1. @ravemasterdbzwwe Your just an idiot. I was first on some videos, I think its fun to say it if you are first. Its not like you get something for being first on videos. Like. what are you, a 6 year old?

  2. @ravemasterdbzwwe Im younger than you…..and yet you actually care about this more than me. RAPTOR JESUS, WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO?!?!

  3. to add to this – it doesnt matter which side of the sheet you use, aluminum is the same whether its the shiny side or the dull side.

  4. I've done this many times. It won't ruin your sterling silver but it may leave it with a bit of residue which you can then polish off. With this big of an item I would suggest doing it outside because the fumes can be a bit caustic. The smell will be of rotten eggs. Great video

  5. I tried this I couldn't get it to work with any of my plate silver. I use boiling water and everything and it literally didn't do anything

  6. There are two ways to clean silver.

    Use polish, which removes the tarnish (which is basically silver sulfide).

    Convert the silver sulfide back to nice shiny silver. The method above makes the sulfur become attracted to the foil, which it is more attracted to than the silver.

    And you don’t need to have the “shiny” side up for this to work. I think the reason people say this is so you can see when the foil itself gets “tarnished” from this method. As long as the silver is in contact with the foil, it should work fine.

    This also explains why tarnished silver pieces often have a rotten egg smell…it’s the sulfur!

  7. DO NOT clean your silver this way. It will damage the surface and actually remove silver. Horrible video. If you use a toothbrush and baking soda that is like sanding it with fine sandpaper.

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