How to Do Spiral Rope Stitch for Beading & Make a Bracelet

How to Do Spiral Rope Stitch for Beading & Make a Bracelet

Go to for all of your beading supplies needs! Today I’m gonna show you how to do spiral
rope but instead of just showing you the stitch, I thought I’d show you how to make a
completed project. So I created these spiral rope bangles using just two different colors of or many different
colors of 6/0 czech seed beads and they’re pretty easy to make once you get the hang of the stitch. So to begin since these are bangles and
they are going to be put on your hand repeatedly you want to use a really strong type of thread so I’m using Fireline in the crystal color and it is the twenty pound fire line
so it’s pretty thick. And to complete one bracelet I think you’re
going to be needing about three yards but since I’m just gonna show you a shortened
example I’m using about one yard. So I have two different colors here of the czech
seed beads and 6/0 size and I’ve got my core color which is red and then the outside spiral color which is turquoise. You really don’t need a stopper bead for this
type of project because you’re going to be through and making a loop between the two
colors. So to begin I’m going to thread on four of my core color. Bring it to about six to eight inches away from the end of the
thread. Then I’m going to thread on four of my outside spiral color. Then I’m going to bring my needle back up through the core all four of them so it creates a loop like that. Now I’m going to add one more of my core color and four more of my outside spiral color and this time I’m going to step up one skipping the
first core bead and going through four of the core beads including the one that I
just added. That’s another loop in my spiral right there
and I’m going to slide it over so it’s next to the first loop in the outside spiral. And I’m going to continue in this exact manner threading one of the core color four of the outside spiral color and going through the very last four beads of the core taking that last loop added sliding it over
next to the previous outside loops. And as you can see a spiral is forming on the outside of the core. So I’m just gonna continue for a little while here and I’m not gonna make the entire bracelet due to time constraints. So this is what the completed spiral looks
like at least two-and-a-half inches of it. So I’m going to switch gears here a little bit and I have a project that’s almost finished. The difference with this project is that the core is 6/0 mixed and then the outward spiral instead of just being four more seed beads it’s two of the 6/0 mix with one five-millimeter
swarovski pearl in the center. And you can do that you, can add embellishment
to the outside spiral because you don’t have to pass through it multiple times. The core is the one that you need to pass through
multiple times so you need a bead with a slightly larger hole. So since I have this project almost all
the way done I’m going to show you how to complete it. I’m gonna make one more spiral just to show you where I am. So like the other stitch you’re going to add one of the core beads which is a 6/0 then for the outside spiral instead of four
6/0 beads you’re gonna add one 6/0, one five millimeter pearl, and then one more 6/0 bead. And the pearl sandwiched between two 6/0 beads
that’s going to be your outside spiral. So just like in the other bracelet that I was showing you you’re gonna pass through four of the core beads and you’re outside spiral goes into place there. Now I’ve made this long enough by measuring my hand kind of with your thumb tucked in measure around
this part. This is going to have to be able to slip over your hand fairly easily but then
not come off. So once you get the length that you want, you’re simply going to join this end to this
end and complete the spiral. You’re going to thread the working end through the opposite end coming out right after where the last spiral began. So that’s three beads in you’re going to pull it closed. At this point all you need to do is continue making
spirals until the two sets of outward spirals meet up which is what I’m going to do right now. Once you have your spiral complete, you’re gonna run your needle and the rest of
the thread through the core beads as many times as you can to strengthen the bracelet. Before you do that though, you tie an overhand
knot between two of the beads around the thread. Weave in
the rest of your thread. Remove your needle and do the same with the other
side and then trim off your excess thread. And that’s it, that’s how you make spiral rope
bracelet. Go to for all of your beading supplies needs!


  1. I'm glad you showed a completed project, but might have been easier for us beginners if you had done it with the 2-color bracelet as kind of hard to follow which was your core bead and which was the outer spiral with the multi-colored one.

  2. @gladys1620 I would not recommend using elastic cords for the spiral rope stitch. You really need your beads to line up properly for this to look right and with the elastic cord you will have the beads moving around and not sitting right. I think it will result in a lot of frustration in both the creating process and what the final piece looks like.

  3. @Sarah78679 The needle that is used in this video is a size 12 needle. You can get them on Beadaholique . com's website. I just added a link for them in the video description underneath the video.

  4. @Beadaholique I have Beadalon Wildfire 0.15mm and I have a terrible time threading a #12 needle with it. I am thinking that maybe the thread is too thick. Is that so?

  5. @Sarah78679 Hi! Yes, 0.15 is going to be a bit thick for a size 12 needle. I would suggest a size 10. Before you purchase a different needle, you can also try flattening the end of your thread. Check out our blog entry from Tuesday, January 10, 2012 called "Flattening Wildfire Thread for Easier Threading". The link for our blog is located on our channel page.

  6. love the bracelet but the end of the video showing the closure spoils the whole thing, i was totally lost as to how to finish the bangle

  7. hi~thank you very much for sharing this vid!
    it is beatiful but can you make this with clasp on the end instead of stitching truh?
    thank you again

  8. Yes, you can make it so you that you can attach a clasp. It takes some creativity, but just try to end your stitching in a way which looks "finished". Then stitch a clasp on via the whatever connector the clasp has. So if your chosen clasp has a closed loop as the attachment point, sew this onto the end of your stitching – bringing your needle in and out of the beads and passing through several times to secure it.

  9. well thank you very much for youre time and responding
    mayby i am gonna try it once….i think i am not good enough yet….again,thank you

  10. if you had used only two colors and only one size bead, it would be much easier to understand how the two ends are joined

  11. This is a great video. I have one question. When I make spiral bracelets my spirals flop all over and are very spaced after I'm done. Your spiral beads are grouped very tightly. Could it be that my beads are too large or heavy? I used 6mm fire polished and 4 mm fire polished on a separate project.

  12. If your spirals are flopping all over the place, I think it has more to do with your thread tension then with the size of your beads. It could be that your beads are a bit heavy, especially the 6mm ones, but before giving up on this current project, try pulling your threads tighter and see what happens. Good luck!

  13. i really like this video… having problems with how much string to use i keep running out and having to it restring and start where i left off and i keep tangling my string n getting knots in it help..

  14. Hi! One of the hardest things in bead weaving is figuring out the amount of string to start with. If your string keeps tangling and getting knots in it, that might mean you are actually using too much to start with. I find that about 4 – 5 feet at a time is a manageable amount for me, anything more then that and I run into issues. Restringing and starting from where you left off is unfortunately part of the process.

  15. Another option is to try and wax your thread really well before starting, this will probably cut down on the tangling and knotting. It might make it so that you can use longer strands at a time.

  16. it would have been helpful if you had finished the 2 color bracelet. then we could see what you were doing. introducing all those other beads into the mix, while very pretty, made it hard to understand what you were trying to show us..

  17. The core does not always have to be 4 beads, it can be whatever number you want. You will just need to experiment with how many loop beads you will need to compliment the core.

  18. Since the end of the video has been mentioned before, maybe I can help you understand the problem with it. First, it would have helped if the same bracelet had been used through the entire video. When the ends of the bracelet are being woven together, you show sewing into the beginning, but the entire section on completing the attachment was skipped over until the last few beads. No one can see how and where the sections were joined.

  19. what tread is the bestto use if you want to make different bracelets? because i saw some nice bracelets, but they are all different kinds of thread. which would you recommend with which you can make more projects?

  20. Thank you for the detailed response. We are considering doing a video showing specifically how to finish the end. It will take us a little bit to put together but I think it could be a very good video to have.

  21. I would recommend a thermal bonded thread such as Wildfire or Fireline. Both are great choices and very strong. I personally use smoke gray Fireline .006 for my projects at home. I find it very versatile.

  22. I think I understand the question, and I believe that a viewer is asking again how to make a double spiral rope. Because most instructions for double spiral are written, they can be very confusing about the placement of the outer ribs of beads, especially when the beadwork is flipped. A video tutorial that shows how to start a double spiral and where the subsequent outer ribs are placed would be beneficial.

  23. Hi…I had trouble following you when you finished the bracelet. The part where you join the two end, I was confused after that as to where to start the last spirals. You don't add any additional beads at this point, right? The video just seemed a bit unclear at that point.

  24. I would like to know if you have to have a bangle or can you add a clasp to this bracelet? If so, how can I add a clasp? Thank you for the videos they are outstanding!

  25. I see you already got some comments about the end. I was a little confused as well so another video would be great! Otherwise, as always, GREAT video, very clear. Thank you! 🙂

  26. You can add a clasp and you would just tie your thread (after the last bead) to a closed jump ring to secure it. I would loop my thread multiple times around the jump ring so that I had a secure attachment and then knot it. For the tail of the thread, I would work it back into my beading. You can then attach a clasp to this closed jump ring. Thanks for the compliment!

  27. It could be that your thread does not have enough "heft" to it but more then likely it is your tension. Try keeping your beads tighter together and also try doubling your thread to see if that helps as well. Good luck!

  28. Thanks, for showing all your carfting skillis that, in simple way =) and I love the way you do impossible to possible in simple way. And now I don't need to spend my money on this , I can make it self. <3

  29. We used size 6/0 seed beads to make the bracelet. You can get them on Beadaholique . com's website. The links for the supplies in this video are located in the video description underneath this video.

  30. I am sorry that the video is a bit unclear, it was created by Andrea who is no longer working with us but I will try to answer your questions. You do not add additional beads when you join the two ends, but after you join them, you do need to add more beads in the form of additional outer spirals. You will not add any more core beads but will be adding more outer spiral bead "segments" until your spiral patterns line up. I hope this helps a little.

  31. hi there. this is a lovely bracelet. i look forward to making one. how many beads, roughly, would you say you need to make this? as i dont want to start the project only to realise i dont have enough…
    thanks in advance. x

  32. For the variation with the pearls, that bracelet took one package of the 6/0 seed beads and 2 packages of the Swarovski 5mm pearls

  33. Unfortunately we do not, but we will be sure to add this to our list of tutorials for the future. Thank you for your interest and happy beading!

  34. When u put together the ends do u go into the third bead in the core to start the last spiral? Do u go all the way around the bracelet with the final spiral? I could not tell what was happening in the video on the finishing row. Thank 's

  35. i seem to have issues with gaps between my spiral color what am I doing wrong. Its after I get several of the spirals done and its pulled tight.

  36. Gaps between your spirals sounds like a tension issue. I would try pulling your thread a bit tighter and seeing if that helps.

  37. I am sorry for the confusion in the video. Our designer Andrea created the video and she has since moved back to the East Coast. It does appear that she goes through the 3rd bead in the core. To secure the last spiral I would go through several inches of bracelet next to it, just to secure it properly. I don't feel like you need to go through the entire bracelet.

  38. Hi! Unfortunately it is not really possible for me to determine exactly how much thread you would use, it will be yards. The amount you need is also going to depend upon your tension and size of your beads. To make a necklace you will not be able to do it all with one continuous length of thread, you will need to add more as you go. We have a video showing you how to tie off and add more thread with bead weaving.

  39. Hello. A while back i posted that i couldn't get my spiral to stay in place and u suggested to use a heavier string. Well i just was gettin back to u saying yes it did work out and i love it even more now that i know how to do it

  40. Yes, more then 2 colors can be used and there are a lot of different ways you can do that. I am not sure what pattern you want to make but I would suggest just experimenting with different color combos and seeing what you like best. The same stitching technique will apply.

  41. I am having issues with completing my spiral in the sense of joining the the two ends together. Maybe I'm just not understanding what's your doing to get them together?

  42. Hi! The designer who created this video unfortunately moved away and is no longer with our company. When I have created this type of bracelet the most important thing to do is to line up the two ends that you are wanting to join, much like a jig saw puzzle. Once you have the two ends lined up, you literally stitch them together. If you need to add a bead or two to make them flush, then add where needed.

  43. Make sure to go back through some of your already woven beads to make sure that the connection is secure. I know that this video is a little confusing at the end and we have on our to-do list a note to create a video depicting just the joining of the ends. Unfortunately our to-do list is rather long right now but we will get to it when we can.

  44. I had no trouble following the tutorial for the spiral rope bracelet. However, it would have been much easier following the video if the instructor used the same beads use to make the rope. Having all those multi color and size beads was just way to confusing. I am hoping there is either another video or written instructions. I have 3 spiral ropes dying to be joined.

  45. I think the confusion on connecting to ends into bangle is that the actual rope had two many different shades to see what your were doing. I you could show us how to close the bracelet with just the two colors it would be so much easier for us to follow. Thank you

  46. Do you know of another tutorial online that show how to combine the ends together. Maybe looking at a couple examples we will be able to figure out. I want to make a few for some friends I am visiting in Ocotober

  47. I made it..:)..The joining part was a bit confusing..but I figured it out and completed the bracelet. If you would have done the finishing part using the two colored beads it would have been much easier to follow….Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tutorial..

  48. I was completely lost at the end.  I managed to find the three beads to thread the working thread into then I didn't know if I was up or down!  Not very clear and very disappointing.

  49. Good tutorial right up to the end with the joining and then I could not see what you were doing. I'll try and work it out or find other instructions for that seamless join. Thank you though for the tutorial.

  50. you should update! I'm a seasoned beader & feel bad for someone learning & this being the example. started great, finished really bad

  51. beautiful but I couldn't follow the part where you joined. I couldn't tell where you were putting the needle. I would love it if you'd done it with the two colour bracelet.

  52. Beautiful bracelet at the end. Instructions as clear as mud…. There is such a difference in the bead types it was too confusing visually.

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