How to Make a 1 Gallon Copper Still: Time Lapse

How to Make a 1 Gallon Copper Still: Time Lapse

Hey how’s it going? This is Kyle Brown with
Clawhammer Supply Moonshine Stills. We’re makers of premium all copper moonshine still
kits. This is a time-lapse assembly of one of our
1 gallon moonshine still kits. It took me about 2 hours to build this still from start
to finish. Um so what I’m doing in this first part of
the video is, I’m just going to rivet all of the parts that require rivets, uh, I’m
going to put them together uh first before I start soldering. It just makes things go
a little faster once you start soldering. You can just roll with it once you get to
that point. Um, one thing to note about the rivets is
that they do not need to be smashed flat. Really all you need to do is get the rivets
in the uh pre-drilled rivet holes and tap them a few times just so the balloon out enough
to um secure the copper together. The structural support for the still is actually provided
by the solder itself. Riveting uh first just makes it a little easier to solder the still
together and it actually looks cool as well. So, that’s why we use the rivets.
So I have the bottom together here. I have it riveted and soldered together and I have
the bottom soldered into the boiler there. I just finished up the vapor cone and I’m
going to attach that there to the boiler. One thing to mention regarding solder and
the flux is that you should always be using water soluble flux and lead free solder. Um,
if you don’t use water soluble flux you’re going to have a heck of a time getting the
flux off of your, uh, still and if you don’t use lead free solder then it’s not going to
be safe to distill anything with. So make sure you’re using those two specific materials.
Additionally, when you are soldering you’re always going to want to sand or score every
edge and then apply flux to every seam before you solder. If you don’t do this you’re going
to have a really difficult time getting the solder to stick and the parts to stick together
and you’re more than likely going to end up with a big mess. So always sand or score every
part before soldering and always use flux. So it looks like I am uh, I’ve got the uh
collar fitted together and I’m soldering it on to the top of the vapor cone. Note that
the boiler, uh, vapor cone, and the collar make up one part of the assembly and then
the other part of the assembly which I’m going to start putting together now, that would
be the cap plate, the cap skirt, and the column, uh as well as the condenser parts. So here
I am soldering the condenser parts and they go together very easily.
Um, and what I’m about to do now is solder the column into the cap plate and cap skirt
assembly. So just note there that cap plate, cap skirt, column, condenser assembly never
gets soldered to the boiler itself. It’s uh, they remain two separate pieces so you can
take the still apart, fill it, drain it, clean it, etc.
So I’ve got the uh, it looks like I’m just polishing up the condenser here. I’m about
to solder it to the column, and we’ll be about done with this.
Um just note, just a note, this entire process is completed in detail, in much greater detail
and in real time in our 7 video series on building moonshine stills. You can find a
link to that series at the end of this video or on our website.
And here I am, I’m polishing up this still kit with some 100 grit sandpaper. It makes
it look nice and shiny. And you can see here the finished product is, is a real nice looking
still. I’m real happy with this uh, the way this bulid turned out.
That’s it for this one. Again, more info on how to make moonshine and on building moonshine
stills is available on our website: Or, you can click on any one of these videos
here to check out our other videos. Thanks for watching and um, also one, one
last special thank you to the band Firing Line for providing the background music for
this video. Check them out at Alright, thanks everybody. See ya.


  1. isn't it dangerous to use lead soldier for the joints???? isn't that's how u make wood alchol that gives u jake leg and blindness???????

  2. my granddad taught me how ta make a submarine pot still an how to make quality high proof white lightnin just like our ancestors have done since long before the u.s ever exsisted down here in dixie land an the only time my kin havent made it was during the war for southern independance of 1861 when they proudly served in the confederate army an none ever owned slaves an none ever surrendered to the yankees

  3. hi kyle , my wife and kids bought me one and I just got time to build it . your products are really of high quality really easy to build. now I'm going to try to make some old time whisky .just to let you know I live in Norton , New Brunswick, Canada . thanks again

  4. I had a question I'm interested in buying one of these not to run it doesn't have to be built to use just for my man cave I want thumper wooden barrel I want it to look authentic…next question do u build smaller I'm talking miniature micro even lol….please let me know I'd love to work something out thanks

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