How to Get Lots of Copper Bars in Frostborn

Copper is currently the most fought over item
in the game. The only place to get copper is the Desparate’s
Foothills, and it only has two to three of them at a time. This amount of scarcity creates quite a bit
of demand, which turns the red zone into a bloodbath. So today, I am going to show you the most
efficient way to get copper. If you have a full team, farming copper is
actually pretty easy. Most families are not that organized, so four
players can dominate the zone. In this scenario, I recommend that three of
the players wear the best gear possible, while the fourth uses low level gear so he can take
the hits of enemies within the zone. This saves the durability of the three with
better gear. When you enter the zone, split up to find
the copper, but make sure to communicate when you see other players. After you farmed the copper, loot the different
chests, kill any remaining players you see or scare them out of the zone, leave the area,
and then come right back in. By looting the chests and getting rid of the
players, you guarantee the zone will refresh when you re-enter. If it did not refresh, then there are other
players that are lingering in that zone or in the cellar. Since you are a four man team, go find those
players and kill them. No new players will show up to the zone because
it has already been looted. As you get better at this, you will also get
better at making sure players don’t enter the zone in the first place, which will make
this process go faster. If your team works together and gets good
enough at this method, it is conceivable that you could raid the zone twice a minute. Just make sure to periodically send at least
one person home to drop off all your copper. If you only have two or three family members
on and don’t feel comfortable in PvP, then I recommend choosing one of your members to
play the role of the disrupter, which I explain in my video, “Everything About Spells.” A talented disrupter can help his teammate
get away, even from a four man team. Finally, in the case that you need to farm
copper by yourself, which I do not recommend, make sure to wear purple boots and equip a
speed potion. Since most players do not wear purple equipment
in the red zone, you should be able to get far enough away from anyone that they’ll
stop chasing you. But, in the rare case that you don’t, use
the speed potion to get a 30% boost for 12 seconds. This will give you at least a four second
head start, which should be more than enough to get out of the zone. Just make sure not to move or go into your
inventory during the countdown, or else you will reset it. If you do not know how to get purple boots
or speed potions, make sure to check out my video on the cheapest way to do Odin’s. Well. That’s it guys. Hope that helps. If you think of anything that I missed, please
let me know in a comment so that I can improve. Also, please remember that YouTube does not
pay a whole lot so liking, subscribing or supporting me on patreon are all ways that
you can help me make more content for you. Alright guys, I’ll see you next time.

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