How to grow your business using Facebook featuring Emma Reichert

How to grow your business using Facebook featuring Emma Reichert

Hey guys Ryan here with our three cents the show for dreamers doers and entrepreneurs. I’m super excited to be here again with my co-host Scorpio Moseley and Bri Goldstein in addition to today’s guest which is Emma Reichert the owner and founder of the ER real estate group in addition to the Administrator founder and owner of the my Oviedo Facebook page and the my Oviedo store so she obviously wears very many hats We’re super excited to have you here today Before we get started though guys. How was your week anything anything crazy maybe exciting business? Development, what’s nice to see both of you and Emma we had a chance to talk a minute ago So I’m really looking forward to learning more from you and hearing about everything that you do and Especially the Oviedo store completely unfamiliar. So I’m super excited and I received Notification from my illustrator that we are under away on my new children’s book Which will be out by mid October and I’m so excited for that because I’ve got two little kids And when my son was born I wrote a children’s book and I dedicated it to him so now my daughter who is um Going to be 2 in October her children’s book is finally going to be finished because I did one for him so anyone for her keep it even and Yeah, so I’m super excited. I have it back from the editor Final draft heard from the illustrator. We’re on target and I’m excited. I’m pumped I apologize a Little bit your whole story could want to dive into that but hey anything new this week, what’s good new this week? No, I get to Friday and that’s always that’s always you know As far as myself guys I mean, I’m on vacation so to speak so I’m here for a few our break a lot of my family parties without me but You know good things a lot of good things coming Yeah, I had a business deal the other day that didn’t work out unfortunately But you know was conch there’s a government contract and you know, it’s difficult you deal with the government you pay the price So but you know on the private side private sector side doing great And making some some exciting progress with a lot of different things. So so super excited excited to have Emma here today I mean, this is really an interview that I’ve been seeking for so long Because I just am a true fan without geeking out on her of what she does and so today Without you know kind of just diving right into it. Today’s topic. I think what we’re gonna be talking about will be omnipresent in social media basically, the reason we’ve invited Emma here is She’s all over the place. I mean, you’re literally all over the place. I don’t know how you do it We’re going to dive into that But you know she is the you know, the owner of the model Vito store, you know, she’s got the the Facebook page with over 27,000 followers. I mean that’s impressive. I think my facebook has like 500 and that’s because of a few people pity follow me So so so very impressive. Your credentials are awesome and and just a little story that I’d like to share real quick before Before we get into the interview My first interaction with with Emma my son has a little business that he works on with it with the business club that I that I oversee and And he had a little soap a little soap company that he that he created and you know Getting into retail is obviously challenging especially in the Amazon you live in da de yada yada with the buyers and all that So am I actually reached out she’d saw a lot of post? My wife had made on Facebook about our saw and doing his little thing and she actually reached out and was his first Retail store that he was in not on a not on a Consignment so so she actually cut him his first actual checks. Oh and one. Thank you for that That was that was a huge pivotal. It might not have been much for you. But in my son’s eyes You know that was that was a pivotal moment for him That was a that was like a you know in my I played his Moment during my head and you know was head tears, you know, so so it was a very beautiful thing you did there But but so yeah, so we want to talk to you today about how do you do it? How do you juggle all the hats you do and how more than anything do you maintain that that? Omnipresence on social media and just make it seem like you were everywhere at every moment of every day in Real life and online and have you been able to play that in a way that’s beneficial for you in the business world? Okay well first off I’ve been in real estate for 23 years. So that’s really where my true passion lies. And that’s really what I get paid to do, but my real story I think began when the market tanked and so in 2010 I found myself. I was divorced. It’s okay. Sounds good. I was divorced raising two kids on my own and I wasn’t selling real estate because real estate wasn’t selling so I really was trying to make ends meet and At that point I realized okay. What am I doing wrong? I see other Realtors making money how come I’m not and so I Then had an epiphany that the reason that I wasn’t making money is because I wasn’t connected with people People didn’t know who I was and because people didn’t know who I was didn’t mean I was a bad realtor It just means that I wasn’t their realtor. And so I had to kind of get over that that Realization of okay, I’ve been doing it wrong all these years. Yes I made a living and made a great living at that but the fact that I wasn’t First in their mind when they thought of a realtor was something that I had to overcome So I had a lot of free time a lot of free time because I wasn’t really working and I was on Facebook all the time and So I was poor on Facebook all the time in a real estate agent. So I Decided that I was gonna start a group page for my community I live in Oviedo and I was gonna start a group page and the reason that I Chose to do that is because I was constantly looking for things to do with my kids that were free or cheap But there was no aggregate site to get that information So I was constantly looking at different websites and then pulling that Information and then posting it on my face my own personal Facebook page So that me and all my friends could coordinate all my other poor friends could coordinate and take notes together. Right, right And so I said, you know what? I’m just gonna start a group page So that I can add all my friends and we can all post on that one group and Facebook That’s that’s really what started the whole thing. And so when I did that and I was posting this was in the end of 2010 I noticed that people started to join my group. I didn’t even know that other people could see what I was posting so then other people wanted to join the group and I thought oh They find value and what I’m providing you remember how many of you how many followers roughly at this point? I only had 14 in the beginning. It was me and 14 of my friends. That was it. And so from that point you know, it would trickle in it just trickle in maybe one a week and then maybe three a week and then It took a year Before I had like 300 people took a year and and again that was not my my goal Wasn’t to see how big I could create a group my goal was to connect With my neighbor’s my friends and that sort of thing and it was working. I mean it was great. And so That is how the whole premise Started and then from there, it just has really mushroomed by 2013 I had 2,000 people And how many how far into this a little over like two and a half almost three years. I had 2,000 people and at that point I realized Wow, this is life-changing Life-changing for me personally because I felt like those people were everybody was really connecting with each other and they were connecting with me and so I would be out and Having you know dinner with my kids and people would hey are you Emma from the oviedo Facebook group page and it was it was surreal really because that Was not my intention that was not my intention, but I did say in 2010 that I had to find a way to overcome the barrier of lack of presence in people’s minds and so Once that started happening in like 2013 where people began to see me in the community and identify me. I was like Okay now is a golden opportunity And I need to take that and so I just kept doing what I was doing which was providing value for free That’s what I was doing was providing value for free and that’s what people want They want valuable information and they don’t want to pay for it and they don’t want their information You know poached either they don’t want to have to provide you with their email or their phone number or anything like that It was literally they could come they could consume the information And they could leave without interacting or they could interact if it was something that was important to them. So a Lot of times. I see people trying to create this I guess presence online and It doesn’t look organic. It doesn’t look natural and the reason that I think I make it look natural is because I only I Only talk about things that are important to me. I only address things that are important to me. I only reach out and you know provide value on things that are important to me and so it looks very Genuine because it is genuine Makes sense makes perfect sense. I see I see Bri over there jotting away. What do you guys fire away at her? I know you guys I see you guys are over there. That’s so interesting. So I know you’re on Facebook, correct? And where can I get on Twitter now? Okay, what other platforms are you on? So the ones that I focus on our Twitter Instagram and Facebook and I Think one of the other struggles and I am on snapchat, but I haven’t found a way for that to engage me in Order to make me want to use that particular Platform so I just haven’t really focused on that yet The other thing that I think is super important is people need to know Where where is your next client on what? What are they on what platform are they on? So For instance snapchat I find are really people You know in high school and they’re not my client My client is somebody who is you know, starting a family and their mid 20s and and up from there So that’s the other thing that you need to focus on What platform are your clients on and that’s the platform you should be focusing on One of the other things that I wanted to touch on too is I’m on all these different platforms, but I struggled with how to engage those platforms In a timely manner because a lot of people struggle with oh, I only have so much time in the day how am I gonna do Twitter and then Instagram and then Facebook and Provide unique content for all of that, right? So the other thing that’s super important to do is figure out a way to aggregate those three and Spread your Information one time to all three sources if it’s possible and so I don’t know how many of you are on if that if this then that Do you have you ever heard of if this then that yes, okay so if this then that is actually an app or a website, whichever you want to use it as and You want to explain it because you might be able to explain it better than me. Sure. So it takes two actions It takes one action if if the action is performed then another action happens So for example, if you post on Twitter, then that gets spread to Facebook for example it’s kind of like the switch on Instagram where if you Put your you make a post on Instagram. And then if you click the switch next to Twitter or Facebook, it automatically sends it It’s a it’s an automation program is what it is and you can use it for a ton more than social media But it’s a great example. Yes, that’s perfect. So you explained it way better than I would have so the other platform that I also post on all the time is Pinterest and so if I post on Pinterest Then through the if this then that app, then it will post To I believe Twitter. I don’t remember which a logarithm I did. But anyway, so so there’s all of these tools that you can use that make it appear you say I’m omnipresent but It makes me appear as if I’m Omni president when I’m actually not please a lot of automation tools Sounds like in addition. Do you have a team though? Because it sounds like I mean, I mean, I just can’t imagine And I’m not I totally forgive my ignorance I’m not a hundred percent in tune with the if there’s not a not that app only because I’m a slacker You should check it out. Yes. There’s a reason that I admire you for social media if you look at mine, it’s embarrassing how many followers I have but But I think that’s really cool I think it’s awesome that you think you have some automation going on via the app at least Send me an automation in addition to you know, now you said you did mention a little bit of a peek at a team What is that? Yes, how does that what does it deals that? Ok. So, um, the other thing that I do is That and I feel like this is cheating, but I do it because I just I just don’t have enough time in the day so I also have a virtual assistant and so my virtual assistant and I’m you can’t see me but I’m smiling because I feel like it’s cheating but virtual assistants are the best way to Make you look like a rockstar and it’s super cheap So there are a couple of different websites and I don’t know Bree if you know any of them But there are websites like fibre that you can access that. Yes grab it. We love Fiverr I love fiber too But so it’s things like that that you can go and get a virtual assistant who’s either in you know? Indonesia or mine happens to be in Costa Rica and so basically what my virtual assistant does is if I find content at 3 o’clock in the morning when I’m scrolling Pinterest that I want to be posted on my Facebook page I dump it into a Dropbox and the caption For the actual photo or whatever I drop into Dropbox the caption or the name of it is actually the caption that I want her To use and then if I want her to post it on a particular date I put that in the actual file name as well. So my virtual assistant doesn’t even need to talk to me at all she just accesses that one Dropbox and then I Threw the the name of the file. I tell her or the name of the Dropbox file I should say that it’s in she knows what Social media platform to post it on and what page or group or whatever in that social platform? So that’s that’s a cheating way that works and I don’t think it’s cheating at all. I mean that’s being resourceful I think that you know, I mean you could you could you know It’s you’re pretty much pre-planning your post Corral in a different way using a lot of human being in a different continent. Mm-hmm Nothing wrong with that. That’s not cheap Anything that I think would be useful to me I believe would be useful to somebody else and again, so I think You know, you have to remember I I’m a mom and I have elderly parents And so there are all of these different things that affect my world just like they affect your world so most of the people who are my age Have similar circumstances. So those people will probably find value and things that I find valuable again you just kind of have to think in terms of who is your client and What’s valuable to them? So, you know events I post a lot about events or specials that I see that they would be interested in. I do a lot of funny memes Just it’s really a myriad and it’s funny because I’m in real estate but it’s very rare that I promote myself And I think people find value in that too because it’s not about me. I try never to make it about me. It’s about Reaching and reaching out to them and providing them value So that’s another really important thing that I see people do if they’re gonna be marketing that it’s always marketing about them and You need to reach a broader audience That’s a great point. We have an 8020 rule where in my agency we say 80% is about anything else other than you and 20% it could be about you. And so we always said with our clients I’d like to go back to Pinterest for a minute one of the questions I get a lot is how do you use Pinterest for business and I get it both from Clients, but also from my students is how can we use Pinterest without? giving away hours and hours of our life For you know a bunch of things that we can go DIY at home So I’d be really interested to hear how you use Pinterest effectively. Okay, and efficiently Yes without giving away millions of time. Okay. So the one thing that I have found for Pinterest is And it’s not a DIY thing because that’s a lot of people look on Pinterest for DIY or the color of the next You know that the next big color for their house or whatever The number one thing that is looked at on my website From is driven from a Pinterest Post that I have and it’s a forum that people are dying to download. Is that weird? Okay, the corners here, right? So I’m a real estate agent and one of the forms I created was a form of what you should look for in new construction and people will Apparently locate it on Pinterest and that drives them to my website because I pinned it from my website. Does that make sense? So whenever you’re on a website You can pin From a website a picture that you see and then when it’s on Pinterest if somebody clicks on that pin on Pinterest it drives Those people to that website, so think about that in terms of you just have to reverse-engineer it Really? So you make something that is gonna be valuable and you put it on your website and Then you pin it from your website to Pinterest. That’s really interesting So do you follow all the analytics to see how they I do? Okay. Oops Now that’s nerd in me. I do that’s how I know That’s the second thing that’s looked at on my website is because Google Analytics tells me What what people are looking at it’s that’s perfect. Yeah, so that’s how I know and that is I’ve never told that story before so that is a Pinterest win The other thing that I do on Pinterest is I post things that are very popular with homeowners or home buyers so again like the the number one color for interior paint this year and I post it on my website and Then I pin it from my website to Pinterest and it drives traffic to my website so that’s really how You should effectively be using Pinterest is Dry I use it just is literally a highway To my website. It’s a great process. Thank you. Yeah, those are great times. You would say that Thank you. That’s great tips. That’s great process. Okay, so that’s Pinterest Any questions, I don’t want to cut you up I buy a dozen warmer so if you have any please fire away, I mean we want to get most value as times we can so I mean a couple questions for you. They come to mind because I’m the first immense But terrible social media. I wish honestly they could condense everything down to one Apple like platform Because it would save a lot of my time and in my life But I don’t think that’s going to happen at least in the short term So so, you know, it seems like you pretty much primarily would you say Facebook is your is your biggest, you know? Player in the game. So to speak. Yes Facebook is No Facebook is I was concerned when I put all my eggs into the Facebook Basket that I was nervous that that would be a short lip train for instance You know, there are so many other platforms that have come and gone So but so far they’re just you know They’re just keeping on are there any platforms that have come and gone that you used and you miss? you wish they’d stay like a quick six second vine of a new house or something like Periscope was fun about Foursquare. Do you remember 40? Well, yeah, like I liked Foursquare because I could check into like a new construction Place and then I could post pictures and so people could find it. I like Foursquare to forbid. I Do I use Facebook and Instagram Only because one I can see the analytics and I am all about if it’s working keep doing it And if it’s not working don’t do it, and if you can’t by the way if you can’t get analytics on your advertising dollar I just I want to reach through the microphone and Maybe I don’t know I won’t do anything harmful. Just I’ll shake you there. Well, let me a great question Let me ask you this because because this is you brought a very very solid point most a lot of small business owners Either don’t have the technical expertise or they’re a little bit either scared or ignorant to the analytic side of things Which is obviously critical to a business success. Do you have a suggestion to hire you? All right. You would want to hire me I would play hire her. I agree I think I would go with that with that realm if I was gonna do that They are professional hire professional if you know, here’s the thing. I anybody understands it. I Understand it. I have a store. I’m a real estate broker. I have four agents with me like I get it It’s there’s only so much time in the day. I’m blessed with the fact that my kids are grown I don’t have a husband. All I do is work. That’s all I do. And so I have the ability to You know Stay up till one o’clock in the morning researching how to make a video and of it and blah blah blah So the thing is is that if you don’t hire a professional because time is money And so if and not only if you don’t know how to do it if you don’t enjoy doing it Don’t don’t just hire somebody to do that. So there are so many companies out there that really Excel at that and they do it better than I could do it, but I just like doing it so That’s what I would say. That makes sense I used to do my own accounting and I quickly learned that that is not my expertise So now I have someone for that but I think you had something I did Yeah, it sounds like you have a lot of processes in place It sounds like you’ve really thought about where do I want to go? And then as you said reverse engineered it for how am I going to get there? What do you do in your personal or Brio professional life that makes you successful? I Would say that I don’t give up easily perseverance and so in 2013 I said You know that Titanic ship had turned for me on Facebook in terms of I was getting noticed it was having in effect that I thought was gonna be useful to me and I went to a marketing class and you know, that’s when Google+ do you remember that’s one of the things that I miss now? But Google+ had started and I went to this marketing class about how to get Noticed on Google because that was really critical at the time And so that’s when I started my website and the whole thing anyway Tell me ask me the question again because sure I went down the rabbit hole I’m sorry, so I didn’t ask you before we get into that Before we go back to the question. Where did you find the marketing class? Where did you take it? What did it entail? I think that’d be really useful and then I’d love to revisit What do you do in your life that makes you successful personally and professionally, okay so I Found a marketing class through my Chamber my write my book commerce, and so. Mm-hmm So Chamber of Commerce if you’re a small business if that is the best money you can spend It really is and you’re smiling Bri. Why are you smiling because do you say that? I love Chambers of Commerce I’m a co-founder of a Chamber of Commerce here in Orlando. I helped run it. Yeah, baby I love Chamber I did too. I have a few friends who have won the ovations over at the Oviedo Chamber of Commerce and I mean I they’re just so great at connecting people and Helping small businesses grow to become medium-sized to large if that’s the if that’s their goals helping small businesses They stay small because that’s probably a trick to it. Right? That’s what I mean. The Chamber’s are an essential part of the business ecosystem Yes, love it. Okay. So, there you go So if you’re an entrepreneur, that’s one of the things that I would encourage, but in terms of staying in business Perseverance I You have 200k. So 2013. I did this Google Plus and this Google class of blah blah blah and so then I I said, okay, I’m gonna start a website about new construction and I was blogging it was a website just blogging right and So I blogged and blogged blogged and I you know watch the logarithms and the analytics and what about so and make sure that my tags were right and Everything I was on point five months goes by Nothing, I can get any business five on Six months. I got my first deal off of it and so that I was like that lit my fire when you get traction like that keep Going keep going and don’t expect it to happen overnight you Got to keep going. So it’s that that that’s my my one thing is Just and then if you find after I don’t know a year, it’s not working Then revisit it and and maybe change course or change direction. Did you ever have any moments on social media or the other? Things other tactics you’re doing online where you’re like this isn’t working I want to quit and then because you have this sense of perseverance that you just pushed yourself to keep going It really paid off. Did you have any of those like? epic moments Yes, I did. And the one time I can tell you was again in 2013 when I ended up getting you know 2,000 group members on my Oviedo Facebook group page and people were You know fighting and being mean to each other and just trolling on so fun Yeah, and that I just you know, I’m not that person. I don’t like that kind of behavior. And so I was You know talking to my friend about it And what do I do and I I’m just gonna quit the Facebook group page and you know I’ll just let somebody else run it and she talked me into getting admins She talked me into getting help and so and setting up guidelines and rules and all the things that aren’t fun So that’s you know, I I got help again. I just I got help but every you know, there there are Plateaus that you’ll feel that okay. This is working now I’m gonna do one more thing and that one more thing for me was asking for help Where it was just too much, correct, and I wanted to quit but I knew what I was doing was good and and I on the right path, so then I had to Reengage myself and say okay. Let’s keep going on that path But how can we make it more palatable for you to keep going and that was to ask for help and set guidelines? That’s a great question because I am constantly I Self evaluate a lot. What’s making me happy? What’s not making me happy? And where am I gonna stay? What Lane am I gonna stay in? And so at this point, you know, my real estate business is going phenomenally. Well, so I’m constantly asking myself, okay Do I want to grow do I want to be bigger than this? do I wanna you know, how am I gonna hit the five million dollar or whatever and and I realized that Having a small boutique firm is is who I am is the core of me. I I don’t want to rule the world I just want to rule over dough and don’t quote me on that because people will be late. But what store? The records you have my vote thank you. I appreciate that so that that’s me I have a you know, really a microcosm of Where I live and work and play and that’s my focus. That’s my focus So I really don’t want to deviate from that just because it provides me with joy and purpose and and that’s the thing I think Whatever provides you with joy and purpose And so I found that I’m so blessed that I have found that that you know I don’t need to be bigger, but that doesn’t mean that somebody else doesn’t you know, they can kill it and that’s awesome for them Mm. So quick question for you, I want to know Wendy When do you realize that Wendy’s you realized that it was time to? Either find a mentor that got to help you navigate the things that you were kind of dealing with or are either One of the other team that can help you kind of okay, so What I find in any business that I’m doing is when it becomes unmanageable When it becomes unmanageable and you’re miserable that is a growing pain that you should embrace Okay, if you’re so busy you’re miserable that embraced that that is the universe nudging you to get additional help and so you just have to be able to identify What that help is gonna be and so, you know Whether it’s a friend or an admin on a page that’s doing it as a volunteer because I have seven admins on my Facebook group page and they Volunteer they do that for free. So it’s things like that that were, you know, getting the virtual assistant or you know It’s it’s are you on the right path? And are you miserable? That’s how you know So if you’re miserable, but you’re doing what you’re meant to be doing. Yeah. Yes And you’re and you’re being successful at it but your success has come to the point where your sanity is being questioned and your you know, Your your time is not your own and and all of those things that just kind of Culminate into you not being happy anymore, but you’re but you’re doing what you wanted to do You you’ve got yeah. Yeah, so then you say okay. I need help now It’s interesting there’s so many capacities that you can accept help and seek help It seems it’s interesting to have to identify where we’re really that growing pain is of help advice help hands-on help virtually where that help comes from Right volunteer employee paid advisor. It’s just it’s hard to because as entrepreneurs, you know, we naturally want to You know, we want to wear every hat there So it does take a little bit to let go and I find even with myself I find that difficult so I admire that you’re able to do that and that you’ve been able to kind of master that skill to delegate because Because that is very very challenging for a lot of small business owners and stuff stuff like that So I know we’re starting to come to an end on time but I would like to ask you real quick because this has been a Most most asked question so to speak from from the audience What what is what is the story behind Fred the chicken? And what is the story behind the Shaved ice stand that I always see on Facebook. I pretty much follow you like a reality TV star. I’m sorry Did you say shaved ice? Yes, and I believe that Dependable right there not too far from your house So in the Oviedo mall, no nowhere stores in downtown Oviedo, were they Ace Hardware or the post missus? So I’m in the old Fairwinds credit union building and so there was a gentleman who needed a place to park his shaved-ice Trailer and so I said sure you can park it in my parking lot That’s not a problem provided, you know You can be open every once in a while and I don’t make any money off of it whatsoever But it brings people in and it just provides pleasure for people because your face lit up with you Yes We are in summer in Florida Bring on this is brilliant. I mean, they’re just the guerrilla marketing tactic alone the fact that you just switch out for a guy Hey one Parkins your shirt, but I mean, it’s just it’s brilliant. I love it I saw it on Facebook and I thought man that is brilliant. Well, I mean it’s such an inexpensive yet Item, but it brings joy to so many people and stuff like that. They remember which it which is crazy, but Okay, so tell us about Fred. Okay. All right. So Fred is a rooster who? Now he lives at my store. It’s the weirdest thing so Vito’s known for their chickens and their Roosters just being feral and basically You know roaming the streets but in October of last year for white chickens or roosters but their chickens for white roosters landed in the in front of my store and They were all had to huddle together. And so clearly they had been abandoned Somebody had dropped them off there and they didn’t know what to do They were domesticated and so they didn’t know what cars were I mean just the sheer look of terror on their faces if you can imagine a rooster looking terrified anyway so long story short is that That one chicken met an untimely death due to car Another one met an untimely death due to raccoon the other the other Fred brother managed to make friends with the feral chickens across the street So now he lives over across the street and Fred never left my front yard And he would stand at the door looking in every day it was So funny and sad at the same time and he would you know Cockadoodledoo every morning and he just was I don’t know. He just didn’t he wouldn’t go away He wouldn’t go away and I was scared of him a little and so finally one day I just sat down on my front stoop and he came up next to me and he did a little dance and he let me pet him and I was like Okay, so I worked my courage up from there and now I would hate if something happened to him so I bought him his own condo and he lives outside and he comes inside at nighttime if he wants to hang out with me while I work and so That’s my frent story Again, so it’s just kind of weird anything that I’m passionate about. I just post it and people gravitate towards that I don’t know if it’s because It’s genuine. I personally think it’s because it’s they can see I’m genuine I’m being genuine about what I’m talking about and that really is Something that I can’t teach anybody. I can’t teach somebody you just got to do what is natural so So what I do is neat, that sounds that sounds great I think that was a Some great great feedback some some great information for the viewers out there those running a business and those thinking about starting one Especially those in the real estate sector or watch out and what’s coming for you? He’s doing a pretty good job Brady. Do you have something to finish us off? I I think you look like you may have had a question or I was just gonna ask If we have a minute, I was gonna ask what? Let’s take a break and come back does he Give any advice any advice for our folks listening are a wonderful beautiful lovely audience Advice advice would be to connect with people who you see are successful in what you’re trying to do and You know don’t reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel you can Always mimic what you see is working for other people. Just I guess create your own Version of what they’re doing so don’t reinvent the wheel that’s just silliness. That’s a lot of wasted time Just see what other people in your field are doing and they’re successful at it do that in your own way That’s what I would tell them to do Thanks Thank you, thank you, I’m really flattered that you guys Come here today because I just think I’m silly I think that’s part of the draw honestly part of the reason I’m part of the reason we picked Brie and for this for this project as well Was because we just you know, you guys have a similar personality in the fact We’re enjoyable like say me and like out there fun random stuff like firefighting and this and that, you know And so so I think that’s I think that’s really cool And I think that’s why people are drawn to you But but listen up guys if you’re watching on YouTube if you’re listening on the podcast Come see Emma at her my Oviedo store It’s right there in downtown Oviedo, which is what I call Mayberry if you’ve ever seen it you’ll know why And but it’s a beautiful little store very very very very nice. Also, if you’re looking for a house, she’s your girl And I know everybody there brother’s a real estate agent, but she does Okay, she does on the daily. So please, you know, see her if you have any needs for that. Hey guys, Ryan Yeah, no problem. No problem. We’re going to have your time here mo real quick for the audience if you could just tell tell them real quick where they can find you online sure and I am Wealth of knowledge and I am very transparent So if you ever want to reach out to me and ask questions, I I can do that So on Twitter, I’m my underscore Oviedo on Instagram. I’m my Oviedo and Emmas your agent And so I mark it for two different things on that and then on Facebook, obviously MRI Kurt but My Oviedo store is a page and then my Oviedo Florida three to seven six five three to seven six six is a group So that’s that’s it Very cool well, and I thank you again for your time today. Like I said, I know you’re incredibly busy I’ve been seeking this interview for quite a while now So we really want to thank you for coming out also guys real quick I hope that everyone will tune in to our show next week Next week. We are going to be hosting healthy junk food, which is a youtube show with over 2 million followers And so we’re very excited to have JP and Julia here from healthy junk food And we look hope you will tune in next week. Thank you


  1. thank you for making this video GREAT IDEAS. what tools did you use to scale your youtube and build a community around it? Also, I want to build a platform but I don't have a lot of tech experience, what do you recommend? PLEASE HELP

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