How to get platinum hair with a hair wax – silver toned look

How to get platinum hair with a hair wax – silver toned look

Hi guys.
Thank you for tuning in on Slikhaar TV. My name is Emil, and right now I’m standing
in front of the new Slikhaar Studio. And today we’ll show you what we’ve installed. We’ve just got some new light, which is for
better recordings. Welcome in! Rasmus, what’s the light called? What’s up, Rasmus. So you were going to say something about the
light. What we’ve here is 3200 kelvin phosphor lights,
1,2 metres, and it improves the colour quality and skin tones, so it’s perfect for haircutting
and recording. – You can see all the wrinkles.
– Exactly. (Emil laughs) – And the beauty.
– OK… While Rasmus installed the lights, I had my
sides trimmed, so now it looks nice and neat. It was the work of Nicoline. Hello Nicoline! Cheers! If you saw the last episode, I tried to put
it all together on the table at the office. That is how it’s supposed to look like! Right now we’re recording on the phone, but
just to let you know, we still have the RED Cam and we’re gonna shoot some awesome things. We actually shot the By Vilain Blow commercial… … and it was recorded in 150 fps. That’s why it looks like it’s endless. – Hello!
– Hello! (Emil laughs) You don’t want to be on camera? And you always need some good light, so that’s
what I’m installing here. Buzz Lightyear. Strand of gray hair. What are you up for today, Rasmus? I’m about to test out a new sample of a wax
that makes your hair gray. I already made a small strand in my hair. You can tell it’s already gray. So I’m testing it out, and I’m going to try
to see if I can get a full head of gray hair by using this one. That sounds crazy! It’s hair wax with colour, so let’s try it
out. But before you do it, what have you done with
your hair now? I just blowdried it in Sidekick, and then topped
it off with some By Vilain Gold Digger. So… It looks like Silver Fox but,
does it have any name yet? Not yet, but I’d like you to comment in the
comment section about what you think it should be named. – Let’s try it!
– Yeah. It’s important that you use a little more than with
an ordinary wax, because you need the colour… … owww… Don’t you think you’ve too much there? Eh… Actually… I think… I think it might do it. So let’s try to put it evenly all over the
hair. – Grandpapa.
– A young George Clooney. Do you think that we should manufacture this product? Remember to answer the poll right here… And… let’s put it to a test. First I’ll use wide-toothed comb. Maybe you could use it on wet hair? I think it’d be easier to use on wet hair… It needs to dry up before it looks more natural. Should we use more product? The mailman is on his way, so we’ve to move
the camera. All covered, or do you want it more gray? I’m going to make it more gray, but first…
take a look. It’s drying on my hands. It’s not like it’s colouring my hand. I can rub it off here, and it also goes off
with hot water. Let’s dig into it. Same scoop size. Remember to have somebody to tell you if you
need something in the neck… Right here!
(Emil laughs) Like right here? Yeah. I’m not gonna do the brows right now. Yeah, you are. Not the beard. OK, let’s wash it off. That’s how you’re going to look like George Clooney. So that’s how you age your hair in no time! – And let’s see what it looks like outside.
– Let’s do it. Turn around. Very cool. Almost like black and white. That’s it for today. We hope you liked the episode, and remember
to comment down below and be a part of the polls. See ya!


  1. you guys are so handsome. I don't know about that wax though. But then again people want gray hair these days.

  2. show us label???????? name of the WAX????????? WOW YOUR OWN PRODUCT I SEE AND UNDERSTAND NOW

  3. If you guys have a product line about this
    i thinh its name will be:
    the silver: Byvillain quickpaint- silver shine
    the gold: Byvilain quickpaint-royal gold ^-^

  4. The grey hair trend really made it look damn nice ….ladies look nice with it…. A purple version would be incredible. Can't wait to purchase 🙄

  5. Very pretty color indeed but it's you who looks good with that color altho it seems slightly stiff to me. Gold would look equally wonderful on you 'cause it's you not the color that looks good with anything 😉

  6. That would be cool specially if someone's hair is naturally gray and he wants it more gray to silver.
    And you can do all kind of wax for all hair colors 🙂


  8. I think this product is good for people who spends a lot of money to get rid of gry hair, like me. I like to try it but I need to know if it's messy, sticky, how about if I put my head on the pillow what is going to happen to pillow case ??????

  9. But what product is it? They never mentioned it by name. Is it Silver Fox by Vilain? If so, its description on the Slikhaar website does not say explicitly it is silver colored hair pomade. Please clarify. Thanks!

  10. I want to color mine 2 can’t wait to get it done lol I really love it . You looking so dam good wearing this color.

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