How to Grow Cactus From Seed (With update video)

How to Grow Cactus From Seed (With update video)



  1. mine just sprouted super tiny sprouts! do i need to uncover the lid? after uncovering how often should i water?

  2. I am so sorry to be a pain but my seeds have just started to germinate 😁 how long do I wait until taking the lid off the box and when I do, how often do water them? I know how to take care of adult cacti because I have lots of them but I've never grow them from seed before xx

  3. Urban Gardening  Hello, I couldn't find any of the 3 seed sellers on whatsapp, do you know if the ship internationally as well? Also do they have other kind of seeds? Thank you, I really appreciate your videos, they are very inspiring

  4. Sir maine 25 January 2019 ko Gymnocallycium Mihanovichii Cactus ke 10 Seeds sowed kiye the.Sir aaj 12 Days Complete ho gaye hai but abhi tak 1 Cactus Seeds bhi germinate nahi hua hai.Mai regular 4-5 Hours ki direct Sunlight de raha hoon tab bhi koi Germination nahi hai.Please reply Sir Ji kya karna padega.

  5. Sir maine Astrophytum Asterias Cactus Seeds purchase kiye the aur unhe Sowed kiya aapki batayi hui Potting Mix ke According.Maine Air Tight Container me Seeds Germination kiya hai aur mai Regular 5-6 Hours ki Sunlight me Seeds ko rakhta hoon.Sir mere 2 Seeds Germinate jab hue the tab unka Colour Green tha but abhi unka Colour Brown ho gaya hai.Aisa kyun hua hoga Sir Ji.Please reply Sir Ji.

  6. Love this video from Korea 🙂 I just wonder do you value variegata (rare) succulents in your country? As we are crazy for Variegata (rare) succulents in Korea here. We call it 'Gold' succulent if I translate from Korean to English. If you or other subscriber can reply to my request! It would be awesome!!! 💖 💖 💖

  7. Good video 🙏 I put my potting mix in the microwave before putting the seeds like that you can kill pests and other unwanted plants like grass- happy gardening my friends from Australia

  8. Great video straight to the point. I just purchased some seeds myself my first time growing cactus from seeds fingers crossed.It will be a success with your technical and my lighting.If I have any questions I sure will be asking you.Thank for sharing. I'm so excited.

  9. Hello! Is it okay to use a soil mix with cocopeat, vermicast, pumice and perlite? I plan to grow Melo Cactus from seeds. Thanks in advance!😁

  10. Nice video, thanks for sharing it. I am about to purchase Barrel Cactus seeds and this was a very helpful video. Got a question, after you close them in the pot, do you ventilate them by opening the can or you just leave them there for 15-20 days? If yes, how often do you ventilate them? Thanks! 🙂

  11. 👍 I want to give urban garden a shout out for not only sharing their wisdom with us but also replying to nearly every question posted by viewers in the comment section! Speaks volumes about the quality they are offering.🏆👍👍

  12. On 6/28/2019 I followed your steps to plant some onzuka seeds. Its been exactly two weeks and the cactus' are starting to sprout just like you showed at the end of your video. Do I need to continue to keep them in the container until they are bigger to transplant? and should I water them or leave them be?

    Thanks for your video. I've tried to grow cactus from seeds previously 5 times and all were fails. Following your steps I have seen success!

  13. Great and very easy steps you gave!! I already put some of my seeds in wet tissue… but for remaining ones, I am going to try your method.
    Also, where can I get good cactus seeds?

  14. Bhai Mene seeds ko sand aur cocopeat me grow karne ki koshish ki but 10 din ho Gaye koi results Nahi h .ise beech me kholker dekhna h ya nahi

  15. nice Cactus video 🙂

    did you know that dragon fruit is a cactus? heres my video :

    maybe you SUBSCRIBE to my youtube too. THANK YOU.

  16. My seeds were attacked by fungi. 6/7 dies after germination because of fungi. I had to remove the lid for ventilation and destroying the fungi. The last one is still alive, but not growing anymore. I planted the seed in commercial cacti and succulent seed raising mix. I had microwaved the soil for 3 minutes before planting the seeds. Any solution to prevent fungi?

  17. You're video is great!! I'd like to ask because I don't have a fine river sand. Will the river sand works eventhough it's not fine as what you've used? Really appreciate it if your help me. 🙂

  18. ater its germinate, what should i do? should i open the cover and water them when its dry or just keep the cover closed and make sure that the soil are moist and wet

  19. I've started growing cactus. A few popped out. I planted the seeds 2 weeks ago. I would water by lightly spraying water. I have them in a tupperware. I'm wondering how often to water or do I just let the moisture build inside and leave it.

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