How to make 7 Chakras Reiki Yoga Bracelets Tutorial

How to make 7 Chakras Reiki Yoga Bracelets Tutorial

Make your own 7 CHAKRAS BRACELET! Hello! Welcome to channel! Today we will make 7 Chakras bracelet Chakras are vital central energy points within the body. They help person to be healthy and live in harmony with him/herself and the whole world Find out more about 7 Chakras bracelet on our website On our website you can find all beads and findings for making 7 Chakras bracelets We will need: Today we will make such kind of 7 Chakras bracelet At the end of the video, we will show you
different types of them All 7 Chakras bracelets are made of beads in 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, light blue, blue and violet (purple) Each color corresponds to the same 7 colors of chakras within human body Our bracelet will be decorated with small
elephant beads Lay out everything you need in front of you: beads in 7 colors, black beads, elephant beads and crystal elastic thread Wrap crystal elastic thread around your wrist to choose bracelet length + add a few centimeters on each side for knots tying LET’S START! Fix the end of crystal elastic thread with the
piece of sticky paper, so the beads will not fall down Lay out the beads in necessary order String beads on crystal elastic thread,
add elephant beads When all beads are strung – tie a few knots slightly
pulling crystal elastic thread Glue the knot. Let it dry Cut the ends of crystal elastic thread Your own 7 Chakras bracelet is ready to wear! That’s how it will look on the hand Now, as we promised, we will show you other
types of 7 Chakras bracelet You can buy everything you need to make
7 Chakras bracelet on Click link to our website – and you will find huge assortment of Czech glass beads and findings from Prague – heart of the Czech Republic Did you like this video? Please press “like”,
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Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ We wish you a lot of health and well being! 7 Chakras bracelet will help you to bring harmony into your life SEE YOU!


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