1. I was shocked when I read this vid's title as: "How to Put Puppies to Sleep."

    Then I watched the vid and D'AAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWWWED.

  2. ugh I need my Claudia to sleep cause shes always sleeping during the day and playing at night. And that puppies hip is messed up

  3. its sad my friend is laughing at the dogs which she is making fight each other green thumb if you think its rong red thumb if its right

  4. 0:07- O.o was she trying to suffocate it??…Guess the tips didn't work. Hell, not even the start of the instructions yet…

  5. my puppy refused to be quiet the first couple of nights I brought him home. I guess he had to get used to his new surroundings. And the only way I finally got him to quiet down was to put his kennel in the bed with me.

  6. Anyone else saw that other creepy video about how to actually put your animal to "sleep" as in dead, expecting it to be this video?

  7. 1:40 omg this is the first DID you know that i acshely knew like when they say did you know THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I KNEW THIS ONE

  8. Won't they get used to sleeping in your bedroom? I want to get my dog to sleep downstairs, but now she's barking/crying for a least 40 min each night before bedtime.

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  10. That does not help at all since I'm still 14,and I really love my puppy but I don't have time to do all those things and he is sleeping with me

  11. Omg I need her to go to sleep now cause she slept for 5 hours during the day, now it's 4 am and my dog and I are listening to this little yapper of a Doberman puppy T-T

  12. one of my puppies fell asleep hearing this and the other was trying to wake him up and I will try to do all of it so wish me luck

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