How to find Gold and Silver at Yard Sales!

How to find Gold and Silver at Yard Sales!

Hey, everybody silver seeker here coming at you with a brand new video guys yesterday I uploaded a video about finding the the thirty two silver coins that were gold-plated at yard sale and Thank you for the comments that you left on that by the way, but I just wanted to bring you a video today Which I said yesterday I would do just Talking to you about the different things that I have with me and ways that I find gold and silver want to go to yard Sales stuff that you can do yourselves to try and make a little bit of money The primary thing I have this is the thing I use the most this is what you’ll use the most This is just a standard five power magnifying glass [I] Also, generally have with me a thirty power loop for like the really small marks that I can’t see under this, but this is what most I find most things in this is this is going to do the trick for most stuff and Basically with this obviously you’re just looking for the marks to the 10 Karat 14-karat And I’m going to go over all of those marks with you The other things that I keep with me, but I don’t always you know have out [I] don’t pull them out all the time is obviously a calculator even though I do have a smartphone And I’m sure you do as well, so You don’t have to bring an actual calculator with you. [I] bring a scale with me, and I bring a gold Test kit with test kit with me now I generally leave these in my car and For the reason that you know if you go up, and you see a ring like sitting in a box [you] know someone has a box of jewelry and you find one that’s marked 10 karat And then you pull out a scale and you weigh it and maybe you pull a test kit you test it The person that is running the art says you know that [might] be worth something maybe I shouldn’t sell that or maybe I should do a little research on it and usually [you] just end up losing the sale by Going through all [that] mess [something] else I do take with me though is a magnet, but we’ll explain that in a bit [but] [that’s] the reason I don’t pull those out But the glass on the other hand you know it’s easy to look through a box of jewelry and see so many things really just kind of look at under the glass and then you know you take it up to the guy and Lady and you ask them how much and you know they might say oh, well that I want $10 for that ring, okay? Well, I can feel my hand that there’s more than $10 worth of gold here Even if it’s only 10 karat, just looking at it You know more than [$10] worth of gold there So of course you’re just going to buying it you don’t really need to [weigh] [that] you can weigh it later But that’s that’s one of the primary things That you want to keep out look out for is the markings and then you can kind of judge the weight on your own [as] long [as] it’s reasonable now if you walk up [to] someone and they say okay, I won $50 for this ring maybe like well, I Tell you what I might be able to do that But I have a scale can I weigh it and then if they [say] yes or no, and you know you go from there But obviously if they don’t want you to weigh it then you’re probably not going to pay $50 for this ring blindly because You don’t know if there’s $50 worth of gold there, and you don’t want [to] risk. You know throwing away money but for [$10], and we see that this is 10 karat gold deal now you’re going to run into some Yard sale run people that run the yard sales that know more about gold and silver so they may ask more questions You know when it comes down to that That’s when you can pull out the test kit get your calculator out pull pull out your scale and start weighing stuff But what we’re going to do today besides explaining that is we’re going to go over the different marks and stuff that you need to look for when you’re out at a yard sale and This in my opinion will help you know what you’re looking for and keep you from making mistakes [you’re] going [to] make mistakes everyone does I’ve bought fake stuff before The first thing you want to take with you is a really powerful magnet now. You can buy neil Diamond It’s on like Amazon pretty cheap this is What’s called a Jewelers magnet? It’s basically a super Super strong man You look I can throw this you know most magnets You know they they bounce off [of] stuff if you throw at [it]? I can throw this at something steel this thing will stick to it like glue It won’t they won’t there’s not enough force to bounce back off of it I mean this thing’s super strong just to show you with this See it literally lifted it up off [the] off the mat here like the whole knife And I have to put a lot of pressure to it But one thing you want to do obviously when you’re going is you know if you if first thing if you see some just [10k] well let’s start with by Magnet testing it so you see I Put this magnet to this gold ring It’s not magnetic and put it to this gold earring [is] that magnetic [I] put it to the silver? It’s not magnetic now one thing it is going to always pick up guys is the clasp okay? So see how that’s picking up. Well, you [can] guess here let me move so you can see But I’m going to show you will always pick up the clasp and the reason is there’s a spring inside the clasp Here we go there now you can see there’s a spring inside the clasp that’s obviously not going to be made of silver and that the Magnets always going to stick to that, so if you get a magnet to stick to the clasp you know don’t let it deter you because It’s always going to stick to the class, but you can see the rest of the chain is not magnetic now I have this here, so this is a gold chain now. This is just a piece of one that I taken apart After [I] bought it and comment. It was fake, so this is where I actually lost, but you can see this doesn’t stick to a magnet very much, but any Even just a little bit and my camera goes bad for this let’s do this any little bit of Sticking to the Magnet is enough to just turn it away So at the time that I bought this this was a while back. I did excuse me I didn’t have a really strong magnet and so The Magnet didn’t really stick to it much at all [and] I just bought it I mean the guy only wanted ten bucks for it So [I] didn’t lose a whole lot [of] money But I could have made a lot more actually I keep the rest of that thing around [I] kind of pick at it when I’m sitting at my desk And I’ve torn it apart into multiple pieces, but it’s definitely not real and [we’ll] use a piece of it pick up [the] cool Things here and right back into the jar. I’ll show you Testing that how that works out? Another thing that you’re going to find guys This is sterling silver ware so when you’re looking on the back of sterling silver it is always going to say sterling I don’t know if we can focus in on that or not Depends on if the camera wants to play with us today doesn’t look like it does but right here It says sterling If it doesn’t say sterling on the back of like a spoon or a knife or something generally It’s not going to be silver every time I’ve ever seen sterling silver where it’s always been mark sterling So if it’s not you don’t want to buy usually you’re going to see like wm Rogers. That’s almost always plated, so But if it again, just if it doesn’t say sterling just don’t buy now there are some instances [or] some stuff where they have like Different like hallmarks on them and stuff that’s dignified that it is silver [if] you want to take the time to learn those please do I never have I probably should But generally if it doesn’t say sterling, I just kind of move on and then you have like Candlesticks that you can find us on this of the arts They’ll actually continuities in their exact same pattern [I’m] not with these you have to be really careful because it feels really heavy But [you] can see on the bottom let’s see if it can focus in on us Alright, so see how it says sterling and that says reinforce well just Come on zoom in our focus video see how it says sterling and then Reinforced it sometimes will also say weighted which is the same thing and what that simply means guys is I’m going to show you here on camera if We can grab this Peel this back Let’s go make a mess But you can see that. This is actually filled With a cement that weighs it down They don’t want to Make this out of solid sterling because [wanting] to be much heavier than it actually is because this stuff’s pretty light compared to sterling [silver] And – it’s just obviously much cheaper, so it doesn’t cost as much to make now I have a mess on my desk, but that’s okay Dump that into my trash can now it’s going to be filled up in here, [too] You can see there’s actually a metal Rod down here So that metal Rod is also not going to be silver seeing you need to twist get this rod out peel the top off get the weights out of there, then what you’re pretty much left with Sorry from a mess or kind of you know pieces like that. This is from the first one I did This thing right here is that down there? so and You know this here is like an ounce of silver even though it weighed so much more when it was complete so something to keep an eye [out] for Now the reason I have this butter knife out is you guys saw that this stuff took the magnet but with knives? You can have actually silver knives if you look at this this is actually the same pattern to [see] the two flowers at the top And it actually says sterling on the side what they actually do with these is the blade is stainless steel Because it’s made for cutting stuff and silver is not really good [for] that, and then they actually wait inside of here So there’s a weight in here with a rod that goes up into it that holds the steel blade in place So basically all you have on. This is a little bit of silver that’s wrapped around I generally Figure about every three leaves as an ounce of silver. That’s how I Find when I’m looking at him So if I see three of them a [billet] are less probably announced when I’m doing the math in my head, so What’s up? Let’s see since let’s get the scope without moving it Here you go Now you can see right there sister ling. It’s upside [down], but There you go and the little coins. Go there [so] when it comes to testing so after you’ve done with that, and you’re worried about the wakes when it comes Well, let’s go with this when you’re checking The the numbers I’m going to show you I put a little chart together of marks that you’re going to look for and we’ll talk About them, so let me pull those [up] on the left hand side. That’s great. You can see they have different gold markings So you have a carat see they’re going to be [mark] Daycare or three three three? You have nine [Carat] [see] they’re going to be marked nine Carat or 375 those actually can’t be sold in the us as gold [those] so those are generally from overseas like England or whatever [you] can’t call something a gold ring for example until it’s at least ten Karat gold. Which is over [forty] percent Ten Karats actually 41.7% so in the 10 carat ring, you’re going to see the mark 10 carat or [0.4] [one] [7] or just four one seven and [fourteen] carat you see [fourteen] Carat or five eight five and then 18 carat you’ll see 18 carat or 750 and then in silver you’re going to See either the word sterling or on jewelry It’s usually just the number 9 to 5 which is the [purity] [of] silver sterling silver which is ninety two and a half percent You also will sometimes run across platinum platinum is generally marked as platinum So will actually say platinum inside the ring or it will be marked 950 which is the purity of platinum rings? Now something you need to keep an eye out be careful with is and actually this chain that I talked about earlier Was how you know it was actually marked 18 Karat H.g. E So that actually stands for heavy gold electroplate it could also be marked 18 Karat Ge which just stands for gold electroplate it can also have the mark 1/20 or 1/10 or 1/15 18 [Karat] that is actually gold filled It’s not actually filled, but that’s what they call it. It’s just the 1/10 or 1/15 or 1/20 that is the thickness of the plating? That’s on on the piece you can also have ones that specifically say the word gold-filled those are also Not solid gold so you don’t want to buy those as well something [to] keep an eye [out] for those so again 1/20 1/10 1/15 Or one slash anything really is generally rolled gold or a gold plate or gold filled So keep an eye out for those don’t buy those And then don’t buy anything that says gold fill don’t find anything that says hge which stands for heavy gold Electroplate or ge which stands for gold electroplate stay away from all that stuff So we’ll turn this off now Next up guys. I have a gold testing kit, and we’re going to do a little bit of testing here So you can see how different stuff works now. I’m going to pull up. I actually show you [somebody] show you this real fast [this] is on [Amazon] right here This is a precious metals testing kit for silver platinum 10 14 18 22 Karat gold [tests], and then you get a jeweler stone with it as well. You can see they’re pretty cheap It’s eight bucks plus six dollars to ship it So for 14 bucks you get the more the tests they can test the different karats, okay? so let’s Alright, so the stone actually is in focus as it is so what we’re going to do is we’re going to start with this now This ring is marked inside its gonna be hard to show you but inside this ring is marked 10 Karat So you can kind of see it there so what we’re going to do is we’re going to Take the stone we’re going to scratch [just] a little bit of the edge onto the stone Okay Now I’m going to take my 10 karat acid up Tube design take my 10 karat acid We’re going to put a little bit of 10 Karat acid on just make sure That it doesn’t disappear. If it’s fake it’s going to disappear It’s real it’s going to stay there and not disappear We’re if it’s a lower Karat It will also either way just to prove that to you will take so you see it’s staying 510 care Just like putting a drop of water on top of it, but if we put 14 karat on top of it There we go now you’ll see what happens. It’s going to start so it just merged with the 10 Karat droplet, but you can see Even with it being diluted by the 10 karat drop you can also already see it being eaten away So that’s that right [there] means. It’s not 14 Karat It’s 10 because it passed the time, but not the 14, so next up We have a probably should have got a napkin over here, but next up we have this 14 karat of your piece So [the] same thing we’re going to just scratch a little bit Okay, and we will put a little bit of 14 Karat acid on it And you can see just like putting a drop of water on it. It just stays nice and golden If we get that over to 18 Karat acid, and it’s not big enough. So we’re just going to drop it right on top watch The 18 Karat s as you can see the gold eating right away now the the 18 Karat acid also doubles as now So we’re testing now. You can obviously that comes with the silver metal testing solution That show that you saw in the Amazon picture you can go to [Amazon] But the 18 Karat a cell actually also works as silver testing so I’m going to show you how that works [this] is a sterling silver spoon So we’ll scratch a little bit of silver there, and what’s going to [happen] is if it’s silver see here The silver is going to disappear instantly and turn into like a powder blue color Turn off some of the light so you see that powder blue cover color that right there shows you that is sterling [silver] So there you go we [have] it done. So sterling past 14 Karat and 18 Karat past arms are an 10 Karat past now We [have] this This was marked 18 Karat Hg that again I didn’t see it And I put a magnet [to] it and you know my crappy [mater] at the time didn’t stick very well So I definitely suggest you getting a very strong magnet But we’ll go ahead and test that Let’s turn the light back on we’re going to Drop 18 Karat acid on and watch this [wow] bubbles Not helping us is it so there you go there you [go] guys it was instantly eating the way you can see there’s nothing left So there you go that’s how you get that’s how you use the gold testing kit now That’s generally something you’re going to do after you buy it But again as I explained earlier in certain instances You can do it before it’s bought if it’s someone that just has a lot of questions that aren’t sure or they just want too much for it again if This ring right here someone says hey. I [want] 50 bucks for it well You’re not going to give them 50 bucks with that weighing because that’s too much you know that Or it may be too much, so we’re going to put it on the scale We’re going to see what it’s actually worth. So here’s where we get to the math part now I use something called [DwT] which stands for Pennyweights You guys can use grams just remember that Pennyways and grams are much different a penny weight is one twentieth of 100 ounce Exactly [whereas] there’s thirty 1.11 grams per ounce so with grams you just have to do the math differently But we’re going to use Pennyways today, so we’ll drop this on there and now keep in mind There’s a stone the stone actually does have weight so you can see this thing right here weighs 3.5, pennyweights Let’s say this dome probably weighs [1/2] up anyway, so you have three Penny wasted 10 Karat gold So at twelve Hundred and Twenty times point four one seven that gives you the purity of the ten Karat gold So you have five hundred and eight dollars per ounce divide that by twenty and it’s $25 per penny wait times three Seventy six dollars, [so] this this ring right here melts for about seventy six bucks Now you’re probably going to get about 95 percent of that if you take it to gold scrap Like a coin shop to scrap it. So you’re going to get about 72 bucks if [you] melt it Maybe less it depends on your shop You don’t want to be point six. There’s no chefs [that] can pay that little unless you’re trying to rip you off times 0.8 Goodness, so let’s say with 75 bucks times point eight so you might get sixty bucks so right there even if you get sixty bucks $50 is obviously a fair offer for that ring [so] you know it’s up to you if you want to pay that much for it you can maybe offer them [forty] But you now know what it’s worth, so you’re not just jumping into a fire without knowing same with this So we’ll put this on the scale See it only way 0.2. Penny wait so [1220] times point five eight five divided by 20 and then times Point two, so there are seven dollars worth of gold in this obviously, we’re not going to pay $50 for this 14-karat gold earring There’s only seven dollars for the goal and at this. [I] you know be [like] I’ll give you three dollars but um One last thing I guess I should show you as far as using math is concerned is as earlier We pulled up this markings chart And shows you the different markings and what they mean let me show you how to get the math for this so you [see] how eight Carat is [0.33] [nine] care to 0.375 [ten] Karat is 0.41 seven simple way to figure out What each karats percentages just [take] one divided by 24 because 24 is pure gold? Okay, and you can see we have point zero four one six per Carat So if we times it by less issues of that as an example. Let’s multiply it times eight So eight carat would be point three three three, okay, or we clear this out? we take one divided by 24 and then times it by Let’s say ten over ten carry point four one six six So round up point four one seven there you go ten characters. Do it one more time [One] divided by 24 times fourteen Carat 0.583 so rounded up a little bit but point five eight five is what you’re looking for that for the market is at Fourteen Carat, so That right there is some quick math So let’s say we want to figure out what the purity let’s say you run into some of this 22 carat very unlikely But hey, so 1 divided by 24 times 22 we know that 22 Carat is 91 point six six percent pure So it would be March point nine one seven if you will So anyway guys that gives you that information as well to use at your leisure other than that I mean the best thing I can tell you do is go out and hunt and learn as you go if you Have any questions leave them in the comments if I miss something [leave] them in the comments If I don’t know if I forgot to mention anything if I’m rambling on a little bit two months or if I’m [just] a little bit out of order with the information, but Again, you know If you you see anything or if you missed anything at all just again let me know in the comments And I will talk to you about it. So and who knows hopefully you do well Let me know if you find anything while you’re out there hunting guys. I really appreciate you checking out the channel again Make sure you subscribe hit that bell for me, so you can see our updates, and we will see you in the very next video


  1. wow nice info thanks 🙂 (even if this is an old vid its still useful today)
    one question though, I thought there was a chemical a person could use to pull gold off junk jewelry (granted it'll come off as dust I heard) was I lied to, Or is it just not worth it ?

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  4. Very informative Video as always!!! The wife and I go to a lot of estate sales and I have picked up a bunch of silver from them. I don’t have any of the stuff you have but if you hit the home button on your IPhone then it brings up the magnifier and that’s how I find the karats or silver hallmark.

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  8. Silverware will not always say sterling. Some is marked "925" and some will say "coin" (90% silver). And MOST of the foreign silver will be halmarked. I would say only around %50 of the silver you come across will say "sterling"

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