How to Layer Necklaces | Brighton Jewelry

How to Layer Necklaces | Brighton Jewelry

Hi! I’m Veronica – model, fashion
blogger, and lover of jewelry. I’m here to show
you some tips for wearing your necklaces. Stacking and layering jewelry is an easy
way to express your unique style so let’s get started. Tip #1: Try layering necklaces in different silhouettes. It looks so contemporary when you pair a
collar necklace with a longer necklace. It’s unexpected and cool. Tip #2:
Don’t be afraid to mix your metals. For instance, the Venuzian necklace and the Joyful necklace pair beautifully together. Tip #3: You can add in a
customized layer to make your layered necklace design one-of-a-kind. Here, We’ve used stopper beads to create
style stations. Tip #4: Don’t forget about our petite jewelry. Mini necklaces create a delicate effect when layering. To vary the lengths, simply use a necklace extender. these are just a few of the many ideas for layering necklaces. if you wanna learn more, visit us
anywhere Brighton is sold.

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