How to Craft a Duct Tape Core Bracelet

How to Craft a Duct Tape Core Bracelet

It is the sad day when
you run out of duct tape. But have no fear, because
you’re left with the core. And today I’m going to show you how to
use this core to make a core bracelet. It’s going to be kind of
a cuff style bracelet. And I’m going to use this
beautiful, elegant Emerald Tile Duck Tape to cover the core. So first step, I’m going
to cut this in half. Use a little muscle here. There we go. And I don’t want these
harsh corner edges. I’m going to round the corners. It’s just a little more
refined with the round corners. So I’m going to cover the top
of my core bracelet first. I’m just going to use my
first piece across this top, letting it hang off the side. And now I’m going to cut my other piece. And this is where it gets
a little bit particular, because I have this patterned tape. I want them to match up very nicely. There we go. I did it! So now I’m just going to cut the piece. I’m going to trim this edge so
it’s even with my other one. So now it’s time to wrap the tape
around the underside of the core. Now, the trick here is just cutting
little slits with your scissor. Because if you have
little slits in the tape, it makes it easier to go
around something that’s curved. I will wrap them around. So you can see how those
slits really helped me get a nice, clean finish
around the rounded corner. Continue wrapping all the
way around, and then it will look something like this. So you can see here
that the underside is covered with an additional
piece of tape down the center. So I have my shape for my core bracelet. But obviously, this
isn’t going to stay on. We’re going to remedy that with a strap. This is really easy. You’re just going to cut a double-sided
piece of your strap color– it could be the same pattern. I’m using this corresponding
white, folding it. So now that I have my
double-sided strip, I am going to attach it to my core
bracelet on the underside here. And I’m going to use my same
Emerald Tile so that it blends in. So now I have one side of my strap done,
so here’s where you want to size it. This is a custom
bracelet, people, so make sure it is cut to fit
whoever is going to wear it. I’m going to use a little square
piece of this hook and loop fastener. And it’s actually self-adhesive, meaning
it has sticky on both sides already. So down here, and then
revealing the other sticky side, and then just right here onto the
underside of my core bracelet. All right, so now the
most important part. Put it on, duh, and go to a party! And you can use other fun patterns
like this Wallflower– super colorful. Ta da! So that is how you make a
Duck Tape core bracelet. I love it. See you next time.


  1. You could have soaked the empty cardboard roll in water, wrapped it onto your wrist for size, then found a way to hold it in place in that form and shape (obviously not on your wrist still; so you can do other things the next few days) and chuck it out in the sun for a while and let the magic of physics do it's work.

  2. okey im back today with a core lol that did not take long i just found one in my messy old room thumbs thi up if you have a messy

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