How to find gold, working slate or shale bedrock. (nugget giveaway!)

How to find gold, working slate or shale bedrock. (nugget giveaway!)

good afternoon everybody oh sorry I so say hello everyone aren’t they I don’t know everybody today I want to give you guys a bit of a lesson a lesson on how to work shale a bedrock shale bedrock is one of the best bed rocks out there for catching gold it’s amazing it’s like the natural sluice but it is very hard to work and many many people the majority of the people that work bet she’ll bedrock are going to miss most of their gold if not all of their gold because of how they work in so today a bit of a lesson on how to work this stuff it’s nasty [Music] so she’ll like this is a beautiful catch for gold the shell in this claim is perfectly up on edge straight up and down lots of big open gaps places for the gold to fall down into not quite ideal on this claim is that the shale is perfectly in line with the flow of water so water going through could flush stuff through but because it’s so open the Gold’s gonna find places to hide in there and we’ll be fine now if you are working shale like this and are just using a shovel or your hands and just rubbing the surface and cleaning off the surface of this stuff you might as well go home and not even try you will not find the gold that’s hiding there you have to get down into those cracks a wire brush right down into those cracks there’s a good start but really that wire brush is still only penetrating down into those cracks probably quarter inch and that gold could be falling down in there an inch two inches even more so you have to get down into there even farther I really like my clawed hammer because I can get down in there I can grab that shale and I can pull up pieces you’ll see that piece there’s an inch and a half slide and you can see there’s sand still attached to it down an inch and a half down into there if there’s gold it will travel down at least that far so I get down in there with my claw pull those pieces of shale get them loose pull them up look at those pieces and there’s still sand and mud attached to those all the way down in there oh look at that piece I just pulled out all of that sand that’s where the gold goes in highest camera falling over all of that sand that’s where they get the gold goes in hides that’s what I want to keep let’s pull my pan pull my hand over here so we can start filling it up with this good stuff using the arbor fabrication classifier right now awesome classifier you haven’t got yourself one of those yet yet one they’re amazing there’s a link at the bottom I video here for those use the code in my video and you’ll get yourself a discount from our fabrication oh yeah getting way down in there look at that stuff that stuff that’s where the gold pull that shale up pull it up as long as you see sand and mud attach the shale down there gold could have traveled down that far now I’m in the shadow of that crevice right now you’re not to be able to see any more thing go down deeper into there so let’s work this little area so you guys can see what I’m doing and this is a nice little area here too because this block of shale came to an abrupt end here and then left all this stuff up on edge perfect acts like a big boulder or something water would swirl it behind drop the gold the shale would catch it perfect spot to get good stuff now first thing I would do is clear all the surface stuff I can just by hand before I start attacking with the bigger tools really gotta get down in there Oh perfect pull out that piece of shale all of that stuff attached to it couldn’t have golden yeah almost pull there let’s get pan this out and see what’s got what’s got in it well there we go three good sized pieces one of them’s really nice little picker it’s got some thickness to it that one really nice well let’s go deeper and see what else we have there make sure you stick around to the end of this video for a chance to win a gold nugget or two so another fantastic tool for breaking up this bedrock is this little jackhammer here gets right down those cracks breaks up those last pieces beautifully look at all that material I went to be able to get otherwise oh yeah right into the bottom of that crack so for working the shell like this you’re going to want to have screwdrivers dental picks anything that it’s sharp and pointy they can get into the bottom of these cracks because the last little bit of the gold is going to be sitting in the lowest possible point where the sharpest tool can actually only get to your finger not a hope I have a sharp point in the back of my wire brush and work it hard don’t leave any little bit left down there because the pieces there are less that’s where the gold is going to be [Music] hmm one big piece bunch of small stuff a lot of small stuff pick that up I’m not sure continue try to get this rock out of here this looks like it’s holding lots of good stuff oh yeah loose oh yeah keep it all down pieces any gold attached to it he’ll be in the crack where I’m cleaning still let’s see what’s in here very important to get the walls when you do stuff like this because all of that mud on the wall could have caught lots of gold especially if there’s a big piece that fell in there that got wedged partway down [Music] oh good I’m intrigued to see what’s in this one overloaded look at that look at all that gold in there including a coarse piece that will piece there is like it’s never been run in the river it like it’s dissolved at a quartz itself but never been running the river I’ll take a close-up of that and put it in this video so you can see but tons tons of fine gold no Pickers but one little micro nugget of course piece so there we go quick little lesson on dealing with shale bedrock work it hard get down in there deep don’t just rub the surface otherwise you will get nothing from it if you go down deep you will get the gold some shale will only open up for a few inches letting gold down and in some shale will open up four feet letting gold down and in it really depends on the geology and the shale itself some of these cracks here you can really see and tell that they’ve gone down feet before they sort of closed off luckily down the bottom here it’s only a few inches before you can really tell where the bottom anyhow in my last pan I found a very nice piece so this is where I’m gonna end this video off the Sun is gone over the hill but I think I still have a few pans left in me I’m gonna stop this video here because of where is he that’s right there look at him there it is look at that piece that’s a nice little nugget picker nugget I don’t know if that’s I’m gonna guess wait forever Graham another course one beautiful little piece a go big piece of gold so that is where I’m gonna end off the video because I doubt I’m gonna find another one today so may as well end off on a good note thank you to my patrons out there for supporting me you guys are awesome because of you I can make these YouTube videos please become a patron a $10 pledge goes up very long ways in making these videos for you all to watch if you enjoyed my videos please leave a like comment say something about my lessons here subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already and if you subscribe click that Bell icon so you get notifications thank you all for watching my videos I have decided to give this chunk of gold away leave a comment in this video and when I have 1,000 comments and 1500 likes I will choose one comment or at random and give this chunk of gold away to one of my YouTube viewers and patrons out there I have a piece twice as big to give away to you 1000 comments 1500 likes and I’ll give a large nugget away to one of my patrons I hope there’ll be more videos very very soon so until the next one bye everyone please click that patreon link support me


  1. This video really helped me out. Was having trouble getting all the gold out of the shale. Thanks Dan, would love to dip pans with ya. Ever find anything in North Okanagan, in Enderby.

  2. Nice spot, it looks like only a matter of time before you hit a nice “extra loaded” crevice of gold there! Great videos, very informational.

  3. Love the videos Dan!
    your videos have sparked my gold fever! Always excited when your videos come up in my notifications, to the point I have to take early breaks at work to watch them then get home and watch on the big screen.
    Keep it up.

  4. That's awesome bud I learned a lot from about the shale and I have a lot of shale near me so thank you for that, but that little nugget would sure help jump start my shale enthusiasm!

  5. Great video as usual, I have never done shale for gold, I learned something from this video. Thanks for sharing and a chance to win.

  6. Hello
    You talk about getting it all down deep, but all that small grain decomposed rock or sand that is still in the bottom that you leave probably has small gold?!?! I would use the wire brush and a paint brush to brush it all to one end of the work area. Then if a portable small sucker like vacuum to get ALL of it I bet that there would be more gold in the pan?

  7. Love watching your videos I just bought some pans and I want to go out and find some colour. That nugget would be very handy to compare to!

  8. Getting some years behind me Crevicing is my favorite method these days. Quite productive for the work required of the old bones. Not so much fun in the Summer Sun down here but sure is leisurely during the Spring and Fall times. Beats the heck out of swinging a shovel. Once in a while you get lucky and one of the little rascal's shows up as plane and day. Another Fun Video Dan. Thank You Sir.

  9. Been watching basically 2 days straight glad to see more recent videos subbed this morning hope to see more in the future

  10. I bought a 1/2 inch mesh wire trash basket and a plastic pail for classifing for $1.00 each at DOLLAR TREE. I'm a frugal miner.

  11. Very cool . next time I find chelfs like that am going to dig and scape hard. Thanks a lot. For the great videos. Your friend joechavez, AKA.flip. flop.joe.

  12. I always see nuggets from a shale area looking alike in low density (imparted with quartz, crystalline structured ect) and form in general and further down the river you go the more impacted/condensed it gets until they become blobs of near solid gold the further from the shale I go.

  13. Hey Dan. This is a fine piece of work. It was so informative. I noticed the Canadian dime the gold was on. You must be in Alberta somewhere, are you? I live in St. John's NL, and haven't been able to find a decent spot to hunt(or so I thought). I've come across a few spots that look just like this. Although, I don't know if the East Coast of Canada has gold. That probably sounds like a stupid thing to say- but you never know where you can find it. Am I right? Well, have a great day. All the best, Rod.

  14. I am so glad you did this video, I have been getting into a ton of shale and I’ve pretty much been disassembling it peace by peace and scrubbing the rocks or working this smaller ones in my arbor classifier! I have had great success but kept questioning myself if there was a better way or if I was loosing gold

  15. Woof, ,! to everyone Greetings , From Black Dog 🐕 , Crevassing seems to be the way to go just like Pauly he likes doing the wash outs and where you can see where they had their high bankers , right where the flow was
    Coming down the mountain just like that song PEPER , thank you guys Blessings..

  16. living in placerville cal, we have alot of this on edge shale. even in the yard. should i be looking for gold on my hill of a lot.

  17. Hi Dan I just started watching your videos and I have been enjoying them. Thanks for sharing your experience with use B.C is Beautiful up there, I also watch Frank Schlichting and his show. I'm in California next to the biggest Rivers in the state and I'm Disabled and would like to learn more about finding gold. Thanks again for all the information on finding out what to do. John Duchi, JohnnyDRC

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