HOW TO GET SILVER GREY HAIR / Roux fancifull 41 True steel rinse tutorial

HOW TO GET SILVER GREY HAIR / Roux fancifull 41 True steel rinse tutorial

hi welcome to my channel, I’m Nuné and
I will show you how I get silver hair with the 41 true steel Roux fancifull rinse for the first application I decided to apply it on dry hair that has only been washed with shampoo without conditioner, for the better absorption of the pigment in the hair Have in mind that for the silver colour to show up perfectly you have to have a very pale yellow blonde between level 9 to 10 the consistency of the fanci full is liquid, so be careful when applying it because you can end up splashing the product everywhere make sure to apply it in a safe place
like your bathroom, shower, in a place where you know you can clean any possible stains I find that it’s much better to apply the product in
my hands first than doing it directly when I’m doing the tips at least this product is very liquid so take your precautions when applying it and find which way is the easiest for you to apply it I recommend you to use gloves because it stains, I’m not wearing any gloves because I’m not bothered by the staining much because you can easily remove it with soap and water but it does stay a bit more in the nails, so people with manicure beware Use a comb to distribute the product better in all your hair and make sure to saturate it really well the reason why I do it this way in the first application is so you have an even colour given that it’s the first time you’ll do this in your hair you only need to do this first application though
and then you can follow the instructions that come in the bottle for the maintenance I recommend you to leave the product in your hair for about an hour or until it dries on it’s own have in mind that you only need to rinse it with
cold water on the first application you you don’t need to do this for the touch ups so this is my hair after i let it dry on it’s own and styled it. I didn’t rinse it here, so this is just how the colour turns out after just drying it But I do not recommend you to keep this colour like this because it will stain absolutely everything, your clothing, your hands, everything. so please do rinse it out. Even though I love this colour is not worth all the staining the silver colour after rinsing is this one and I think it’s still a pretty good grey and this one won’t stain, so this is the colour you will actually get if you apply it in the colour I had as a base so I wish you the best with achieving your silver grey hair and if you have any doubts don’t forget to comment don’t forget to subscribe for more
videos and I will see you next time


  1. se te hermosisimo ese color y el cabello muy lindo😃😃 tengo pensado hacermelo pero solo las puntas o algo diferente 😃 ni modo a esperarme 5 meses 😩por que ahora no me dejan hasta que entre a la prepa😃

  2. Hola Nune! oye no sería mejor que aplicaras el producto con un atomizador, siento que sería mas fácil,me encanto el resultado! saludos.

  3. como puedo conseguir un color fantasía que es como castaño rosado es que no se si es con mezcla o ya lo venden así.

  4. Is it washable? as i see your hair is bleached. mine bleached too.I afraid it will stay after shampoo wash. can you tell something about that, please? thank you

  5. MIEERRRRDA TU PELO SE VE TAAAAN SANO Y LINDO;-; Tienes algún truco? o mascarillas? o productos? alimentación? como asfjcjsxs

  6. Hello! You did a great job & ur hair looks great! I really need to know one thing. My hair is gray and i want to bleach it i missed my blonde hair. Can i use the roux color rinse for one day for a change? Or is it going to stain on my hair? Thank you

  7. After you apply on dry hair, and rinse it, you can touch up the colour a bit by applying it to your damp hair before you let your hair try. 🙂 It'll take care of some of the unevenness. That's what I do anyways!

    The only thing I can't figure out is it's REALLY drying on my hair. Yours looks so shiny and soft! Any tips for combating the dryness? Thanks!

  8. lovely colour, helpful tutorial, but I was wondering how often you re-applied it while you kept this colour. Did it fade over a few days or did it stay that bold bright grey until you washed it? If i were to buy a whole bottle, and re-apply as often as necessary (on blonde hair of similar length/thickness to yours) how long do you think it would last until the whole bottle was used up??

    Thanks 🙂

  9. To those asking where to buy it, you can here:
    Roux Fanci-Full Rinse, 41 True Steel: it's the same one different packaging.

  10. I'm thinking of applying this to my dark brown hair only towards the bottom- if I use a good amount will it show up? I'm desperate to try silver hair but not my whole head and without bleaching!

  11. I had use it twice… and my hair gets awful! Like straw 🙁
    1st method: Wet hair (Towel dried)
    2nd: Completely dried hair
    Am I doing something wrong?? Hehehe

  12. It helps to either get the moose or put the true steel in a spray bottle and spray it on combing through

  13. una pregunta pq se pasa con el pelo seco ? yo lo compre y en modo de uso diz que tiene que lavar el pelo para aplicar el producto todavía no lo pase pq tengo está duda .

  14. I put Roux Fanciful  in after I wash and partially dry my hair.   I don't rinse it out.   I leave it is until I am ready to wash my hair again.   It doesn't make my hair feel waited down at all.   I have salt and pepper hair and I just use the color true steel or black rage  to darken the front a little.   I have also have mixed the two together.    Love this stuff.  The price is reasonable and a 15 oz. bottle lasts a long time since I mostly darken a small area in the front.

  15. If you have platinum hair will this stain it.? Or will it rinse out after a few washes. I just put well 050 in my hair and it turned blue I got afraid and did a lemon wash. Still have some grey left on my hair and wanted to apply this to my roots. I just want to know if it will completely stain my level 11 hair

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