This video is a highly requested video by
you. So, today you will see 10 tips on how to get
out of Silver. Hey guys, NadeKing here. I know many of my viewers have Silver ranks and they actually want to rank up. So, this video is especially for you, but
in general for everyone who wants to rank up, no matter what rank you
have right now.. because in general these tips work for all the ranks.. but I tried
my best to focus on the beginner level. Let’s begin with the most important thing
if you want to rank up.. Don’t solo queue. CS:GO is a team game and then there is a possibility
that every time you want to play matchmaking alone you get 4
teammates who don’t want to play seriously, troll around, play badly and don’t communicate at all. So, you will most likely lose these games.. Ronaldo and Messi without a good team around them won’t be as shiny as they are in their clubs right now. Although, it is believed that when you win
a match when soloQ’ing you get more ELO, than if you would go play matchmaking with 5 stack team.. I would still suggest you to find as many
friends as possible and queue up together. Try to get at least 4-5 teammates, who all
have microphones and are willing to communicate what is going on. But if you are still soloQ’ing then you can’t
only blame your teammates.. since when you are a good player yourself.. you should still
statistically win more than 60% of your matches. And if you win more matches than you lose, you will most likely rank up. It’s nicely possible. By the way, if you struggle to find yourself
teammates.. Try to use site called It is totally free. You can either build up your own team or just
join with some other team as a player. You can easily find people with similar skill
level as you and sort them by the role. So if your team needs for example an in-game
leader, then you can easily look for these type of players with your skill level here. Easy as that. also sponsored this video and
in here it’s just a perfect match. Next up, if you want to rank up and play better
yourself.. communicate. Make sure people are talking and telling you
the info. It means everyone knows the map you are playing
and you use similar callouts. People from different regions can use different
callouts, so make sure you understand each other. Even pro teams are pretty much learning on
the daily basis how to have the best-optimized communication
within the team. If some of your teammates get knifed or killed
from behind.. 90% of the times there’s a communication mistake
involved. So, try to give info as accurate as possible..
listen to enemy team’s footsteps, nades that they are throwing.. and instead of saying
carelessly “it is A rush, help me!”. Try to be as accurate as possible and say
for example “2 A ramp, 1 Palace”, so it means 2 guys from the 5 are still not spotted. They can be everywhere and flank your teammates. Also, look for the bomb, if a bomb is spotted
on A you can call your teammates from B to help you. They can’t rotate bomb that fast to B. So,
try to step up your communication game and make sure your teammates are doing the same..
it makes it easier for everyone and your individual score will benefit as well.. trust me. Alright, since CS:GO is a team game, your
teamplay needs to be on point. Of course on a Silver level it doesn’t have
to be too organized, but at least on a T side, you should do something together..
like simple 5 guys rush A, rush B, fake A, fake B, it isn’t hard if you got 5 guys, who
want to play and want to win. Even if you lose 2-3 rounds in a row, while
doing that, believe in yourself, try to stick together and do something together. On a Silver level, the simplicity works the best. Just avoid playing solo and make sure your
teammates will understand this too, if one guy is hitting 30-40 frags, because he is
looking for the easy frags while others are already dead.. it doesn’t help you to rank
up.. even the guy on top of the scoreboard will lose elo and strives for the lower rank.. in order to rank up, you need to play as a team and
win rounds.. individual score should not be the priority. It’s basically another tip that goes under
a teamplay topic but buy together at the same rounds. I hope you know that CS:GO has a strong money
game built in it as well.. so if you are losing, you must do an eco round, to save
your money.. don’t buy anything, so you will have a better buy next round.. but make sure
you do it together.. Eco at one round with your whole team, full
buy with your whole team. If in every round some of you has a pistol..
then an enemy team has an advantage against you already at the beginning of the round.. Make sure if it’s a buy round for your team,
that everyone has a great gun and if you are trying to save the money,
then everyone tries to save the money. Easy as that. Now since you should already feel how important
is the teamplay in CS:GO, we are heading towards the individual tips. You should use as low mouse sensitivity as possible. Make sure it is comfortable for you to move
the crosshair and in surprise case scenarios you could turn 180 with this sensitivity,
in case someone is behind you. But, let your sensitivity
be as low as possible, it massively helps you to get better at aiming. You can change your in-game sensitivity from
the keyboard/mouse settings or use console command “sensitivity 0.9” for example. Next up, if you got your low sensitivity ready
to go, when you are moving your crosshair, just think about your crosshair placement. You want your crosshair to be at the head
height and aiming at the angle where enemy might be or might come from. But on a Silver level there are a lot of people
who are aiming at legs, so the main tip is to raise your crosshair and try it to be on
the head level, so you got better chances to hit headshots. The best way to see if your crosshair placement
is good or bad is to rewatch your demo after the game and you can see how much you can
actually improve with your crosshair placement. Alright, good crosshair placement is needed
to make your shots more accurate. Great aiming/shooting skills come from good
crosshair placement. But my 50 cents to you is that make sure you one tap or burst fire when enemy is on a distance and spray only
when you got a close distance fight.. I have seen too many Silvers who immediately
start spraying when they see the enemy. Don’t panic, learn how to 1 tap and burst
fire with your gun. Spraying is not that important at all.. If you got quick and accurate 1 taps with
AK47, you are unbeatable. No need to even learn the spray patterns basically. So, on a silver level try to avoid spraying.. only spray at a very close distance if needed. Otherwise, one tap and burst fire. Now we have been talking about crosshair placement,
aiming and shooting.. But in order to hit your shots and be a hard
target to hit yourself.. it all starts from the movement. So, in CS:GO, you need to stand
still to have perfect accuracy with your weapon. You can’t just run and gun.. like in some
other games. You want to stand still and shoot, but if
you are just standing there, you will be a very easy target to hit. So, you need to strafe, stop, shoot. Strafe, stop, shoot. This is the triple S technique, I just made
up this cool name.. and some people tend to forget the “stop” part. If you are pressing “D” to move right
you need to also press “A” to stop and be quickly accurate. If you don’t press “A”, it takes more time
for you to completely stop and before that, you are still inaccurate. So, practise around
learn how to move and you will be even better player. The pre-last tip for today’s video. Know your nades. It isn’t that important, as in my opinion, you could get out from Silver without knowing any nades. But you should know the basics.. like you
got an advantage if enemy needs to come through the smoke. So as a CT you want to smoke off the chokepoints,
so enemy team has to push through the smoke if they want to push immediately.. and if
there is a molotov somewhere.. you can throw a smoke to stop the molotov etc. Also, keep in mind to throw nades only when
you are safe, otherwise be always ready with your weapon. Of course it would be an extra bonus if you
know some lined up flashes and smokes as well.. but I think you can get out of Silver without
any learned nades. Just know the basics and throw nades only
when you are 100% safe. And the last idea for this video.. you will
increase your chances to rank up when you are playing prime or trust factor matchmaking.. So make sure to select one of them before
searching for the game. This highly reduces your chances to face a
blatant cheater in-game.. although, nowadays you may meet a cheater everywhere. Also, I left the computer gear aspect out
from this list, because I know some people who have managed to get Global
Elite with 30 fps computer.. but gear is also crucial in order to enjoy the game and rank
up easier. If you got chance, make sure to buy a proper
microphone, mouse, keyboard and PC itself. Anyways, I hope you liked the tips and learned
something new from this video, do not forget to watch other videos, since there are tons
of interesting ideas out on my channel. We will see you in the next video and thanks
for watching! Now it’s the best time to click on the next


  1. Last week I was a silver elite with no hope for the game.
    Played over 50 games with my best friends within 1 week and I won over 40 of them. I’m currently Gold Nova 3 and I’m still going for MG!

  2. Win or no win, stay calm. Most of solo or even two people queue we lose because of teammates start fighting within and start griefing. Lately also a lot of griefing cases in my exp, full-stack is worth it.

  3. What about running pocket ak47(tec-9,five-seven)? I always run and shoot but not just spray(tap fast) I always use them like riffle single/burst and aim at head.Also Running headshot scout is also good I mostly do it in T side while CT camping Awp or scout tho

  4. 1 year has passed, still saw this vid anyway.. the crosshair placement was the part i was missing! Thanks…. Will be reaching Gold Nova in few matches i guess!! Since i've been ranking up constantly!

  5. Wtf, i never were in silver. My First rank was Master Guardian 2 in wingman. The i got Gold Nova 4 in Machmaking. Now i am in both one Down.

  6. Honestly for me it is
    1) find a good sense
    2) use nades.
    3) learn basic movement.
    4) don’t get mad and have fun and enjoy playing.

  7. i feel like i get dumber and worse and the game the more i watch those silvers, their crosshair placement and movement. It physically hurts

  8. Hi, im silver , i dont think im a pro, but also i dont think im so bad at the game, i just soloQ and get 30-50 kills every game, but i derank every time, idk why, now im silver 2, im thinking about playing just faceit or esea bc i dont understand the reason why i keep deranking when i win games and get a good score

  9. the thing is everyone is trynna rank up so they get better so now its just harder to rank up because everyone else is getting better 2

  10. You are not just stuck in Silver..

    1. You are stuck in division where you know you are just because u cant handle that all pressure from losing SoloQ cuz ur team
    2. You are stuck here with your mind full of toxicity
    3. Some of your friends might get out of Silver not playing only SoloQ but you are NOT the lucky one
    4. Tip that even Pros won't tell you.. *Stop playing with toxic feeling in you just pause and try with that small thingy (crosshair) hit somebody*
    Don't play too much SoloQ or you will lost your hope to this game where everyone know that feeling (not smurfs) i wanna die
    My friends were still blaming these countries or these players from this country:
    Russia, Poland, Turkey… Why? They are not maybe tryharding to much or just they are bad? Not trying offend anyone because i also found great teammates from these countries

  11. I got smurfed on 2 games today and the one regular game where I did have a chance my team contains of a russian kid with a 10 euro mic and 3 dudes who either don't have a mic or are too awkward to talk.

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