How to get copper and brass from ballast wires and connectors

How to get copper and brass from ballast wires and connectors

Hey fans. Got a couple of ballasts here from a some florescent lighting fixtures stripped all the shields and stuff off
the fixtures and left with this I noticed a The connectors inside here are copper, looks like its all solid strand copper wire and so I was going to quick strip all that show you a little about the new wire stripper we’re working on. These are non PCB ballast so I’m not going to mess with these right now They pop out fairly easy Once you pop them out……… this end of the clip disconnects from the wire. So what I ended up with is a some nice clean brass connectors. I’ll add that to my brass barrel. Bare bright copper for my bare bright barrel and a little bit of a #2 tin plated copper so it’s a nice quick easy grab there. See ya! Hey! If you liked that video, like it! Comment on it! Subscribe to my channel! I’ll get you updates on all my new stuff coming up. There’s alot of it Have fun! Bye!


  1. To me it looked like you did quite a bit of work for a very small amount of brass.  Not sure that it would be worth the time for most.  The copper, on the other hand, seemed like it was well worth stripping to get bare bright copper.

  2. Newer ballasts dont have tar in them average 4 small transformers each.have a couple tantalum capicitors.silver bearing capacitors.tin housings .i just scrapped 200 of them

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