How to Create a CzechMates Lentil Bead Chain and Make a Bracelet

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Megan with and today I’m going to show you how to make a CzechMates Lentil Bead Chain and Make a Bracelet and I have one here that I’ve completed and as you can see it’s really simple but it’s really pretty. All I’ve done is taken some CzechMates Lentil beads. I have this beautiful champagne luster color here
and I’ve taken some jump rings and I’m using a five-millimeter
21 gauge jump ring and I really like the way that that looks and it also fits very nicely and then I just used a magnetic clasp so I’m just going to show you real quick very quick and easy. And actually if you’ve ever done any chain maille, you’ll know now how much time it can save to open up your jump rings a head of time. So that is also going to hold true for this so I’m going to open up a few jump rings ahead and how many you’ll need will depend of course on how long you
want your bracelet so minus probably only about six and a
half inches long. I just measured it off my wrist I think I used 24 jump rings if I remember correctly. I’m just gonna
start with a few for now. What you do is one of the holes on your lentil bead you wanna make sure that you’re using a relatively thin jump ring for the size because you want to be able to slide your bead on and have it go around the jump ring and fit through the hole so close that some first I need to go ahead and put two on. And close grab another open jump ring place your chain and another lentil bead and close. You’re just going to continue that for as long as you want your
bracelet. You could also use a chain of these for anything else it doesn’t have to be a bracelet every time onto your jump ring you’ll place a chain and another bead you’ll just continue that until it’s as long as you want it. So here
I have the bracelet and I just held it up on my wrist to measure and I’ve stopped
right at about where it meets your clasp It’s going to add just a little bit of room probably about half an inch or a little less. I
think that’ll fit fine. You’re going to grab another jump ring place the magnetic clasp on the jump
ring and it wants to stick to anything metal so let it stick to the pliers they’re back out of your way and grab one of the end beads and hang that close it up, grab one more jump ring again put your clasp on and get it out of the way and then make sure that your
bracelet or your chain or whatever you’re using it for, that it is not twisted around go ahead and hang that last bead close it up you can see thats super simple, quick and easy and
it’s really pretty and dainty looking. You could make a few of them in different colors and layer them up. They are really pretty. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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