How to Identify Gold

How to Identify Gold

How to Identify Gold. The only way to know for certain that an object
is made of gold is to have it analyzed. But a few do-it-yourself tests can provide
enough information to make an educated guess. You will need Rubber gloves Safety glasses
A metal object A magnet A steel file A drop of nitric acid and a jewelry shop. Wear rubber gloves and suitable eye protection
when working with nitric acid. Step 1. Check whether the object is magnetic. Gold is not magnetic, so if the object is
attracted to the magnet, it is not gold. But just because the object is not magnetic
does not mean it is gold. Step 2. Test the material’s hardness with a steel
file. Gold is soft, and bends easily, so if the
material bounces back from the file; it is made of some other material. File beneath the surface, as the object may
be gold plated. Step 3. Put on your gloves and glasses and apply a
drop of nitric acid to the file scratch. Then, rinse with running water. If there is no reaction in the metal, the
material is gold; if the object turns green, the object is made of a base metal; and if
it turns milky, the object is gold-plated silver. Step 4. If all else fails, take the object to a jewelry
shop and have it x-rayed. Did you know The terms karat, spelled with
a K, and carat, spelled with a C, are different. Karat with a K describes the purity of a substance
and carat with a C is a measure of a gemstone’s weight.


  1. Well, wouldn't it just be easier to go to a professional instead of having to piss around with Nitric acid and shit?

  2. This topic is unbias, but of all things to chose as the gold example u had to chose a religious statue. Stop with promoting ur religion and just show me how to identify gold.

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