How to Escape Silver Elo | EASY Tips & Tricks

How to Escape Silver Elo | EASY Tips & Tricks


  1. I have gold 3 90lp acc. My mmr its not good i think.Im not bad player i destroy evryone early game but late game i give 10kills evry time, you can check my acc DousBG in EUNE . My question is do i need new acc for good mmr or no . And can u check my acc and told me what i do wrong . My computer now is broken so i play 3games for day but soon i will buy new (ik my eng is bad)

  2. I would add an asterisks to the typing. I find typing GJ, good job, or don't worry / no biggie and being positive can help a tilting team sometimes.

  3. I stopped playing League of Legends like 8 months ago in Master Elo. And I love LoL but a lot of people flames and the community sucks. I bought a new pc yesterday so I'm gonna download LoL again. Wish me luck with the community…

  4. they won't climb if they aren't a perfectionist like me 🙂

    I'm already plat 1 after easily skipping divisions on silver as Zyra support with an 82 percent win rate lol

    Also learning Vel'koz so I can be considered a two trick pony 🙂

    Low elo players need to play Vel'koz support its fucking FRREEELOO if u play him. Seriously spam your abilities and kite far back.

  5. My biggest issue at the moment is teams that implode at about the 5 – 10 minute mark. I was s3, mmr was s1 so i was happy, i thought id climb more, then all of a sudden im on a 13 loss streak back at s5 (for the 3rd time). 80% of the time the team will start arguing with each other. Ive tried to stay cool and except the fact that its out of my control, mute all, accept that im shit and i need to focus on myself etc etc but at the end of the day, my mmr has tanked hardcore and im back at s5 once again for the 3rd time. My hands are in the air, i dont know what to do. My hope of reaching Gold this season seems so out of reach.

  6. I main Rengar top and have 33% win rate with him.
    Problem is, I never like ganking the other lanes because they are always behind or the jungler is trying to duo my tower so I can’t tp bot or mid.
    So how can I improve on a team level?

  7. really ? that doesnt help me anything::: even if i splitpush my team go fight 4v5 they feed so much i can do anything if i push enemy comes up and destroy me cuz they are fed there is no chance for me to escape from silver cuz there is so many fucking thrash player.

  8. 1-Stop with the "You never know when you lose", I do know that a vegetable Jg who only feeds get the team killed and game lost, almost everyone on Silver is trash below S4

  9. There was this one time I was playing Tryndamere and a Sion pushed me under tower at lvl one. Our Vi jungle got invaded and she started pinging a bunch but I just pinged to back off. She then blamed me and proceeded to go into my lane and steal my cs until we were level 4 so I was behind for the rest of the lane phase. The crazy thing is that we won that game still. So yeah that sums up silver elo.

  10. I try but 0/10 top 0/10 adc 5/8 support and jungler who just farms lee sin* enemy team has 3 drakes herald and I’m 4/0 constantly getting focused by everyone :/ I try my best tell them to pressure lanes and stop roaming mid for no reason Aram and splitting xp in 4 .

  11. I'm pleasantly surprised that me being silver 3 I'm already doing some of these things but feeding team mates are too hard to carry.

  12. What do i do about players (mostly junglers) who think this game is COD and dont care if they lose as long as they have a lot of kills. They refuse to join fights or help when they think they might die and ruin their kda

  13. Can you add someting about how to climb as a support? I feel like there is little value in the role at least in that level of play.

  14. Is there any way as a Support main to really climb, when you're hard stuck in Silver? Most random adc's just completely refuse to listen to me or communicate at all. Go in, when I can't follow, overstay 90% of the time or are just really bad at farming lol.

  15. How to deal with stupid players tho? (And I don't mean only stupid chasing players, but also those utter brainless morons that keep walking apart when the enemy team is sticking together to complete objectives and split push?)

  16. I had 280 cs, minute 30, 16/4/4 irellia, my talon was like 18/4, and we still lost, and how can that be my fault…

  17. Listen to the man! Went from b5 to s5 in 3 weeks. With only about 6 games a week. Only other advice I would add is play! You can’t climb if you’re not playing. Don’t just gripe about your rank. Do something about it. This is a lesson I had to learn myself! Have a good day.

  18. I play with 180ms . I feel you. But it doesn't really affect my gameplay too much. I still get pentakill and stuff that every normal player gets

  19. There is chanpions i love they are not solo carry like katarina and oher i ply too well i carry but i lose team is bad rly what i should do???

  20. 1) I Cant Chat at all
    2) Better Cs Every time
    3) Freeze the Lane And always Look for Enemy jungler
    but still i am Silver for 1000 Games.

  21. Does everything this guy has stated and it just wont work ive been stuck in silver 4 for almost 2 years cause of teams comps and bad games too the point of if im actually even getting better or am i just not good enough. I carry and fal to win and i recently got to silver 3 and i kept winning and losing back to back games and cant get a good climb then got demoted with a 73 vs a 74 win lose. Rank is just pure luck to anyone who is tring cause it comes from the player and thats really is why it a issue to climb

  22. Tip to get out of sliver without having to do anything: wait 1 year for new season.

    Results: yay I’m finally out of sliver = unranked

  23. can you help me? im in ph server… im gold last week but im stuck in silver now….the isa easy.. and im not a noob…but the thing is…all of your teammate is a kid?….any tips? every game is like 1v9 or 2v8.. please help me

  24. 90% of the silver players are stupid! Always fight, dont care about farm, drakes and feed the enemy team. Its hard to get out from silver.

  25. The problem is my team cant CS, only hungry for kills, dont like to hit turrets, and even if all enemy towers are gone, they dont hit nexus to end it, fcking bastards….

  26. fucking Silver, you always get one braindead 0/10 degenerate in your team.
    This rank is literally impossible gold isnt comming soon

  27. Fuck League of Legends, Fuck solo Q rank, these fucking retards troll and feed
    No matter how good I am in the game, they will always troll and feed

  28. Im hardstuck diamond 4 what am i doing wrong i always have visiot 80% Times i win lane 20 min i have around 180 farm why i just cant win

  29. Hi, im silver gangplank main i play him on top and mid with below 50%winrate over 50 games im been on silver for 1,5 years now and i want to get out eune artic cream

  30. lmao try rank in the Philippines. I cant even get out of silver 2 because of stupid teammates feeding or going afk

  31. Lmao decided I'm going to get to gold. Most cs every game, positive kda and 100% baron and dragon participation every game. I lost all 6 in a row.

  32. in silver elo you play against riot and retards player and troller and promo lost always and afk and inting team 1v9 hahah you dont know nothing about silver elo no hope

  33. I'm hard stuck silver 1 and it's not me rally I have team full with monkey why I'm silver 1 and playing with BRONZ???

  34. everyone listen to this guys… learn the mechanics for a champ … then start playing in ranked.. so much yasuo, pyke, riven, malz and vayne with like champ lvl 3… or yasuo and zed an 600K but still a lvl 6 … ffs learn it..

  35. When your an Evelynn 1 trick and your going 15-0 and 12-1 and 22-4 everygame, but you still lose because your botlane is 0-18 in under 10 minutes. yeah, thats what keeps the good players in silver. riot needs to implement a system that locks ranked gamemode for another 10 levels past 30 if they consistently int/throw games and play terribly. or just put them in fucking iron where they should be. but instead they get lucky games and get carried during their 10 placement games. which then slots them into silver, where they go on a troll spree for 3 weeks ruining the games of everyone they play with, until finally they hit rock bottom iron where they were supposed to be originally.

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