How To Make 25 GOLD PER HOUR Under LEVEL 30

How To Make 25 GOLD PER HOUR Under LEVEL 30

what’s up guys welcome back to my
channel today we are back in world of warcraft classic and in this video I’m
gonna be showing you an area that I have been using to farm a ton of gold at a
low ish level I’m gonna try to make this a very short video so you can hop in and
start farming this spot right away so let’s get right into it the spot that I
will be showing you in this video is located in the wetland zone now you will
want to come here now this spot can be farmed by both the Horde and the
Alliance so if you are on a PvP server it could be kind of dangerous but I feel
the reward is worth the risk this area is gonna be full of whelps that range
from level 23 to level 28 so I would suggest waiting to farm this area until
you are level 24 at the very least once you reach this area you’re gonna find a
ton of whelps to start killing there are gonna be so many whelps here that you
can literally run in any direction and you will find a handful of them to kill
they also have a very good respawn timer so you shouldn’t be wasting any time
waiting for more whelps to respawn now some of you may be wondering what makes
these wops so special these guys have a pretty good chance of dropping the small
flame sack crafting item this item is used to make fire protection potions
which are commonly used by endgame raiders there is also a very small
chance to have a blue item drop from these whelps and an even smaller chance
for a rare well pet to drop from them now you may be wondering how much gold
can you actually make from this spot now that really depends on your server and
the amount of time that you are willing to invest in farming this area for the
sake of this video I farmed this area for 1 hour straight in that hour I was
able to make about 3 gold from vendor trash I also picked up 11 green items 1
rare blue weapon and 17 small flame sacks
I sold the green items on the auction house and made anywhere from 10 silver
to 50 silver per item the blue item was selling on the auction house for 5 gold
but I decided to keep it and use it on my warrior and the small flame sacks
were selling 490 silver to 1 gold each on my server so in total I would have
made under 27 gold from an hour’s worth of farming which isn’t that bad
for the level that I was and if the rare pet had dropped I would have made maybe
an extra thirty to fifty gold but again that pet is very rare personally I feel
like this is an amazing place for low level players to make some quick gold
and there is even a vendor in this area that you can sell trash to to clear out
your bags so you don’t need to waste your time traveling around to make space
in your bags to continue farming but anyways that’s about it it’s pretty
simple I’m going to be making more of these gold farming videos so if these
videos are something you would be interested in seeing consider
subscribing to my channel I hope this has helped you and thank you for
checking out this video

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