How to Crochet the Grace Bracelet from Kristin Omdahl Handmade Gifts Book

How to Crochet the Grace Bracelet from Kristin Omdahl Handmade Gifts Book

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from
Today I’d like to show you how to make this Grace crochet bracelet. It’s from
Kristen Omdahl’s new book called “80 Handmade Gifts. To make this beautiful
Grace bracelet you will need a small amount of Kristin’s Be So Sporty yarn
and a size E hook. To begin make a slipknot and chain 70. If you’ve seen my
other videos you probably have seen this trick to keeping the chain straight and
not twisted when you join it. Take your hook out, insert your hook into the first
chain, put the loop back on the hook and continue chaining. Once you have 70 chains just pull the
loop through the chain on the hook. This prevents any twists in your chain. For
round 1 we’re going to slip stitch in the back loops only of the chain. And when we get to the end of this round
we’re going to continue slip stitching through the back loops only. For rounds
two, three, four, and five you can see what this looks like. Once completed this
forms a lovely braided pattern that by the way also works nicely for purse
handles. Cut your yarn and pull the yarn through to secure it. Next find a button
that’s about an inch in diameter and sew it on to the one end of this braided
loop we created then wrap the end around the button to secure it in place. You can
find more of these simple yet elegant gifts in Kristin’s book “80 Handmade
Gifts” such as these adorable crochet projects, knitted gifts, along with
several sewing projects, and even some fantastic recipes. So check it out on


  1. I like your videos
    It is short and useful
    الله يعطيكي الف عافية على اعمالك الحلوة والمفيدة والمختصرة

  2. I played the video again and the sound was great. I did not have the sound off as was suggested in a reply to what i commentec earlier. There was a glitch of some sort and all is well now. Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

  3. Always love the way you teach… thank you to make it easy for beginners …. loved it 😘😘😘👍👍👍👏👏💐💐💐🎁

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