How to Cook Oven Roasted Chicken Drumsticks | Juicy, Tender, and Moist Chicken

How to Cook Oven Roasted Chicken Drumsticks | Juicy, Tender, and Moist Chicken

hello everyone please welcome and join me easy steps cooking Indian and Punjabi style I’m going to cook today Chicken Drumsticks and I’m going to cook in the oven so I’ll be oven roasted chicken and I’m going to share with you how I’m going to do it and right now I have chicken drumsticks get slippery the best way to do grab on napkin or a towel just grab the skin and it pulls out pretty easy one cut two and three the whole reason for this to do it it expedite the processing it cooks faster it cooks better as for the salt, masala and seasoning they go inside they blend in better my oven I already put it at 400°F / 204.4ºC it’s a pre heat it’s already done I’m good but up I’m going to do this I’m going to get this much according to all look like my chicken has enough okay and more salt and of course the black pepper once I’m going to put black I’m going to use this much food coloring all my seasoning is ready now I’m going to share with you there – my chicken the drumstick I’m going to use olive oil what it does that olive oil makes it you can use any oil and I’m just going to turn around and I’m going to make sure that my all drumsticks are coated with oil and, if we take a look close in and it looks pretty decent all over I’m going to mix with it but we need to make three cuts so when we put the seasoning that goes inside it’s all the cut has a seasoning inside and I’m going to bring my trays and I’m going to show you I’m going to lay out and I’m going to share some secret with you so yes I got my trays ready and something I’m going to share with you at this moment what I’m going to do that if I can zoom in and I’m going to put my chicken and this was the reason I was saying you put a bit too a little olive oil or any oil on your chicken then you don’t have to put the oil on your pan or onto the tray to cook it into such a manner because whenever we cook these drumsticks in oven they turned out to be more of a dry when they become a dry dried chicken it does not taste well and I’m going to show you how you can make your drumstick more moist and more and then you eat you enjoy it rather than they are too dry if you like a turn off oh I’m gonna stick this in oven let me show you you know what I wanted to share with you that I had my oven already preheat to 400°F / 204.4ºC a double once I put my tray I’m going to use a warm water the reason for getting a water I’m going to fill the tray with the water you want to fill this water benefits in many ways I can explain you to put my chicken on top on the tray the way the water heats up it’s more on like all evaporates the more vapours coming and not only its expedite the cooking it cooks the meat and keep the moisture inside once the moisture is inside the chicken it’s the stays moist and it’s cooks really good it does not come out as dry and the other thing is the benefit is if you leaving the skin on your drumsticks and I’m sure the skin when you have those on I’m going to leave this one for half an hour about 20 minutes or so I’m going to check but within half an hour’s they will be well-done and cook important part when you put the water you don’t have to turn around the chicken but if you don’t put the water and that don’t give you a good cooking this way going to cook really well and other good thing the benefit I was telling you about the water that if you are going to use your skin on it and it’s gonna drip the oil that’s going to get into the pan and it’s going to burn up and then going to smoke more in your house so what happens when you have a water any dripping of oil that goes into your pan it does not make your pan more messy then it can be and that helps and the best benefit of the water is if you are not used to of doing it I haven’t tried it try this one and you will like it oh yeah exactly 20 minutes oh he put it at 7:15 now 7:35 let’s come in close in and I’m going to check how they are coming out look at how beautiful they are turning out this is what I was just saying they stay moist and you don’t even have to turn over these that’s the water is comes in and help out and any fat if it’s coming out that’s going to go into the tray so I’m going to put it back again and I’m going to see the other tray how that one is doing perfect okay so like I said a half an hour into 7:35 is 7:45 to 7:50 so within half hour it will be done ready to go yeah let’s take a look good now it’s 7:49 looking beautiful as I said we’re gonna do it 7:50 so let me do this open it it’s uh right now sizzling hot well I look so beautiful see any oil falls into my water you can see it how it is and a matter of fact as I mentioned that when you are cooking you don’t even have to turn around that so there is the over water plays a good part in it so they look beautiful I’m going to just going to grab a one piece I’m going to let it slide slowly because these are self oven and look at this chicken half an hour cooking it’s a beautiful I can smell it nice so good so if you look how beautiful is cooked this is what I was saying it’s a moist it’s not dry because when it comes to dry chicken I always get fed up from it but when its moist that’s where the water plays a role so very tasty well cook if you want to little bit more crispy we can leave it five minutes more with in half hour you can have your drumsticks roasted in oven and ready to serve and you can eat it as is or you can eat it with the rice pilaf I appreciate for joining me and thank you again for easy steps cooking Indian and Punjabi style and drumstick oven roaster drumsticks thank you and I’ll see you again


  1. Love ur method of baking the chicken I wil try it please write out for me the spicy u used for rubb on the chicken thanks

  2. Thanks for your passion. I just made it and it looks good. My wife is a teacher and i love to cook few dishes before she gets home. Thank you so much. I am missing one of the spices, would you mind telling me what it is?

  3. Love your video and presentation. In addition to that you gave the recipe. Are you a chief? Love your kitchen. It is pretty and clean looking.

  4. I have been using your method and oven temperature with hot water to cook my chicken ever since I came across your Channel. Thanks for the great tip. I have a question I will be cooking 25 chicken legs and I have noticed that sometimes my chicken legs are a bit raw and red close to the Bone. Do you have this issue.? I do not want that to happen as I am taking it to a potluck party

  5. I'm going to try instead of buying the pre-cooked ones from Marks and Spencers, my oven probably not helping as the chicken ending up soggy even after the 30 minutes the package says if I leave more time it burns and taste awful.

  6. This is awesome, thank you so much! I am a cook but am new to meat, but the principles seem to be similar. So when you said you were going to share a secret I was skeptical but wow! Never would have thought about the three cuts or the water in he pan. Brilliant. Cooking this for dinner right now! One question, what were you saying about if you leave the skin on? Does it make the cook time different? Thanks again!

  7. I usually put the chicken in aluminum foil which helps it to contain moisture along with vegetables… trying to stray away from aluminum and this is a much better method thank you!

  8. This video has been great for me over the years. I use seasoned salt, pepper, complete seasoning, garlic powder, Paprika, and Parsley. I can never get the chicken fully cooked at 30 minutes though. For one family pack it's always 45 minutes and if I have more it always takes over an hour.

  9. I cooked drumsticks this way, with my own seasonings, they were moist and delicious. Thank you for showing how to take off the skin, I was doing it the hard way. Question: my racks don't glide smoothly, so the water sloshes a bit, how do you keep your racks gliding so smoothly? My oven is self-cleaning, I just wipe it down when cleaning cycle is done. Is there something else I should be doing? Or something I can use to make it glide? Thank you. Subscribing.

  10. Please tell me how to avoid my drumsticks to bleed… I defrost, season and bake… What should I do??? After baking @ 400 for at least 45 minutes, my drumsticks are full of blood seeping out! ( I did exactly everything like ur video)

  11. Thank you for inviting me into your wonderful kitchen. I have looked at, at least 15 videos on chicken drumsticks and yours is EXCELLENT, your video was beside me as I did my prep work . You took your time being thorough and expressing your love for cooking. Has anyone ever told you; you look like Ray Romano from “Everyone Loves Raymond”? Keep up the good work, do not concern yourself with any negative reviews. I have already passed your video on to friends so, once again THANK YOU.

  12. Hi sir I tried your tandoori chicken recipe and my family loved it. Thank you so much for taking our your time and sharing easy recipes for busy people like me. I will definitely try this recipe also. God bless you always.

  13. Delicious.I gotta indian wife she does it this way.A come from central europe known for tasteless overcooked food…Recipe for fantastic life= indian woman with culinary a nd kama sutra expertise:-)))

  14. Excellent recipe! I tried it and OMG it turned out to be amazing! Great tip for keeping chicken moist! Thank you so much

  15. Everything sounds good except you forgot to tell the amount of the spices you used maby the next video let as know , and the first spice i didn't get i don't know what that spice is thanks

  16. And im going to..and im going to..and im going to where the hell u going? Nonsense feel so irritating to listen his voice wit this I’m going to for thousand times in every sentence 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  17. It looks good ; but what about washing the chicken and your hand. Too much contamination .please use gloves or wash your hand😊

  18. I made this and it was amazing. My family couldn’t stop smacking their lips! Put it on broil for 5 minutes to get a crispy skin 😋

  19. Compliments to this chef,give the man a cooking channel, he is great and shows his passion for cooking, blessings, you got a new subscriber,,👍

  20. I just made this it’s baking right now in oven. By looking at the comments I think it should be bomb! Will see shortly 😃👍

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