both of them are totally clean. Looks like New. Put off the flame and take them out. With Clean cloth clean them. See it is like New. Similarly my Silver Glass is also Shining. Like this we can clean any silver Utensils and Murti (Idols). Ans Make them New If you like the video then please do like it, Share it and subscribe my channel Monikazz Kitchen. Thank you for watching my Video.


  1. My heartbeat almost stopped when I saw ladu Gopal being drowned into hot boiling water and watching him being fried like puri in oil. For us he is much more than just a piece of exclusive artifact. Please pull down this video.

  2. Koi aur tarika nikalo bhagwan ko nilhanay ka nahi to bhagwan bhi in murkhon ko kholtay pani may dalkay shudh karega. Sahi mai aaj bhagwaan bhi kahega aurat kai demaag may gobar bhara hai. Akal ghutnay may chor taluay may bhi nahi hai. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.

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