How to make 🍂Leaves bracelet with beads / Как сделать браслет “Листики” из бисера

How to make 🍂Leaves bracelet with beads / Как сделать браслет “Листики” из бисера

Hello! you are with Anchik
Martynova! on request from the subscribers today I will show you how to make small leaves from beads and make a bracelet. So You too can make these leaves and make earrings and necklaces also. If you’ are interested in making these then keep watching! The material that we need:
#10 Matte Czech beads #10 gold and brown beads with
golden line inside. -Zamochek two jump rings
5mm and 3cm for the chain. Twine or thread for the bracelet should be 0.25mm or thinner. Take 2 meters We will first make the end bead to secure the project It will be any other bead. Thread the bead 2 times. A second end thread the second end of the twine into a needle. The method of making this leaf is known on the Internet. But, I am giving more details especially for the master class it is more detailed. You have the option of downloading it As always you will find a link
in the description of the video. At first, stringing 9 gold
beads, then move aside 3 beads and pass a needle through these
in the opposite direction 6 pcs bead our set.
Delayed. Then string one more bead this is the 10th bead and it is a dark bead Take the thread back through 4 gold beads. We string the 11th bead and go back rough the 10th dark bead. Next, if you follow my super
clear scheme in the inset picture we can make the whole leaf. At first it might seem difficult, but after 3 leaves It will become easier and you will be able to make the leaves faster and
faster. An important point after 18 beads
do not to thread it in 11, but should immediately wrap around 17. Another important point.
After 26, 31 and strung 32 and the note is passed
its bottom up at 11, and then 32 downwards. And now we are completing the leaf
and makes the transition to the left his direction. bead
two beads 38 and 39 and is passed 7 beads for the first time since the beginning of
weaving. The first leaf is ready, the next
leaf begin to weave immediately after the release of 7
beads on the previous the same scheme. Left and right
they are wrapped. Once we wove
bracelet, the right length, make loops on the edges
Bracelet 10 beads. We make a few knots,
cut off the excess line and burn the end with a lighter and do the same on the other end also. but first remove the starter end bead. It remains to connect
with a jump ring, clasp with extension. That’s it! Bracelet ready!
In addition, you can do set of 6 leaves
obtained original earrings, as well as of the
leaves can be done beautiful chain for some
pendant. Experiment and post your results
Our group VKontakte. I have given complete instructions in this video, subscribe if you have not signed up
and until we meet again! bye Bye!


  1. ваши браслеты мне очень нравится. Все супер😍 Обьязательно сделаю. Очень красиво)))

  2. como consigo sus vosquejos para hacer sus brazaletes y sus collares y pebdientes gracias desde Guatemala precioso todo. Bendiciones

  3. Красиво. Скажите пжлста номер цвета золотого бисера. Где вы купили его?

  4. Анчік,дуже гарний мк. Взагалі моя перша робота з бісеру була по Вашому мк.

  5. This is so pretty. i wish my closed captioning had better English translations. wish your videos were in English, i love all of your designs,

  6. I am another person who wishes your tutorials were in English. You do beautiful work but I am reluctant because I do not understand what you are saying.. I wish you well.

  7. Очень красивая веточка, но мне кажется на руку взрослой тетки жидковато, а что если две веточки рядом сделать! Вы умничка!!!

  8. I agree because I need the English translations, but my video had no captions, and I have auto captions setting set to on always. She is pretty easy to follow although. 😊

  9. Аня, вроде бы не первый листик вижу. Ну что значит хорошо подобранный цвет бисера. Красиво.

  10. no English instructions, as I do not speak Russian, I rely on demonstrations. It appears to jump from 1 leaf to the next without showing how to continue after the first leaf is done. perhaps you could demonstrate that step the bracelet is beautiful, I wish I could figure it out

  11. Why a French title if it's in another language talking ?? Don't you think is not quite cool to attract people on your tutorials?
    I'm a French spokesperson and I really don't appreciate your way of doing.

  12. How to learn to bead when some part are hidden by your left thumb. I am first timer, pls show me the step. I love the bracelet very much, very pretty. Thank you 🌹

  13. So what if the tutorial is in another language, the beauty of the work is universal and watch closely and you can follow her tutorial.
    I ❤️ this bracelet

  14. Many, many thanks for this wonderful design! Apart from being beautiful, another thing fantastic about it is that it is made with seed beads and not with lots of Swarovski crystals and pearls that make many designs so expensive to do. You have gone to so much trouble to share this design with us (even diagrams!): please ignore all the comments from viewers who expect everything to be in English. ;-P [I suspect that none of them have tried to do an instructional video in English or, for that matter, a "foreign" language!] Have a great Christmas season, Anchik. Kind regards, Susan.

  15. I love the design! I have just tried to correct and repost the English subtitles. I did not understand some of the auto-translation so I had to leave it as it is. I will now try to make the bracelet and edit my translation based on having made the bracelet.

  16. А у меня почему-то криво получается, бисер не лежит, хоть и качественный

  17. А если лавсановой нитью,будет форму держать?Леска часто рвется в украшениях

  18. Bella! Quiero hacerla; pero el hilo que utilizas es hilo de pescar o el que le dicen de nylon? Gracias por la respuesta.

  19. Анечка спасибо вам огромное, вы большая умничка, благодаря вам я наконец то научилась делать эту красоту.

  20. boa tarde! adorei, to com dificuldade em achar agulha, que numero e essa agulha? sou de são Paulo, me ajude por favor, que numero e essas miçangas? agradeço desde ja

  21. Stunning work. 💜💛🧡
    However the seed bead size seem 11/O to me. Size 10 or 8 would have been easier to follow.

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