All right so in this edition of wisdom from the workshop, I’m going to show you how to get free copper Everybody loves copper copper is probably the most desirable of all the non semi precious metals But it’s expensive people don’t want to pay for it. I’m gonna show you how to get it So the tools you’re going to need for this whole endeavor first of all you need a pretty basic angle grinder about twenty-five bucks This is about as expensive as any of the tools you’re ever going to need Of them at it’s just some kind of simple pry bar hammer a screwdriver preferably with Phillips and regular attachment Bolt cutters necessary something to cut with Very very basic stuff so obviously this free copper has to come from somewhere someone has to give it to you. Don’t steal it This free copper comes from Craigslist what you do is you go on Craigslist, and you say you will take select a waist around Most states do not have a year-round. Leeway set up you know people like to recycle I live in Michigan Big big recycling state, but we don’t have big year-round e-waste pickup usually it’s once a year So people can get rid of their crap free up some space in their storage They’ll do it and they’ll just let you have it That’s where travel expenses coming you actually have to go to them to pick it up do what you can make it more efficient as Possible but that will work Alright, so the most common type of electric motor you’re gonna get is gonna be from vacuum cleaners They just take up a ton of space. They break a lot people get new ones. I’ve got two basic types here I’ve got a relatively modern it This is I mean it’s old enough that someone would thrown it out, and then I’m gather just a super super old Hoover It was probably 1970s two good examples of the spectrum With but once you’ve actually got the electric motor the technique that I’m going to show you will work with literally any electric motor All right, so Now that I’ve gotten everything off this guy No, big that is see how much crap comes out of these Why I do this. This is probably a couple pounds just right here. Oh So what I’m doing is I’m going to cut the part that does not have the wire on right to create something right here Then I’m going to smash this part with a hammer Not that it won’t come off, but I have stress in my life So I’m going to cut those up, and then I’m going to pull this center piece out and then we go from there Well it turns out that the way to get to these Don’t do that The best way to get to these these old motors from the old pre EPA this turns out of 1966 the corner of the label Is it over the top as opposed to the bottom. There is a way, I can actually double this volume without Obviously with going through the exact same vacuum cleaner, there’s a second source the cord All you need for the cord Let’s find the end take your knife basically kind of skin it All the way the end And pull So now that I’ve harvested the cord They’re not about half that volume is the doll and What I’m going to gonna have to do is I’m going to throw this in the Forge and I’m gonna burn this off You think in fumes this is mostly like hemp fibers and a little bit of rubber. This is gonna burn like a paper I’ve got Close to 5 pounds of copper with everything a crapload of a mass one flesh wound But you’re probably wondering in very rightfully so now you’ve got you’ve got other people’s garbage Why are you doing hair? Why don’t I wanna do with this well. Here’s the thing? this because all the good stuff has been dismantled the labor is in Benton has been spent this can be thrown in a Conventional recycle bin and they will recycle it because look it’s just plastic basically plastic and rubber You’re dumping fees don’t cost you anything if you were a small business And you don’t recycle I don’t want to hear you bitch, buy you’re dumping fees this whole thing I go through literally less than 5 gallon bucket worth of trash a month how much I recycle Whoo that is hot This is about a third of what I got out of those motors Came out for a while the metal itself came out pretty nice. I’m really not happy with this casting But that’s how you get free copper for either sale or metal casting. Thank you Obviously where’s this copper gonna come from well for that you can need internet access Now if you’re watching this on social media and odds are you are? You have internet access I’m sorry. Let’s look at boat getting around whatever to just smash into you hold on. Oh good, okay?


  1. Note to self .. when showing craigslist on web video, erase browsing history so "casual encounters" is not highlighted to show everyone

  2. Nice vid. The amount of stuff people have to throw away is amazing. I just subbed. 105 in Brockton today so no scrapping for me.

  3. Lol to the craiglist part… However this was the most helpful video i found so thank you. You should do close ups it would make your videos better

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