How to Dance Tango? | Outside Swivel 1 | Silver Routine

How to Dance Tango? | Outside Swivel 1 | Silver Routine

Hi there, my name is Egils. I am dance teacher.Today we gonna talk about Tango basics. If you want to learn Outside Swivel in Tango turned to Right and to Left, then stay tuned and watch this video till the end. You will see
also exciting Silver level Routine. Let’s look at the Tango Basic figure – Outside Swivel turned to Right and to Left. Man starts with Left Foot: back, forward, to side without
weight. Ball-Heel, Heel, Inside Edge of Ball. Lady starts with Right Foot: forward, forward, side without weight. Heel-Ball, Heel-Ball, inside edge of Ball. Slow, Quick, Quick. We will show you exciting Tango basic Routine including Outside Swivel to R and L. This is Silver level Routine. Open Reverse Turn – Outside Swivel – Progressive Link – Natural Promenade Turn to Rock Turn with Closed Finish. Timing: QQS QQS – SQQ – QQ – SQQS QQS QQS Tango music. Was this video helpful to you? If you have
some questions, please, put there in comments. Don’t forget subscribe to my channel. You
will find there many good ideas for your teaching or for your dancing. And as always thanks
for watching and happy dancing!


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