How to Close a Jewelry Store with Retirement Sale with the Assistance of G.A Wright Sales

How to Close a Jewelry Store with Retirement Sale with the Assistance of G.A Wright Sales

Hi my name is Tim Wagner, I’ve been the
jeweler here at Lougheed jewelers for 44 years of the 51 that we’ve been in
business. We decided to close our business primarily because it’s been a
family-owned business and we can’t do it 24/7 anymore. GA Wright’s been in
advertisements sending us flyers, other companies as well. When it was finally
time to decide to really choose a company and close out our business we
contacted all the ones that have been in front of us and only GA Wright and one
other contacted us back. And when GA Wright came in that was impressive
because they responded very quickly and asked the questions of what we wanted
instead of what they were going to do for us. Well actually the first three
days of our sale was just an intense buying frenzy. They came in I mean we had
to lock the doors at 5 o’clock just to get a drink of water. It was non-stop people
coming in and wanting to buy our merchandise. It was just phenomenal the
way that people just kept coming in and it’s been that way now for four weeks.
Yes we’re not getting three deep at the counters we don’t have that much
merchandise left, but it’s a steady stream of people coming in every day
every day. Our consultant from GA Wright gave us projections and our projections
were basically met within the first three days.
It was a little disconcerting because how can we go for she planned it out
that we were going to be going for five weeks. It appeared like we couldn’t make
it a week before everything was gone at the rate that that was going we were so
thankful that it slowed down a little bit to give us breathing room but it far
exceeded our expectations. And it’s just been a steady stream now that we’ve
balanced and been able to stay open but at what you’re seeing on camera this is
it this is all that we have left after four weeks. GA Wright made it easy for
us to maintain a profit margin that we don’t feel like we’re giving our
merchandise away and that we can retire with dignity. I have to admire our
consultant because he’s kept us on task without sacrificing our duties. I mean we
come in and we go to work and get our work done at the same time of helping
customers and the steady stream that has been going on. It’s again amazing because
it far exceeded any of our expectations. Part of the promotions we thought was
going to be silly. GA Wright knows better than we do. This has been work. It
is not you know it it doesn’t just fly off the shelves all by itself. I mean you
still have to be a salesman and sell your merchandise, but it does
go out the door which is the ultimate reward. I mean that you’re selling out
and getting moving merchandise that’s either been here a long time which is
utterly amazing some of the things that you didn’t think you could ever get rid
of are now gone. But that’s the amazing part. I mean you just come in and work it
and it works. Our consultant had previous jewelry experience which made
selling our store selling jewelry interesting because we told stories to
each other about the old days. It was really fun for us to share experiences
as well as the marketing that went into selling our store. I mean he really
understood what we were going through on letting go GA Wright made closing our
store relatively painless and effective so we’re quite happy to be able to
retire without the burden of our store any further. I would definitely recommend
GA Wright to any retailer. I’ve heard from our consultant that he does other stores
other than jewelry stores. The techniques that they use are very
effective and keep in mind that they’re after your best interests not their own

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