How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in a Copper Pipe — by Home Repair Tutor

How to Fix a Pinhole Leak in a Copper Pipe — by Home Repair Tutor

How do you fix a copper pinhole leak in less
than 10 minutes? Well, today I’m going to show you how to do it in this video, and stay
tuned until the end because I’m going to have a surprise for you. All right? So let’s
get to it. I’m going to show you how to fix this copper pipe if it’s leaking in
your ceiling or under your sink. Before you know it, it’s going to be fixed, and it’ll
give you some time to call the plumber. Well, you might be wondering why I’m doing
this tutorial outside even though it has to do with copper pipes. Well, it’s a beautiful
day here in Pittsburgh, and I figured I’d do the tutorial outside. So there you have
it. Let’s jump into it. This is what a copper pinhole leak looks like
in a copper pipe. As you can see, it’s got a green spot in the middle, a ring around
it, and it will be leaking water. Now how did I fix mine? So there was one right here.
I used the Fix-it Stick by Oatey. And this is great because it provides a temporary fix
to the hole in the pipe. Now you got to wear gloves when you mix this together because
it is in two parts. You’ll see there is a putty in it, and the putty has a light gray
exterior to it and a dark gray interior portion to it. So you want to mix them together until
it’s a light gray consistency. And the reason why you want to do that is because a chemical
reaction will happen when with this Fix-it Stick, and it will become nice and rock solid
on the pipe. So here’s what it looks like whenever it’s properly mixed together.
And the cool thing about this Fix-it Stick is you just put it right over the copper pinhole
leak, and it’ll buy you some time to either permanently fix it or call in a plumber. So
the Fix-it Stick, you want to mold and shape it around the copper pinhole leak so that
it’s water-tight and creates a nice seal. But again, the cool part is, it buys you that
time, right? So even if you temporarily fix this, so that overnight you can be rest assured
that that pinhole leak isn’t leaking, you can then call the plumber the next day or
you can fix the pipe yourself. And you can store the Fix-it Stick later on. It becomes
rock solid and water-tight in just a few minutes. Then you can turn the water back on to your
house. So here is where that pipe used to be. It
was up in my ceiling, as you can see. The pinhole leak is so small that it was barely
noticeable. I actually thought the subfloor above was leaking water from the bathroom,
but it wasn’t; it’s this tiny little pinhole leak. And what I needed to do was turn the
water off at the water main—so that’s what you’ll want to do. Make sure that the
pipe is dry; wipe it off with a rag. Mix up a 1” x 1” ball of the Fix-it Stick, and
mold and shape it around the copper pinhole leak. And this, again, will allow you to turn
the water back on in just a few moments and be able to use your house. You don’t have
to shut down your entire house just for this copper pinhole leak.
And then if you want to, the next day, if it’s like midnight and you find this, you
can either cut out this section of pipe or call the plumber to do that for you. But I
just cut this pipe out because there were several leaks that looked like they were going
to form. So there you have it. This was a nice, temporary
fix that allowed me to continue to use my house. Of course, I replaced the pipe and
replaced the ceiling. That’s a whole other story.
Well, there you have it. That’s how you fix a copper pinhole leak in a pipe, right?
It’s super simple. And with the Fix-it Stick by Oatey, you’ll be able to do this, buy
yourself some time either to be able to fix the copper pipe yourself or call in a plumber.
So here’s the surprise. I’m going to give away three of these sticks back over on Home
Repair Tutor. So check out Click on one of these buttons over here. It’ll
take you over to the site. That way you’ll be able to check out the latest tutorial and
enter the random giveaway to win one of these Fix-it Sticks, all right?
So I hope you enjoyed today’s video. Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon.
There’s Meg. She’s my daughter. Hi, Meg. Wave! Meg, Meg, wave! There she goes.


  1. Last day to enter my Fix-It Stick giveaway over on Home Repair Tutor. Great little product for those emergency water leaks…

  2. Have you ever used a hinged clamp for repair. I have an old valve that was used for humidifier. It was no longer needed so it was just turned off. Now it is leaking and I'm thinking to just take it out and cover spot with hinged repair clamp. Could this be permanent fix? or should we use shark-bite?….or cut out and repair with new copper sleave (soldered)? Thanks, Bob

  3. now if you put that on the pipe and you want to repair the pipe the next day how would you go about removing the puddy? if it is rock hard

  4. Thanks for the video. What do you think of the brass systems that are non welding, they make fittings that are faster to install, however my question is what is the life expectancy (they say 20 to 25 yrs) compared to soldering? Thank you in advance for your answer.

  5. Thanks, you just saved me a bundle! Adam Savage from Mythbusters uses this all the time to hold fussy materials together. I can't believe I couldn't remember this existed.

  6. Thats insanity. As a plumber this would be an insane way of dealing with a pinhole leak. For those out there looking for real advice listen up. Take a piece of rubber and a gear clamp. Clamp the rubber over the leak with gear clamp. OR SHUT THE WATER OFF AT THE METER. Immediately call a plumber. This advice from this video is insane and will not buy you any time. Who likes a flooded basement or home. This advice is not good at all.

  7. Thank You! I discovered a pin hole leak in a water line this morning. I saw your video, went to the hardware store and purchased a Fix-it stick. Followed the directions for drying, cleaning and sanding the pipe, applied the putty and let it set for 30 minutes. It worked great!

  8. That's all well and good IF you have open access to the pipe. Try doing this with a toilet pipe supply where the hole is near the wall. It ain't just "that simple" to repair a pipe.

  9. Hey I'm doing this patch on a 4 inch copper pipe do I have to wrap it the fix it up all the way around it or just on the hole?????

  10. First off don't even bother with this product if you cannot stop the water because the appoxy wont even harden. Its a waist off time. I tried the product on a pin hole leak and it did not stop it, what a waist of time and money. I still ended up paying for a plumber and the plumber was cheaper than I thought. I paid $205 and got it fixed right. These fixes are no good if you cant stop all water to that area first. Hope that helps anyone thinking about this product. Again don't even bother if water is still running because it will never harden and just get like clay.

  11. Is this product basically epoxy resin?
    Self fusing tape (a.k.a self amalgamating tape) woukd be MUCH better in this situation as a temporary fix (sometimes a permanent fix)

  12. You should change the title from "how to fix a pinhole leak" to "How to put a bandaid over a pinhole until you actually fix it."

  13. Its a great idea, good video. Personally, I would think a sharkbite fitting would be the best solution here. But yeah homedepot isn’t always open or close by for some people, so I give it a thumbs up.

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