How to find Free Copper

How to find Free Copper

Hello Scrappers, Just want to talk about stacking copper from CRTTelevisions It’s a very easy source of copper Some people like to stack copper but they buy copper coins or bars for very inflated prices This is a 1kg copper bar People are paying like $20 for these Basically this is just an industrial bar you can buy in lengths 10-20 ft long and all they do is cut to short lengths, stamp them and sell like that This is not copper bullion, it’s just an industrial copper If your stacking copper for investment It might be fun to have one of these bars but they’re not really worth buying like this Your much better off getting it free Just about everywhere you look these days there’s a few old crt tv’s lying about You only need to pick one up and you get a bit of copper out of it You might get about 1lb off copper in a medium sized crt tv A little bit more in a larger tv, a little less in a small portable tv So basically this is a copper yoke, there’s 4 pieces in here Ijust don’t understand why people buy copper bullion when it can be found for free They can pay 20x copper value for a little 1oz coin So if you want to stack some copper, because copper is a good thing to stack Stack it in the form of e-waste Getting it for free Like I said you can find these tv’s everywhere So I have a little one here Took off the top to give you an example There’s your copper yoke here.. All you need is too remove two screws I carry a screwdriver in my car so when I see a tv, I take the yoke That’s it You could also take the circuit board and the degaussing cable Just give them a pull and they’re easy This one is only small You can strip this and get some nice copper too If you scrap them on the street, make sure you put the cover back on This is the main thing you want Free copper Copper builds up over time I stack it in buckets and store for investment It’s just like stacking gold 🙂 I’ll smash a yoke to show you So yeah, don’t waste your money buying copper when it’s free You’ll see for yourself, there’s a lot of free copper everywhere Just get a hammer and smash away Nice piece of copper this goes as burnt copper, or number 2 copper Because it has the laquer coating and it’s not bright and shiny an extra spool here These are ferrite pices with copper wrapped around Metalic ferrite pieces can be sold as steel This is just from one medium sized yoke So go out and get your own free copper from tv’s Keep scrapping and i’ll see you again next time!


  1. I'm all in on copper. Lol, people just dont get it, and im not here to make them any wiser. Spot value is three dollars a ton, you're getting robbed. Electrical bus bars are 35 dollars a pound, copper plates 35 dollars a pound, copper pipe 100 dollars a stick, crazy. But they want to give you 3 dollars a ton, thats a joke. Copper is 35 dollars a pound, copper bullion is 6 -16 dollars a pound. I scrap and buy copper and I sell none of it. As long as people think the fake paper scam market has any bearing on the true value of real tangible objects, and not a pos derivative, I'm all in. In fact I'd give you 5 dollars a pound. I should start a recycling business until people wise up.

  2. I must have a different definition of "free"
    -going all over town, and picking up tv's.
    -sit there for 20-30 minutes taking it apart to pull out that piece and reassembling tv before returning it to curbside.
    -take the parts home and smash up the plastic bit,
    -more time to clean up the shards of plastic scattered on the floor
    -now i have some copper wire that's coated with a varnish insulator with lower value
    than pure copper
    -all the space wasted storing a big pile of garbage wire waiting for the price to go up a lousy 50cents or $1 over the next decade if you're lucky

    If someone worked a job at minimum wage for a month, they would get more/hour than they could ever hope to get by collecting random street garbage scrap metal for a year.

  3. How to find free copper, walk into random house yank out every wire and copper pipe results.. Free copper! Your welcome

  4. I'll tell you a secret. Something revolutionary, and crazy. Did you know if you burn green rocks you get copper? :O There's also platinum lining your roads because of compulsory usage of catalytic converters in motor vehicles. The bottom line is you'd make more flipping burgers for minimum wage an hour than you would doing any of this nonsense.


  6. I don't know if you're BRAVE or STUPID? – 2:20 But, you catch the back of that CRT proper, it will knock your Dick into the dirt or knock your ass clear across the room!!! LOL

  7. after watching you video it inspired me to find some crt tvs. stoped at a local hotel where they are doing a remodel and picked up 100 crt tvs. thanks keep the videos coming

  8. 2018 the CRT tvs ARE HARD TO FIND now – tells me catch up time has arrived
    all new tv's bought cheap from chiXna soniq $350-43" 🙂 U know whats going in & out via street waste

  9. 🕸< I made a huge copper spider web out of the new shiny diff size copper wires 🐨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨 3ft x 3 & hung in the toilet ( loo) Aussie 🐨 no kangaroo imojoes wtf google really ?

  10. 🤑$ fuel time sorting traveling etc cost ?💲 time spent fishing making that new handy🔨🎸🎙 tool💖 Endless 🙂 🔨😜

  11. It takes at least 2 hours to take a tv apart and recycle the copper wich only yealds about $5. You can make more flipping burgers for minimum wage. Scrappers are stupid ass bottom feeders. I have no faith in humanity so I'm just gonna go kill myself now. Smh

  12. first off coper takes 50 years before it has a big change. 2nd its takes a lot of space for little turn. 3rd someday we will have little use for it. as far as people who buy rounds they are just stupid. I have seen coin shops that the owners of wear so dumb as to what copper was that they take the price of copper per lb and thing=k that's per oz. they do not understand its not a presious metal like they are told. its a misleading thing. I also want people to understand most of the time when you take copper in to recycle they are not going to pay you more then 30% of the value. and yes I no people will say some day it will be come like gold or silver witch became valuable over time. well that's not true what happened with silver was just a change do to inflation. what happened with gold was inflation and that fact we started using it for new things. with copper their is never going to be a new invention we will start using it fore and even if their was its one of the most abundant metals their is and can be alloyed and that alloy will do the same thing as pure. you also will neve no if tyou have pure copper as most places do not test or care they buy it as none pure.

  13. Everybody panicking over the electrolytic capacitors that might hold a bit of voltage, but no one mentioning the REAL danger that everyone who's ever serviced a CRT television knows about — the CRT itself!

    The CRT itself IS a huge capacitor, which will hold its charge of over ten thousand volts for a long time, since glass is a very good dielectric.

    Remove the anode connector (that "suction cup" on the side of the CRT) and you risk death. Same thing if you touch anything that's connected to that wire coming out of the "suction cup" connector. Ten, twenty, thirty thousand volts and you're instant buzzard feed.

    In any event, it's sad to see so many CRT displays that are quite possibly still in perfect condition.

    "Newer" model CRT monitors have very high resolution, and the image quality is incomparable — no LCD can match their display for sheer beauty and accuracy. That's why they are still in use in some high-end professional video production facilities.

    IMO a working CRT should be preserved rather than destroyed in order to get a few cents worth of copper out of them.

    It's in a way no different from the people who melt down Morgan silver dollars worth hundreds, and sometime thousands of dollars each, in order to get perhaps ten bucks worth of silver — even less when smelting and refining fees are subtracted (when I was doing silver recovery (from spent photographic silver, which I extracted with an electrolytic "Rotex" brand machine), the refiner gave me "spot minus ten" (current silver spot, minus ten percent) — and that was for PURE silver flake I sent them.

    Yes, people really do melt down silver coins without even looking at them for year, mint state, varieties & errors — each year millions of dollars worth of coins are melted down simply for silver value, while the numismatiic value would dwarf the silver content. Biggest offender is ironically enough Russia, which is buying up American silver coins and melting them down, so that they can mint "Silver Rubles" — the last of OUR real money will become Russian real money. Ironic, and tragic.

    And IMO equally tragic that the last of the beautiful, irreplaceable CRT displays are being smashed up for a few cents worth of copper.

    A pity no one is at least salvaging and storing the CRTs themselves (the "picture tubes") so that when the ones in use finally wear out, they can be replaced with these tubes so that the monitors can get another decade or two of life.

    Oh, well. Time marches on. Og hate monitor. Og smash monitor. Og get nice fluffy coppah hairs. Og happy.

  14. You have inspired me to gather copper where ever I see it. I know have a 5 gallon pail bucket full of copper wire and another half full of copper pipes. Any idea what the value would be??

  15. You know that big black thing is called a fly back transformer. Transformers are just 2 sets of copper wire turned a number of times, sometimes in the thousands. Break that puppy open or use it for super high voltage fun

  16. Well my buddy is a plumber and he gets copper pipe from his work he took some home and over the years has lot of money that he stole lol. We are going to fix my house with some of it

  17. imagine you show up to an e waste recycler with a fuck ton of tv's and they think theyre about to get a buttload of copper but all the yokes have already been removed haha.

  18. I'm watching you clean the refrigerator right now listening to what you have to say I just want to tell you between you and me if I was your husband I definitely be making time to be home when you're cleaning the fridge because the fact that you're so anal and you like to clean you have such good form and you look so good doing it I think it would be a lot of fun that is being messed and I wouldn't want to miss that

  19. As a lifetime Plumber. I've scrapped a lot of copper n brass. Right now most American recycled copper is being bought up by China.
    It's Self defeating to be selling our scrap to China when we MAY be needing it badly in this country soon! Copper mines are producing less now. And there are still environmental crazies keeping us from opening or re-starting our mines. Copper shortages could really put a damper on production if we needed it.

  20. That is called the "Field Coil". You did not show the "Degaussing Coil" being taken. It comes out real easy. It is around the perimeter of the screen, near the front.

  21. What do you do with the crt afterwards? I have some old burts out TVs and would live to pull the copper but I have no way to get rid of the leftovers.

  22. I have heard scrapper that would take the scrap copper and melt it down themselves. Better than buying a kilo of it is to make one.

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