How To Grill A Steak Like Longhorn

How To Grill A Steak Like Longhorn

secret to a delicious tasting steak is the
seasoning. And the seasoning that I use is Canadian Steak Seasoning, or Montreal Steak
Seasoning. Now I know what you’re thinking, that’s not a secret, everybody does that.
And that is true, but most people are afraid to use enough seasoning. The other technique
that I use, is that I wrap the steak up in plastic wrap and leave it in the refrigerator
for at least 4 hours or overnight if you would like. First I pull the plastic wrap out and we’ll
set our steak right here. Next we’ll apply a very liberal amount of the seasoning. Now
that may seem like a lot but what’s going to happen is that its going to dissolve and
where do you think all those delicious juicy flavors are going to go? They are going to
go right into the steak. Do not be afraid to use too much. Before we put it on the grill,
if there is any left over, we will scrape it off with a paper towel. Now we are going to seal this steak up and
put it in the refrigerator for 4 hours at a minimum. Also you can do this and leave
the steak in the refrigerator overnight if you would like to really pull the juices down
into the steak. Also, before you cook it, you need to take it out and let it come to
room temperature. That’s about approximately an hour. When a steak goes onto the grill,
it should be at room temperature. Okay I have this steak that I seasoned yesterday,
put it in the refrigerator and left if in there overnight. But before we go out and
put it on the grill, there is a very important step I need to show you. And that is that
when we remove the plastic wrap, we want to wipe away any excess amount of seasoning that’s
on the steak. This is very important. The reason for this is that the excess seasoning
will burn. And you don’t want to burn your steak, you want to season your steak. Although
we put the seasoning on here, it has done it’s job and soaked into the steak by the
moisture coming out of the steak and being pulled back in. So let’s clean this well,
and take it outside and put it on the grill. The first time I ever tasted this, the thought
that came to my mind was, Longhorn Steakhouse. It tasted exactly like the steaks I have had
at Longhorn Steakhouse. There are a couple things we need to do before we put the steaks
on the grill. First thing is to make sure it is up in temperature. I am looking at this
gauge and it says it’s over 550 degrees, so that is plenty hot enough. The next thing
we want to do is make sure the grill is clean. We’ll get out the brush and give it a good
cleaning. What ever was left on there from last time, we do not want on our steak. The
next thing we want to do is take a paper towel and some plain old vegetable oil and put it
on the grates. This way our steak does not stick. You may get a little flame up, but
that’s normal. Then we’ll just wait for the fire to burn off. Next we’ll put the steak on the grill. Not
sure if you can hear the sizzle, but it sounds nice! Okay, let’s rotate this steak 90 degrees
to put some good grill marks on there. After that rotate the steak on the other side. Looks
like we’re done. Let’s take this steak inside and cover it. This steak has to be covered
for about 3 minutes to allow the juices to migrate back into the steak. Let’s go check
it out. It’s been about 3 minutes, let’s unveil this
steak and see how juicy it is. WOW look at that, that looks delicious. I have no doubt
that if you prepare this steak for your guests, they are going to say “this is the best home
grilled steak I have ever had!” Well, there you have it folks, my recipe for grilling
a great steak at home. For more great tips like this visit our website,
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  2. EXCITED! I seasoned the steak a bit ago and wrapped it up for the night! I used this Longhorn Steakhouse Grill seasoning that I usually use, only problem is that I just sprinkle a bit on the steaks a couple hours before grilling!

  3. I think that it would be more helpful if you mentioned the thickness of the meat and grilling time (each side).

  4. I was looking at that steak and some of it looked like gristle instead of marbling, was I correct or did my eyes deceive me?

  5. This was a great video but I would of liked to see what the steak looked like once cut. I liked this video because I have those very same seasonings at home since I’m also a Sams Club member. I’m looking forward to heading out and grabbing some of these rib eyes and trying this! I use the seasoning on tri tips from Sams club but have never tried on a steak. Gonna try it today.

  6. Have always read that if the quality of the beef is good, let it shine, Season it with only salt and pepper. Why the Canadian Steak seasoning and "Montreal Steak" seasoning ?? Is the beef quality not so good, or is there is a commission check involved ???

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