How to Cut Lillypilly Copper Sheets

How to Cut Lillypilly Copper Sheets

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Hi this Julie with and today I’m going to show you how to cut 0:00:11.679,0:00:16.279
LillyPilly copper sheets. So I’ve laid out
an assortment here. I have a couple different 0:00:16.279,0:00:21.019
styles going obviously. You see I have different
embossed patterns and I also have 0:00:21.019,0:00:23.410
different patinas on top of them. 0:00:23.410,0:00:27.560
One thing I do want to let you know is that this is actually the same patina but 0:00:27.560,0:00:31.070
it’s a different coverage. These are
all are going to vary. Of these are different 0:00:31.070,0:00:33.910
sheets because one is embossed and one isn’t. 0:00:33.910,0:00:38.480
But the patina you’ll see even if it’s the same style of patina the actual pattern 0:00:38.480,0:00:42.760
in the amount it covers is gonna vary which makes for really unique art pieces. 0:00:42.760,0:00:46.830
So I’ve got these wonderful embossed sheets and a couple of solid ones too 0:00:46.830,0:00:49.280
that are 36 gauge. 0:00:49.280,0:00:52.960
36 gauge it’s going to be really flexible so I can just bend it 0:00:52.960,0:00:55.700
with my hands. It’s not taking any strength. 0:00:55.700,0:01:00.910
Then I also got a much stronger very sturdy 24 gauge sheet as well. 0:01:00.910,0:01:04.960
These are all in the copper. You can see
they’ve got a nice copper back. 0:01:04.960,0:01:08.140
I have an inspiration project here that I’ve done. It’s a little 0:01:08.140,0:01:12.550
headband where I’ve taken the Lillypilly copper sheets I’ve actually cut a round to 0:01:12.550,0:01:16.510
fit within the bezel setting here and then I took a little ones that are hole 0:01:16.510,0:01:19.540
punched and then I just curl edges with my fingers. 0:01:19.540,0:01:22.800
Some I want to show you how easy this is to cut. 0:01:22.800,0:01:26.990
I’ve got some sheets here that I’ve been working on. I’ve been working with the 36 gauge. 0:01:26.990,0:01:31.020
You can cut it with a pair of scissors. 0:01:31.020,0:01:33.650
You can just do it like that. 0:01:33.650,0:01:35.860
You can it gives nice curves to it. 0:01:35.860,0:01:40.370
If you like you can cut it with a pair metal shears. 0:01:40.370,0:01:43.720
It’s going to cut really see as well. 0:01:43.720,0:01:47.960
What’s great about the 36 gauge is you can actually 0:01:47.960,0:01:50.170
hole punch it with a paper punch. 0:01:50.170,0:01:54.370
Now bear in mind paper punches were not intended for this purpose so it is gonna 0:01:54.370,0:01:59.600
wear down your paper punch a lot quicker than if you’re using paper. 0:01:59.600,0:02:00.790
All you have to do 0:02:00.790,0:02:04.840
put it in there. What’s nice is you can see where
you’re going to punch it. 0:02:04.840,0:02:08.589
I like to use both hands. So I put it over it, 0:02:08.589,0:02:11.569
squeeze, 0:02:11.569,0:02:15.059
and it punched a little circle or whatever shape punch you have. 0:02:15.059,0:02:18.979
You can tell it does ruffle the edges a little bit. You can just flattened that out 0:02:18.979,0:02:22.989
with your fingers or if you like you can curve it up 0:02:22.989,0:02:25.529
into whatever shape you desire. 0:02:25.529,0:02:29.599
The edges will be a little bit sharp. This is nice and round here but if you had 0:02:29.599,0:02:30.509
a 0:02:30.509,0:02:32.639
paper cutter that had 0:02:32.639,0:02:36.540
square corners they are going to be a little bit sharp so bear that in mind. 0:02:36.540,0:02:40.700
Now if you wanted to use the 24 gauge copper sheeting what you need 0:02:40.700,0:02:44.779
to cut it with is not a pair of scissors but you will need your metal shears or a 0:02:44.779,0:02:46.400
jeweler saw. 0:02:46.400,0:02:48.029
So to cut this 0:02:48.029,0:02:52.089
you can see I’ve already cut a little notch. 0:02:52.089,0:02:55.679
Just cut it like so. 0:02:55.679,0:02:59.179
It’s very easy to cut and again it will have some sharp edges so you might 0:02:59.179,0:03:02.079
want to file those down with a diamond file. 0:03:02.079,0:03:06.669
Now another option in addition to the paper punches are metal hole punches. 0:03:06.669,0:03:09.549
I’ve got a little round one here, a 1.8 millimeter 0:03:09.549,0:03:14.469
and you see all you have to do put the sheet between the two noses and punch. 0:03:14.469,0:03:17.040
You have a perfect little hole. 0:03:17.040,0:03:18.040
And that’s 0:03:18.040,0:03:21.439
is all there is to cutting and using the Lillypilly copper sheet 0:03:22.040,0:03:26.439
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