How to Grow Out Women’s Silver or White Hair/Style, Mature over 50

How to Grow Out Women’s Silver or White Hair/Style, Mature over 50

Hi everyone, Hurricane and I are here
because we’re both looking a little bit scruffy, yes you need your hair done as
well, but today it’s all about my hair You know the thing about having long
hair is you kind of forget that you got to get rid of all those dead ends and
also I want to talk about, I’m growing in the silver hair as you know and I need a
few little streaks just to bring this color a little bit still matching the
top So here I am and about to get this
scruffiness all treated and cut and everything else and I’m a few minutes
early, it’s always good to be early, and a in a few minutes let’s see what’s happening and then I’m trying to keep in your natural color and between the old color I’ll lighten up those pieces Sounds good.
Okay so Josie was talking about if you have really dark, like black hair or red
hair and you’ve just got the little skunk coming through here how it is a
process you’re not even going to probably like it the first time it
happens because what they have to do is highlights and lowlights as well as a toner. So
you’re gonna have the highlights and you’re gonna have the low-light so let’s
say you’ve got red hair you may have bleached white and you may have the red
but the bleached white, because they have to put a toner on it, might end up
looking a little bit yellow so you might go… this isn’t what I want, but eventually
as you go back to the colorist and have it done more and more it starts to
fade out and right now I don’t need to tone around my hair anymore I’m seeing
my colorist maybe once every six months and the beautiful silver is really being
captured here. I don’t stop putting a little bit of blonde in here and
matchy-matchy. Alright so I’m talking to Josie here about coloring hair my
favorite colorist, she’s so amazing and she was saying that a lot of women because
um maybe they’re over 50 and they’re in jobs and they’re sort of, they don’t want
to look at that old yet However the natural white or gray comes
through and the question is are you going to wait until retirement
to do this and if you’re not in a job or people are kind of maybe judging your
age, and hey we know that happens, then maybe this process is good. Josie also
mentioned to me that it’s a long process to get the hair done, as I mentioned
before, but also with somebody like myself if I had black hair and it
might have to just cut your hair and have it shorter so that the process that
could possibly with someone like me could take two years of going back and forth
to get your hair done. It’s shorter because your hair is shorter so I’m
learning lots of great things from Josie and now back to the process. Okay so I’ve
got a mixture of like the bleach on my hair and also you saw that gold um so
we’re just there’s not a lot that’s really being done here but we’re just
kind of smoothing it out and they won’t come a day when I wouldn’t have to have
the gold put in at all because it’s all going to be matchy-matchy. Okay so another thing
that Josie and I were talking about are those cheap colors that you put in your
hair for Halloween in that so if I were to on my silver here put a cheap red on
what would happen to my hair… probably turn pink, right, yeah and because the
pigments in your silver or your white hair
just eat up this cheaper kind of color try to wash it out you know you’ll
probably be pink for a while Okay so I don’t know if you can even
hear me right now but I’ve been given a latte you know this is also really a
pampering time so although I look a little weird I feel so good when my hair
has been trimmed and my hair has been done and you get so looked after at
these places as well so that’s a good thing. Okay so even Bill got his
latte in here and he’s my cameraman so he deserves a break right now while I’m
baking and getting my hair setting. Okay so now we bake and wait,
not really baking but we’re waiting Okay so what Josie is doing right now is
she’s making sure that around my face is sort of like more of a white blonde a
look, right… yeah because sometimes that I actually have dark hair coming in
sometimes and it just looks awful so oh the baby hairs that you can’t put in
foils There you go, okay so we’ve done the
little baby hairs now so I’m going to be setting again but apparently she just
sort of brushed on to the little baby here so that framed my face so and
Josie is also saying that if you want to have your hair done like this book a
consultation because there are good colorist and then there’s colorists that
say they know what they’re doing but this is really something that somebody
has to really have done for many years and yeah you’re gonna pay money for it
but don’t put your hair in the hands of somebody who, this is their
first time, and I wonder if it’s gonna work because it’s important when
you walk out of the the hair stylist you want to be at least somewhat happy with
what you’ve got, I mean it’s your hair Okay so now the foils are coming out and
I understand you’re using a special kind of conditioner, it’s a silver shampoo and
conditioner and what I’ll do is I’ll put a link on the blog I’ll try to find this
particular product and put a link on the blog and show you some of these products
that they use in the hairdresser’s and you can use at home. Hey maybe I should
buy some of this. So this is what I got to try to find for you guys and
I’ll look it up oh and that’s the conditioner the shampoo, shampoos and
conditioners. I’ll look it up and try to find it for you My favorite part this scalp massage…
nighty-night So this is Vince, he’s my wonderful, marvelous hair stylist. You’ve got to
do stuff with me today it’s super long yeah, take
probably a good couple inches off the length to keep it healthy. Yeah ,yeah I rely on Vince to know how much hair has to come off because I let it go
awhile so yeah take up all the dead stuff , about two inches, okay it’s
sounds’s too much one length Right, so we’re gonna put some layers in
and then again this everybody knows I’m loving my natural hair so all right a
little bit of shaper just giving it a little shape Much better, that’s true you
know when you go too long that just drags your face down and you have no
volume left. So Vince is going to do the scrunching technique something
like what I would do tip letting my hair naturally dry I love the color. I like the scrunchy look. thumbs up It’s a little bit wild and I like it.
Alright so I got my hair done, I’ve cut off all those dead ends of my hair and I
also I used to just color all my hair blonde and now that I’m loving the
silver you could probably see if Bill can take a little bit of a close-up here
how she’s really matching the silver now with the blonde and I’m just loving
it. You know it’s why not embrace this beautiful shiny healthy hair that’s
coming in and not coloring it all the time and the other thing that I found
when I was there was this purple shampoo and it’s actually let me just see if I
can show you, it’s purple and what it is is it’s a shampoo I’ve just found out
about it today for silver hair and if you have silver hair and you’ve got like
black hair or brown hair you probably notice that after a while sometimes your
silver is turning this nasty yellow color and apparently if you use this
about once every three shampoos it really works well to keep the silver
well looking silver and I know a lot of you have requested that you find out
what the products I’m using so what I’m going to do in the first comment is I’m
going to put a link back to my blog and I will show you these products hopefully
I can find this particular one and I’ll link to the products and other shampoos
that I use as well and we do make a little bit of money on that one so thank
you so much for that it really, really helps to keep us going in the videos too
so appreciate that and do yourself a favor if you really want to embrace your
natural color spend a little bit of money, I know it costs a little bit to
begin with but you’re worth it and in the long run I probably see my
hairdresser like once every six months maybe four months and that’s it
just for a trim and for a little bit of streak so it gets easier as you go along
so I don’t feel scruffy anymore but okay little Yorkie you look a little bit
scruffy you know what you look a little bit scruffy and it’s really, really cold
outside so he’s gonna go get his hair cut soon and by the way
everybody I just wanted really from the bottom of my heart thank all of you who
are joining our community. If you want to subscribe there’s a button down there and to
all the subscribers thank you so much we really, really appreciate it and it
really encourages us to keep on making these videos for you and in the meantime
Hurricane would you like to go for a walk? I think it is time for him to go
for a walk he’s been waiting through me getting my hair done and everything in
this video and we will see you later Keep on keeping it awesome… yeah I know
we’re going for a walk. Everyone’s invited to subscribe and join us on our


  1. Hi, Heather here… here is the link back to my blog where you can find the shampoos, conditioners and hair products I like to use

  2. I added in low lights and highlights for many years, but my hair is so much thicker and healthier now that I stopped coloring. It took about 2 years to grow out the color, so after about 6 or 7 months, I was wearing it up a lot. But I kept it long, got regular trims, and waited it out. It was so much fun to see what the actual color was when it came in. It wasn't as "white" as I thought it would be. It's more of an ash blonde. I would encourage everyone to stop using chemicals on your scalp. And air dry when possible for maximum shine and healthy hair.

  3. I agree embrace you color. She did a fabulous job! I'm a stylist so I totally get what you're saying. Have a great week!

  4. Wow pretty,when I have long hair and it's thick I notice it pulls my head back and you don't realise until they think it,it's made my neck look a bit older as it's bein pulling the skin on my neck so it's worth having your hair thunder out,you look great👍

  5. Love watching your videos! I am in the "transition" stage as well. I think some blending highlights will be in order the next time I go to the salon. 🙂

  6. I embraced my natural silvers and it took 2 full years to grow out the fake color. No highlights…just time . I did cut my hair fairly short from a length of about yours. I enjoyed the heck out of it and all the cute styles I got to play with until all the color was out . Then it was more of a waiting game because I wanted my length back. I am now proud of my journey…and I absolutely LOVE my natural color and texture of hair. Don't let society tell you that silver hair makes you look old. It's actually much more flattering against your skin tones….because it was meant to be so. Silver hair ( in all variations) is beautiful! And the hair is so much more healthy and shiny without the fake color. The freedom natural hair brings is amazing. 🙂

  7. I love Devines shampoo and conditioners (I recognized that package). I’m glad you found it, you will love it!! I use the copper to help brighten my strawberry blonde. Red heads turn blonde with age which I don’t mind except it washes me out terribly, so using Devines helps brighten up my hair without the expensive salon visits. Your hair turned out beautiful!! But you are always beautiful!!

  8. I think you look fabulous in silver hair, Heather. I haven't got the courage to do it yet. Were you a natural redhead as well? My stylist once told me when I was ready, she would take me to a light blonde to ease the change for me…but I just can't, not yet. x

  9. The day after I retired I had my hair cut to where it was three inches long. After two more trims (3months), it grew out to a salt and pepper color. I love it more than I ever could have imagined. People tell me it looks gorgeous. I just had to take the leap. Yours looks so beautiful.

  10. Hi Heather, is your goal to eventually go all natural silver/white? I think you looked lovely before the blondish highlights. Do you even need to add more yellow? Thanks for sharing your journey.

  11. I am 50 and I fully transitioned in November 2017. I have to have a shag cut and now I am in the process of growing it back out.

  12. Hi Heather,
    Your hair looks lovely, your colorist did a fantastic job! Like the cut too. I see your sign that reads "collect beautiful moments". I like sayings like that. I have a sign similar that reads "The Best Collection Is Happy Memories". Can't wait to see Hurricane's awesome haircut! Much Happiness, Teresa

  13. Hi Heather, Bill & Hurricane,

    You're a special lady Heather for embracing who you are along with your hair color that has changed over the years. I think your hair looks great but it always does straight or curly. I haven't the courage nor desire to make the transformation yet. But in the event that I do, it will make the transition easier for me knowing that the colorist can blend your gray hair with blonde highlghts. as your stylist did.

    Bill you did a great job filming. I hope that you and Heather went out to celebrate your
    transformations. Hope that Hurricane got to join u. i see the love that u flourish on him &
    it's wonderful to view especially where there are animals that are horribly mistreated.

    Heather like your upbeat demeanor, your spunk & your willingness to share your experience @
    the hairdressers. It really helps to know that there is mature people like yourselves that
    are willing to share their feelings, thought & actions. I tip my hat to you and Bill!

  14. Hi Heather, very pretty! Love the silver. I have short hair and am growing out my hair slowly. I have dark brown hair but am taking piece by piece and then will cut it short and not colour any more. But not yet it will take me a couple of years I think. I have to be ready even though the front is all silver and back salt and pepper. Great video subject!

  15. Your hair looks beautiful! I’m not ready to take that plunge yet, but it nice to know the options when and if I do. Take care – Barbara

  16. I'm keeping my hair long at 55. I've let it go to gray but might be looking for a change. This look you have is super cute. My hair texture is about the same as your curls too.

  17. I'm about 50/50 silver and dark brown. I've noticed my silver is getting dull. Will have to try the products. Your hair looks lovely. 🙂 Mary Lou

  18. Yay! Your hair is beautiful! Just started my transition to silver a couple months ago…yikes…can't wait till I can cut the old color out. Best!

  19. Hi there Heather, Bill&little Hurricane!!! Heather your hair color & cut are beautiful. Using purple shampoo and conditioner is something that I plan to try. Thanks for such great tips/ideas. I love my silver/gray hair, it's such a great & interesting look!!!Got a cold&it's time to take medication: (. Stay warm, stay healthy & stay AWESOME!!!:) Ciao:)

  20. My hair was originally blond. I keep it short and I decided to let it go to its natural color. The gray actually came in white. It is very pretty but not enough and we were getting ready to go on vacation to Hawaii so I decided to have it highlighted one more time. It is blond now and I might just let it go natural this time because I just turned 70 so it probably is okay to let it go. LOL

  21. TFS Heather.Your hair looks gorgeous.So sweet of Bill too come along,and film for you.Hurricane is so cute and adorable.👍❤️❤️

  22. Love, love, love the color! Thank you for this video! I’ve been letting my gray grow out so I need to do something soon before I’m mistaken for the washer lady 🤭 Your best advice was to do a consult prior to any major work, something I had considered. I might have to do this in stages, not sure I can go all the way yet 😏😂

  23. hi Heather, you look amazing👍your new cut & hair color suit you quite well👏💝thanks again for sharing your awesome life with Bill & Hurricane😍we love you guys🙏

  24. 58 yrs & stopped coloring my hair years ago. My silver seems to be the envy of every young girl as I get stopped on the street all the time asking me what color I use. My suggestion is make sure you keep your style current & you'll rock it along with your skinny jeans😉

  25. I am 57 and my hair hair is just now showing some grey (thanks Mom and Dad for the great genes!) at the temples. At what point do you start using the "silver" or "purple" shampoos for grey hair? My present intention is to let it go grey.

  26. My hair is white like yours as it is growing in. I use a color conditioner/treatment that gives a pearl/blond cast rather than the blue/silver cast. I like this because it looks more like a natural shade and is not such a cool color. It is a great product and does come in a silver color, too.

  27. Hi Heather
    I also have long hair and am 48yrs old. I used to have super thick, curly hair and due to nutritional issues, menopause and health problems my hair is thinning. Wondering if you can do a video regarding this or offer some tips?

  28. Hi Heather, I Love your color and natural wave, lucky girl. I still color my hair a lighter color since my roots are a med. brown which is not flattering on me. I will be 61 this year and the grey has not come in yet. I will look into the blue shampoo to keep the brassyness at bay. Glad I found your channel Heather!

  29. Thank you for taking us on your journey Heather!! I'll be seeing my stylist this Wednesday and feel so decadent!! I know, as you do, many stylists do not know how to cut long, curly hair. I think I've finally found my person! Your cut and colour look absolutely brilliant!! 💕 Joan 💕

  30. Heather, you look as beautiful as always! Love this video, lots of good info…just wish that my hair was turning silver ! It’s still a lot of strawberry blonde & some white ! Lots of love to you, Bill, & of course lil Hurricane!

  31. It's so fun to have that hair day, especially when you are in the 6 month club. They did a beautiful job, nothing drastic needed just that subtle help to accentuate your natural shade which is quite glorious. You guys both have good hair, and that little doggy is stealing my heart. I really love getting my dog groomed!

  32. Did you say your hair was black? I watched an older video where you showed a picture of yourself as a model in the '80"s and it was nowhere near black! It looked like a dark blonde at most.

  33. How can you look so beautiful with your hair in foils? Wow….I am just in love with your videos!!! Thank you for making my night….I still have high lights and low lights and I'm not sure I could give that up…..but you look beautiful! Heck, Bob is beautiful too!

  34. Gorgeous shade of lip color! Can you say what it is? I am a year older than you and have been coloring for years. However, for religious reasons I cover my hair. So only my husband sees it. I haven't colored for a very long time now and quite a bit has grown out. My arms get tired and I am tired of dealing with the chemicals. My hair is slightly longer than jaw length and is in the 50/50 salt and pepper stage. I think it would be nice to have a pretty silver. Natural color medium brown, colored to dark blonde. It used to be long down my back, but I had to cut it shorter to fit under wigs.

  35. I love my silver color and get a lot of compliments. It’s very fashionable now even for the young women. 😁I’m wearing it shorter, softer, with more volume and it really lefts my face and makes me feel younger.

  36. OH Heather, I am doing the same thing with my hair.. It's been a long road and going to a colorist during the transition is so worth it. Yes it costs quite a bit especially if color has to be lifted and toned first. You are so fun, it feels like we would be good friends if you were here in Atlanta ! Thanks for sharing. You are a natural🤗

  37. I haven't colored my hair for over a year. I got a Pixie and cut the colored off. My hair isn't totally gray though. Just streaks so the gray actually looks like highlights.

  38. I am so glad I found your channel!  I turn 60 in June and have decided to let my white hair come through.  Currently I am in this process.

  39. Ditch the long hair. You look like an old sagging hippie. A shorter cute layered-look would be much more attractice

  40. Oh my dear, the cut, the color, just everything turned out beautiful! Thanks for sharing your salon visit, this was so much fun! <3 Sharon

  41. I’m a bit confused. You are putting lovely blonde hi lights into your hair but toning it with the purple. Isn’t that counter productive? Wouldn’t you want to encourage the yellow instead of toning it out?

  42. A long bob ("LOB") cut would look fabulous and sexy on you! Especially with your natural curl, and it would retain the look of "length"! Your current length is dragging both your thinner hair (as the longest layer is quite thin) and your face down where we get the "marionette lines" in the corners of the lips to the jaw, at this point. I completely understand you are a "long hair girl" (as am I 😊!) but just cutting off a couple more inches would do wonders to "sharpen" your beautiful bone structure! Of course you are still a beautiful woman, but just consider it … 😊

  43. What is the texture like? Some of my gray hairs seem kinky and coarse so I'm wondering if that's the texture of my gray hair. I am trying the going natural, I have been a blonde all my life so I think it will be easier than with darker hair

  44. I cannot WAIT til my hair is silver like my mother's was….she had such beautiful hair. At 70 I am still a dark warm blonde which I lighten around my face and I keep checking the roots after 3 mos but not white yet…I would LOVE having your color….mine doe slook nice and it makes me look younger than my age but still I want silver. Have you found that you can no longer wear the same colors with cooler colored hair? How are you transitioning your wardrobe colors if that is the case?

  45. Hi Heather! New subscriber here. Thanks for giving me the push I needed to go from a decades-long "box brunette" to starting the process to embrace my grays. I was just getting so tired of worrying about my dang roots showing! My stylist did exactly what you described in the video and I'm sporting some pretty nice highlights right now. I enjoy your videos and cheerful outlook. Keep 'em coming!

  46. I quit dying my very dark brown hair about 1-1/2 years ago. The transition was painless. I didn’t need any streaks or anything. Just salt & pepper. My stylist recommended purple shampoo as soon as I told her I was done coloring my hair.

  47. I really like the way your hair looked at the hairdresser. All those curls look great, I also like it a bit shorter. Thank you for sharing your wonderful suggestions.

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