HOW TO KEEP EDGES STRAIGHT || Friendship Bracelets

HOW TO KEEP EDGES STRAIGHT || Friendship Bracelets

Hey everyone my name is Masha Knots and
in this video I’m going to teach you how to keep your bracelets straight when
you’re making normal patterns So the idea for this video came once I made
this bracelet. I made it for a friend and I did a video on it and once I finished
making it I realized that it was incredibly wonky. Like you can actually
see that it is completely bent on this side and if you look at the side here
you can see that some of the sides are bent as well. So this was obviously not a
very well made bracelet and I couldn’t figure out why cos I was following the
pattern exactly as it was telling me but then it still came out wonky. So after I
made this video I did some research and I actually found a bunch of other
people’s videos and some online tutorials talking about how there is a
special technique that lets you keep the edges of your bracelets straight and I’m
gonna credit all the resources I used when I learned how to do this down in
the description but I thought I’d make a video for it to teach you guys as well.
So then I tried this technique and the second bracelet which used the exact
same pattern turned out much neater and much straighter. So the secret to keeping
the edges of your bracelet straight is actually quite simple: on the left edge
you keep one string that is going to be the string for the edge and you only
make backward forward knots onto it and on the right side you also have a string
and you only make forward backward knots on this string. So essentially all the
strings that you have in the middle the ones that you weave with make backward
forward knots on the left and forward backward knots on the right onto the
strings that are for the edge. So for the strings that are inside you do make
a knot of its color but you don’t take the string outside further than the edge,
it always comes back and I’m going to show you how to do this with any pattern
but that is the basics of the technique. So you might be wondering: how do you
make backward forward knots on the left and forward backward knots on the right
if that is not what the pattern suggests? And looking at the original pattern for
this bracelet you can see that both on the left and on the right edges most of
the knots are forward knots and so the answer to this in this particular
pattern is: if you look at all the knots that are forward knots, they are made
between two threads of the same color. In my case they’re two black threads. So
whichever knot you make between these two black threads is not going to make a
difference. So if we have two threads of the same color
on the edge, just change it to a backward forward knot if it’s on the left edge and
to a forward backward knot if it’s on the right edge. So all of these knots we are
able to change and therefore we can make the new pattern and follow this one and
if you do that then the edges of the bracelet will be much straighter than if
you don’t. You can also see that on row five for example we have the pink thread
that comes in and already does a backward forward knot, so there we don’t
have to change anything and so apart from the knots between the two black
threads we don’t have to change anything and we can continue making the bracelet
like this. But what if you have a bracelet where you can’t do that? Where
you don’t have two threads of the same colour? So let’s look at this pattern. So
this is another pattern that I tried the technique with and I think it turned out
pretty well. As you can see, this is me trying the technique and the edges of
the bracelet turned out really straight in this bracelet. You can also very
clearly tell that I have two separate strings for the edges, it’s actually
physically visible in the back of the bracelet. Anyway, back to the pattern. As
you can see in the pattern all of the knots on the edges in the bracelet are
made between two threads of different colours so I can’t just go ahead and
change the knots, that won’t work. So to solve this problem what you do is you
add two extra strings either side of the bracelet. These strings are not going to
be visible in your bracelet because you’re never going to be making a knot
of its colour, you’re only going to be making knots onto them. But you add them
on either side of the bracelet and if you look closely, you can see that on
some of the rows there are bits of string sticking out that are unused, that
go there and back either direction. Those will be the strings that you make
forward backward and backward forward knots with. So you add two strings and
you add all these extra knots and then you just make your bracelet like that.
The pattern is not going to change from you doing that because you are adding
two strings, you’re not going to be using those, you’re not making any knots of
those colours, so the pattern isn’t changing at all. And exactly as I showed
you, this is the exact same pattern that I was using, the pattern did not change even
though I added two extra strings either side. So those two extra strings act
as edges and they sort of stabilize your bracelet, which is why this works. So let
me quickly demonstrate on a different bracelet I’m making. So I like
the pattern so much that I decided to make another bracelet. So this bracelet
uses the exact same pattern as the previous one. As you can see I added two
strings of a different color so these strings, the strings that I added for the
edges, are actually pink and you can see that they’re not visible in the bracelet
at all. I have this dark purple, the lighter and the light purple and nowhere
in the bracelet can you see the pink strings because they’re not being used
and are just making forward backward knots on the right side and backward forward
knots on the left side. So yeah, that’s how you do it: you just make forward
backward knots on the right side, backward forward knots on the left side,
you add strings in patterns where you need to, you don’t add strings in
patterns in which you don’t need to – in this pattern I just change the pattern
up a little bit and that’s how you do it! Forward backward knots, backward forward
knots stabilize the bracelet and keep it in shape.
Alright, there you have it, that’s how you keep the edges of your normal bracelet
straight. So if you ever make anything based on any of my videos I always love
it when you guys send me pictures on Instagram whether that be via DMs or
via tagging me in a post. I post videos every Tuesday and Saturday and I will
see you on Saturday, bye!


  1. Thank you so much Masha! I found this video super helpful and I’m now going to use this technique in my bracelets to come! Have great and happy rest of your day.😁

  2. This kind of mind-blowing haha I think I always assumed people whose bracelets were super straight just used superior threads to the ones I'm using, this is such a neat trick! I'm definitely going to test it with both types of patterns

  3. Another way I've kept my edges straight is by doing forward knots along the right edge of my bracelet wherever possible, and backward knots on the left edge of my bracelet wherever possible. If you have the same type of knot in long patches along both edges of your bracelet (like that first pattern you showed with just forward knots along both edges), then it tends to curve. Very informative video!

  4. So I have a question, if you have a pattern that is like diagonal lines across the pattern, would you add two strings or use the strings that are already called for?

  5. Masha! I found out how to keep a candy stripe bracelet straight! So, you do the first row normal, then you remove the two outer strings and know the middle knots as normal (so you take the outest string and make a forward knot onto all of the strings, except the two you have taken out)

  6. I've been trying to find a pattern to make 2 bracelets that match up when they're put side by side. Like one that you keep, and the other bracelet you give to someone. If you have any ideas or know where I can find something like that please let me know! Or if you make up your own patterns to make it that would be a good video! I know I can't be the only one wanting this lol!

  7. have you done a video like this for alphas? you mentioned it in a different video of how to do it but i’m not sure which

  8. Amazing – I've been making bracelets for about five years and never would have thought of this, nor had I heard of it. It will be very worth the extra steps to have it turn out straight. Thanks so much for this, and the great graphic illustrations!

  9. this helped, thanks!! but I still got a question, I made a simple rainbow candy stripe for me and my friends, but after some time I noticed how it started curling inwards and its pretty unaesthetically to look at, is there some trick you could use, so it stops? At least for a little while?

  10. Is there any way you can do a tutorial for the triple stacked hearts..i found a video for it but is fast and in german or russian…i really love the pattern but i cant follow the video

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