How to Fix Stretch Elastic Bead Bracelets

How to Fix Stretch Elastic Bead Bracelets

HOW TO FIX STRETCH BEAD BRACELETS how to tie knots in stretch cord bead bracelets how to make stretch bracelets hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you like to wear stretchy bracelets stretch bead bracelets but sometimes the elastic gets too loose or stretched out and your bracelet doesn’t fit properly any more here in an easy way to fix your stretch bead bracelet how you can restring your stretch bead bracelet and get your stretch bracelet just the way you want it again you need three simple things look for thin stretch cord stretch cord elastic cord in the jewelry aisle of your craft store thin needles and sharp pair of scissors take a piece of the stretch cord that’s about twice as long as your bracelet you want to have ample ends so that you can tie a knot when you’re done thread the stretch cord on to your beading needle and then you simply thread it back through your bead bracelet exactly the way they already are you don’t even need to take off the old cord just go ahead and thread it through there’s probably plenty of room when you get to the end you’re going to pull up the edges so they’re just tight enough and then you’re going to tie a surgeon’s knot it begins just like you’re going to tie your shoelace you loop it over once and pull it just tight enough to the beads don’t pull it too tight now you’re going to cross it back the other way loop it 2 times and then pull it tight then pull out the beads and stretch the ends and the cord that you put through the beads to make sure they’re nice and tight now go ahead and tie another surgeons knot to make sure your knot is going to hold loop it over once pull it tight now cross it the other direction loop it two times and pull it tight pull up your cord and there you go trim off the ends and your bracelet should fit you just the way you want get your stretch beaded bracelets fitting back the way you like fix your stretch bead bracelets learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


  1. Well, i don't wear bracelets, but i do fish a lot. Looks like u might be an expert at tying some popular fishing knots…i like ur video tho.

  2. Thank you so much!!! I've been saving a stretchy bracelet for almost a decade now and was almost gonna throw it away today! Thanks a lot!!!

  3. I have crystal bracelets that is coming loose…but will that method work on crystal bracelets as the holes are kinda small to fit if i don't cut away the old cord.

  4. Question: First, I know NOTHING about jewelry making, but how can I make a stretch elastic bracelet larger? Can I add a magnetic clasp?

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